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Observations from Minnesota

The Yankees really do bring out the worst in the Twins, don’t they? A few quick notes as the Yankees conclude their time at the Metrodome and near the All-Star break:

Alfredo Aceves: How do you quantify how valuable he has become? Truly a jack of all trades, which is a supreme compliment for a pitcher. A great read about him by Tyler Kepner in today’s New York Times. Interesting that his preparation sets him apart.

A.J. Burnett: His All-Star break kind of started after last night’s start, but he was at the dome at 7:30 this morning and running steps soon after. And after his start last night, A.J. made a point of seeking out Francisco Cervelli before he left. What did A.J. say? He offered encouraging words and thanked the young catcher.

Bob Lorenz: To answer Lorenz’s question, today is a strange food day. Because it still seems pretty darn early. Kenny reports he had oatmeal at the hotel. Coincidentally, so did we, via room service. The writers are raving about the carved turkey sandwich, sold at a concession stand just steps from the press box. We’re afraid turkey would put us to sleep.

Metrodome: Joe Nathan says the Twins will miss the climate control of the dome and “knowing how much you’ll sweat.” He toured Target Field, the Twins new park, which will open next season, and was very impressed. The Yankees outfielders won’t miss the roof of the dome, which turns some fly balls into an interesting proposition. Johnny Damon wasn’t exactly broken up about having today off. 

Love for The Blob

A few additions:
Kay reports proudly that he ate chicken. Chicken and ice cream. Atkins would be proud.
It’s unbelievable the Yankees haven’t led in a game since the fifth inning Saturday. Matsui just tied the game. Maybe taking the lead is next. That’d be a big step, no?

Lorenz — his Blobbin’ self — is upset that his blog wasn’t mentioned when we were asked to list some favorites during yesterday’s chat. That’s because Lorenz’s Blob isn’t so much a blog as it is REQUIRED READING. We love it! 

Lorenz brings the laughs

Almost forgot to mention how funny Lorenz was tonight, particularly before we went on the air.

He asked me what’s new, “besides those earrings.”

I was wearing silver hoops.

“They look like rims from a monster truck!” he said.

It was funny. Maybe it was partly Lorenz’s delivery, but it was really funny. We always laugh a lot — unless I’m in a bad mood 🙂 — before we go on the air. Hopefully that translates, when appropriate, when we are on the air.

CC is dealing! Who cares about the heating pad? You know, CC handled the past few days as well as he could have. The guy doesn’t act like the media is a bother. (Yes, it’s April 11, but he seems genuine). He was always available, and affably so, to discuss his awful Monday start. But, something tells me he’ll enjoy talking about this one more..hmmessage P
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Lunchtime tidbits from the City of Fountains

jimcarreyblog041109.jpgSunny afternoon here in KC. Waiting for room service lunch. Thought I’d give you a shout.

Meant to mention that I watched “Yes Man” on flight Thursday night. Laughed out loud several times, which is a good barometer of whether I like a movie or not. Jim Carrey actually reminds me of Bob Lorenz. Very naturally funny guys.

Am probably late to this party, but I love, love, love Duffy’s CD. Listened to it on the plane. And have to download it to my iPod. (Duffy was the name of my first dog. I used to crawl on him. I don’t remember him but have seen pictures.)

A couple of answers to some very, very important questions that have been posted here:

Yes, Vanessa, YES announcers do share a fascination with food. And Matsui speaks some English to his teammates but I mostly hear Japanese. I do think he understands almost all English.

Newygiant wants to know if I wear makeup on TV. The answer: Heck, yes!!

And, yes, mlb2008, I do enjoy interviewing Jeter.

That’s it. The chicken sandwich and two Diet Cokes have arrived. Went with fruit cup instead of fries, which is a terribly difficult decision for me.

Later, skaters!