Chatting with the DL dudes

ONeill just said that all he needs to do a game is a credential and a bowl of ice cream. Which is not exactly true. Because he just ate dinner. (And, yes, it was late and he wasn’t happy about it, but he didn’t break utensils or anything.)

So O’Neill had a seafood salad, a slab of salmon and a pizza. A large pizza, but he shares. (Thanks, Paul.) And he just brought back two pints of ice cream, including a Turkey Hill NYY flavor, Pinstripe Brownie Blast. He’s also having vanilla bean.

Flaherty packed his own dinner — probably something unbelievably healthy — and Kay had grilled chicken, a burger (no bun) and watermelon. And he just ate the cheese off a piece of pizza.

Hey, I’m just reporting what I see.
brianbruney050109.JPGTalked for a while today with the guys who are on the DL but are around — Bruney, Ransom and Nady. Bruney played catch from 60-75 feet, didn’t throw hard and made about 35 throws. It’s the first time he’s thrown since the elbow injury. It’s a step in the right direction.
Nady said he should be able to swing a bat in a week-and-a-half. I asked his level of frustration on a scale of one to 10. He said nine. But he said for him to say 10, he’d be really, really bad –“like jumping out of my skin.”

Ransom said he originally felt discomfort in his quad sometime in March. He described it as “a knot” but figured he could play through it. “I’m stubborn,” he said. Ransom later learned through the MRI that it was actually a series of small tears. Those tears converged, if you will, last Friday night in Boston when he slid and became a larger, though not complete, tear.
Ransom is on the 60-day DL, so he has time to rehab, but he did take some swings in the cage for the first time today. He said he’s feeling better but is really frustrated by the injury “because I haven’t been injured since I hurt my back in 1999 and by the way I played. It wasn’t the results I wanted.”

They’re all good guys, and I told them that the readers of my blog wish them well. They seemed to appreciate that. Or maybe they were just humoring me. No, I think they appreciated it.

On second thought, maybe someone else should have held the umbrella for me during pregame.

It’ll be interesting to watch Pettitte if/when a runner reaches third base tonight. He got SO tired of hearing about that Ellsbury steal of home. He and Eiland talked about it, and Eiland was clear that the steal was 100 percent Pettitte’s fault. He also said it should — and would — never happen again. I mentioned Figgins. Eiland said Pettitte “better be” paying close attention if he reaches third.

“Andy told me he peeked at the runner,” meaning Ellsbury, Eiland said. “You cannot peek. You have to make eye contact. You have to make that runner realize that you know what he’s thinking.”

Or, with Abreu on third, Pettitte could pick off Hunter at first. That works.


  1. peggy3

    Give a big hi to Paul for me …my second all time fav player next to The Mick …

    Go Yankees 2009 !!!

  2. flairforthedramatic

    Way to redeem himself some with that pickoff of Hunter.. would love to see another one this game, lol.
    We’re really missing Brun.. The BruMo combo was becoming deadly before this injury.
    Seems like Pauly eats a mountain load, haha.
    – V [ ]

  3. gcf123

    Well we saw what happened when a speedy guy reached 3rd. Not good I am sure you will ask in the postgame what Girardi aid to him on the mound.


    Could someone explain to me how a man could keep a 32 inch waist while gorging himself like O’Neill has become famous for? Yes, I am a little bitter.


    Great job on the blog; you’re giving Pete a run for his money. BTW, tell O’Neill that the book (Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel), is great, and I actually use it with the kids I teach. I am surprised Kay has never heard of it. It was extremely popular back in his day.


    Hey Kim, nice response to my O’Neill comment! I love the guy. intense ballplayer, but such a mellow dude. I think Kay busted on him a few years back when O’Neill’s son started tee ball. He said there’s going to be alot of busted tees. Great win tonight!! Get well soon DL dudes !!


    Yay-great win tonight! I’m really enjoying watching Pena-he’s been doing so well and he has so much heart- I love to see the rookies do well.
    Yea-def hope the DL guys get better soon! =)

  8. yankeexx

    Love….love….love your blog. Yup…tell the guys get well soon but talk about the guts this team has been showing…unreal and we fans are lovin it.. Go Yankees and Mahalo to you Kim.

  9. shiney42

    Hey Kim –
    Maybe you should tell O’Neill to lay off the ice cream! either it was the way he was standing, the suit OR Just his belly looking a bit big there tonight @Post game

  10. bad_karma

    And we all know Kay had that burger without any condiments. 🙂
    Kim, please give my best to Nick Swisher. We *need* him and his attitude in the lineup.
    I don’t know if he (or you guys in the media) realize the impact Swisher has made on the fan base, but I was out running errands yesterday, and SIX people (three women, three men — one in Barnes & Noble, one in Costco, and four in Shop-Rite) stopped to talk about him when they spotted my Swisher 33 tee shirt. Now, I wear Yankee tees on a regular basis in the warm weather, and I’ve never gotten more than a ‘nice shirt’ on any of them. This reaction was like nothing I’ve ever experienced before.



    Hey Kim….could you ask Paul O’Neill if he sees ANY of the current NY Yankees that play with the fire and desire to win that he did? It’s an honest question, because other than this current streak the Yanks are on, I DON’T see the fire and desire from this team. And if anyone would know about this subject it would be Paul O’Neill…who just happens to be one of my favorite all time Yanks.

    And just a note, the Yanks haven’t even SNIFFED a world series since he’s been gone. So, I’m not crazy for thinking what I think. ;- )


    I loved the way Girardi jumped out to the mound when Andy
    was paying to much attention to third base last night. To much attention the wrong way and Andy received the message. Eiland’s comment comment to you was right on!

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