Shoulder issues bugging Damon?

Minutes before the pregame, a Yankees fan probably in his 40s walked down the steps of Comerica Park and stood almost directly in front of me. Wearing a full Yankees uniform. Stirrups and all.

Hysterical. And curious. Very curious.

Stating the obvious: The Yankees have no time to lick wounds from their beating in Boston. They haven’t had much sleep, either. They got to their hotel between 3:30 and 4 a.m., depending on whom you ask. At least C.C. flew ahead. So he didn’t have to watch that carnage firsthand and should have gotten a solid eight hours of shuteye.

It’s a warm, pleasant evening in Detroit but Jeter claims there are showers in the forecast. I told him he was being negative.

Mark Melancon is an impressive young pitcher and seems to have it together, based on the two-minute pregame interview we did. Girardi loved how he went directly after hitters, even with the bases loaded; if he continues to do that, Melancon will be here for a while. Girardi also was highly impressed that Melancon coaxed “Mikey Lowell” into a weak groundball with the force at home. Whenever a pitcher limits the damage from Lowell, it impresses Girardi. He loves Mikey Lowell.

leylandblogjones042709.jpgJim Leyland is a truly an original. During his pregame session with reporters in his office, he asked if anyone else wanted a cigarette. No takers, some amusement. Later, before ending the session, he asked “if any of you closet smokers” want a cigarette. No takers, more amusement.

Damon says his left shoulder is barking, which isn’t great news on April 27. He also says he might have to play the rest of his career with a barking shoulder.



    haha at the end of the Yankees pre game show I noticed Joba messing around with you before you were about to do a report…funny stuff…they always mess with you?

  2. max24

    Kim, every post i grow more and more jealous. Your job is perfect (late nights, tough inteviews and all). Dont worry though, im no threat, youre too good!
    Keep up the great work and keep representing for the ladies!

    Also, remind Robbie and Melky while they have to continue to be serious, they can be serious AND fun. I miss their goofy displays of friendship.


    Kim, I admire all the work you do. Women to women, if you blogged half as much as Peter Abraham, you would have the best girley yankees blog out there. You rock! Please blog some more girl, all of us wish we were you. You would make tons of money if you blogged more, and would get so many people commenting, you will strike gold.

    ps-can you find out if Mark Texeira has a blog as well? If not, ask him his fans would love it!….

    Thanks…best wishes! From a girley fan of yours and the yankees.


    Hey Kim,
    I’m a writer for 6pound8ouncebabyjoba, a Yankee fan blog. I was wondering if you would be available for an email interview? If you could email me with a response that would be fantastic.


    Hey Kim,
    I’m a writer for 6pound8ouncebabyjoba, a Yankee fan blog. I was wondering if you would be available for an email interview? If you could email me with a response that would be fantastic.



    Is Damon hurting the team by playing with a bum shoulder? I mean, his defense has been suspect to say the least lately and he doesn’t have a good throwing arm to begin with. He went 0-4 last night and it seems a bit of a flimsy excuse not to undergo an MRI because he doesn’t want to find out what is bothering him. Should he just shut it down temporarily until he heels or is a barking Damon better than anything else the Yankees have?

  7. traceynyy75

    Hey Kim!

    Need….more….blogging…. 🙂

    In the meantime, any chance you can ask Jorge WTH he was doing last night jogging to 1st??? Is he hurt?? do they not care anymore ALREADY????



    Kim – I echo everyone else’s comments. You ask smart questions, operate with class and have a sense of humor — so rare! Keep up the great work . . . and the blogging . . .



    Why did Posada essentially jog to first base last night on the double play ball in the ninth inning? Injury, frustration, or something else? Anything explanation besides injury is unacceptable especially considering he is supposed to be a leader on this team.


    Hi Kim-

    I have to agree with Sterlingbird on his comment about Posada. It appeared as if he was looking to see the play rather than to run it out. I know Posada is not the fleetest of foot, but every little bit helps in that type of a play.

    It is way too early to panic. The team is dealing with injuries and poor starts. Everyone knows Teixiera starts slowly and A-rod’s return is imminent, which should make everyone in the line-up that much better.

    It was great that CC pitched a complete game since we do not know what we will be getting out of Hughes tonight and the bullpen needed rest.

  11. mypinstripes

    I don’t like the fact that Damon won’t get the shoulder examined for fear he’ll be shut down. Way to put the team first.

    So Kim, when are you going to start doing play by play? I miss reading your NFL news in the Star Ledger.

  12. yanksfan123ny


    Great interview with Cano. He seemed so serious yet you can see him crack a little smile when you asked him about maturing, Long and Alex. Thanks for sharing that with us.

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