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NFL Picks: Granderson edition

It’s no given that Curtis Granderson is going to hit .300 or 30 home runs as a Yankee, but he certainly appears to be a guy who will have no trouble fitting in. He made quite a first impression at his introductory press conference Thursday. He has a remarkable reputation, as much for the amount of work he does in the community and as an ambassador for baseball as for his play. And if he does, indeed, join Alex for those hitting sessions with Kevin Long in early January, his production against lefties will improve. Long has that kind of track record.

On with my “This Week in Football” picks, made Tuesday and inexplicably delayed until now: Jets over Falcons because they can run the ball as well as anyone, even if they have a rookie QB with two knee braces. The Jets are kind of strange in that they’ve done a lot of talking this season — less lately — yet their best player, Darrelle Revis, is never heard from. Guess he does his talking on Sundays.

Giants over Redskins on Monday night because the Giants simply have no other choice but to play to win the game. Where’s Herm?

And I went with the Saints over the Cowboys. Two reasons: December is in the Cowboys’ heads and Sean Payton will be at his creative best as a play-caller against his former team. New Orleans City Hall closed early when the Saints played the Pats on Monday night. Can you imagine the party on a Saturday at the Superdome?

By the way, Alex told me Thursday that he watches “This Week in Football.” Of course he does! Who doesn’t?

NFL picks: The charade continues

Other than comic relief, there’s really no reason for me to continue to make picks for “This Week in Football.” That and producer Jared Boshnack’s insistence.

I think I’m a single game ahead of Gary Myers for last place. Embarrassing. For me. And, perhaps, Gary.

Anyway, we make our picks on Tuesdays. That I’m getting around to posting on Saturday evening is solely testament to my laziness. On Tuesday, we did not know that Mark Sanchez would not start. Or that Kerry Rhodes would continue tweeting. Or that the Steelers would go into the tank — completely — thus ruining my Survivor pool. (Why I picked them, I’ve no idea.)

So, here goes. My first pick was the Jets over the Buccaneers. The Jets were a unanimous pick on the set, if I remember correctly. If I knew Sanchez wasn’t making the trip to Tampa, I might have chosen the Bucs, just to be different. Really, what do I have to lose?

I went with the Giants over the Eagles. As we went around the table in the production meeting, I realized I was the only person to choose the Giants. As I see it, this is an opportunity for me to pick up a game. As long as Celek doesn’t go all Witten on the G-Men.

And as my wildcard, I selected the Vikings over the Bengals. The Vikings/Favres burned me the week before in Arizona. To some people — like Gary — that game provided evidence that Favre has begun a downward spiral that will continue through the final weeks of the season. I refuse to believe that. So I’m stubbornly sticking with the Vikes.

Enjoy Football Sunday, everyone!