A-Rod back in town

arod_250.jpgThe Trop is unbelievably loud tonight. More cowbells than the state of Iowa.

Pregame was interesting. Clearly Wang needs to do what he didn’t in his first start – keep the ball down. He’s been getting encouragement from A.J., who yesterday sent Wang an email in Chinese that read, “preparation for domination.”

A.J. uses a translation feature on his phone. He said Wang is teaching him Chinese, little by little. A.J. has been a really, really good teammate in his short time as a Yankee.

Alex arrived in the clubhouse at about 4 p.m. He looks happy, relaxed and thinner. He said he weighs the same, when I asked him. He also said being in Colorado has allowed him to take a “20-second timeout” from the circus that had been swirling around him. You could argue it was more like a full timeout.

Joe Maddon is one of the smartest, nicest men I’ve met in sports. He had a full offseason, following up the World Series by getting married and visiting the Bush White House in early January for one of those “baseball couples” dinners. He said it was awesome. (The marriage AND the White House.) Asked him about Longoria’s hot start and he said, “A sophomore jinx is the result of failure to make adjustments. He’s making adjustments.”

I like that kind of stuff.

Upton and Crawford will test Posada when they have the chance. They Rays have always believed they could run on Wang. And they think Kazmir, coming off a great spring, is already locked in.

Awesome day so far, sunshine, clear skies, fun atmosphere for the game.

Oh, that reminds me: It was my turn to buy dinner, and I took it. For a mere $46, Kay got chicken fingers, Flaherty and I had grilled chicken sandwiches, and Cone had a burger. Four orders of fries, thank you. And I channeled my background as a waitress to carry it all back to the booth at the same time.

Sadly, there won’t be blogging during the game. Logistically, it’s not practical tonight. We’ll catch up soon.


  1. yankeexx

    What’s up with Wang. I turned off my mlbtv already. I saw Kasmir high fiving for the win on their opener. );

  2. bob15

    I seem to be having a problem. I am watching the YES Network but batting practice seems to be going on, instead of a game. I think I need to reboot my Tivo and start over. So I think most of the tv’s in the NY area will be shut off early tonight so Kim, you might as well just skip the post game interviews and take Wang out for a cocktail.

  3. alightningrodfan

    Well, not the best game. I can’t watch anymore of it. But A-Rod looks in good shape and like you said, happy. That is a positive.

  4. gcf123

    Perhaps AJ needs to either get a better translation app or find a new saying to email to him. Obviously this one didn’t work but you have to love the support.

  5. jake.fochetta@gmail.com

    Love the daily food information haha. What I would love even more is if Wang recovers from 2 bad starts and pitches like we all know he can. I’m definitely not worried yet…he will sort it out.

  6. numberfoursubway@msn.com

    Kimberly :

    Out of curiosity, does the media contingent get to stay at the Vinoy Resort while visiting St. Pete ?

  7. ladytoni

    If they ever get rid of Sweet Swisher, I’m going to cry. I’d of paid a lot to be there to see him pitch in the 8th. And a great one too. ;-}

  8. moudown

    That game was tough to watch! It was pretty much over before it started. Wang concerns me. I hope he can turn it around and contribute the way we know he can!

  9. tom7779@gmail.com

    Thanks Mark Feinsand for the hyperlink to Kims blog, great reading, as good as your pre and post games, it will become a regular of mine. You should have bought them hot dogs, its part of baseball and cheaper. Too bad the best thing to write about is food but after a game like that, it is. Yanks will still be in the World Series!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. spygt

    Very nice blog. You do a very good job with both WFAN & YES. It’s unfortunate you aren’t able to blog for my other fav team in the NFL, the Pittsburgh Steelers. Anyway, I don’t know about all the other blog readers but all the food entries make me want to crave for some of the stuff you’ve mentioned and for that, “Boo-Hiss”..hahaha. When interviewing Nick Swisher must one also be amped up on “Red Bull” also?..doh! In any case, your blog gives a different perspective on the day-to-day happenings around the team and league in general. It allows me to slack off at work..Yay (looking as though I’m busy with work while typing this out). By the way, is Alex Rodriguez going to make a cameo on “The Real Housewives of New York City”? Bethenny Frankel is my fav, she’s a riot..hahahaha..my wife is addicted to that show. Keep up with the good bloggin!

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