Live Kimberly Jones chat

Read the below chat transcript to find out which Yankee loves American Idol, what Kimberly Jones does during her time off, her thoughts on the empty seats at Yankee Stadium and much more.

<a href=”″ >May 6 Kimberly Jones Chat</a>

Something you should know: Our chats are, apparently, unique. I’ve talked to several blogger friends about their chats. They have moderators who select their questions. Unless something dramatically changes, we won’t be doing that. I select the questions. It’s pretty much a random process, but I select them. And, no doubt, I have to get better at doing it; it’s a fast and furious pace. But it’s just you and me separated only by cyberspace. I like it that way.

And remember to submit your questions for Paul O’Neill. I’ll be selecting the 15 (or so) most interesting/intriguing/amusing ones and we’ll have his answers during the Twins series.



    Hi Kim. I have an interesting piece of Yankee History that involves Michael Kay. Back on 7/1/90, Andy Hawkins pitched a no-hitter for the Yankees but lost the game to the White Sox 4-0. The next day, 7/2/90, it was a front and back cover story in the NY Daily News with the feature article written by Michael Kay. Almost 19 years ago, I had the front and back covers of The News laminated to preserve this odd piece of Yankee history and I also laminated Michael Kay’s feature story. I’d like to send him an e-mail about this with pictures of the front and back covers as well as his feature article to see if he remembers it and might want to talk about it on air. Can you tell me how I can go about this and to whom to send the e-mail? Thanks in advance for your help.

    New Jersey


    Hi Kim:

    I found your blog a couple of days ago and I am really enjoying reading it. I hope the game will be played tonight…….rain, rain go away.

  3. bigtraincj

    Kim it’s great to see the blog. I’m a big Paulie fan, one thing I notice is he’s always very hesitant to talk in any serious way about his success, accomplishments etc. I’d enjoy if he would address why he thinks he was such a popular Yankee … I’ve got my own thoughts, but would like to hear what he believes were the most important factors leading to both his great success and popularity in pinstripes
    Thanks! Chris Jenks
    SF, CA

  4. hamburger_helper

    Hey Kim – love the blog. Keep it up! I suggest a friendly competition with Bob on who blo[g/b]s the most in a given week…
    Anyway, in the spirit of the weather and what I fear to be another failed attempt at a game…any good rain delay stories to share? Feel free to pass that question to any of the YES crew over there, too.


    Hey Kim. The question I have for our beloved Paul O’neil is simply, what was the feeling like in the 2001 World Series against the Diamondbacks in game 5 when Yankee Stadium was chanting “Paul O’neil” over and over again for the whole half inning? Has he ever experienced a feeling like that? I could only imagine what it’s like having over 55,000 cheering your name. Also, who was his best friend during his Yankee Years?

    Kindest Regards,
    Matt (CT)


    Hi Kim!

    I absolutely LOVE the food updates – they just crack me up (I wish I could eat as much as Paul does and not get huge…lol)! You’re doing a great job with the blog! I hope you’re having as much fun writing it as we all are reading it.

    My question for Paul (who I always LOVED when he played with the Yanks): Is he just as superstitious off the field as he was when he was playing on the field?? (Michael and Paul we’re talking about the 98 season when Paul was on the Kay corner like 11 times in a row in the post season, so that made me think of this question)

    -Courtney (NY)


    Looking forward to the chat. It doesn’t look like a game is happening tonight. This rain refuses to give up. Maybe it doesn’t realize that it is now May. When the games are cancelled, the classic games that YES shows are cool, but don’t they have any real old school games from Mantle’s era ? Can you throw that in the suggestion box please, Kim?

  8. jeterfan023

    Hey Kim,

    Can you ask Paul what it felt like the first time he walked into the stadium and the first time he played there?
    We hear so much about how players got chills and all that when they were in such a place where all the greats played, Babe, Gehrig, Mantle, etc.
    I remember all last season watching the games and you just get this weird (but good) feeling when you watch the Yankees. I actually cried when I watched the last game and all the awesome pregame things they did, and of course everything after with the farewells. Paul was such an amazing player to watch; I grew up watching him, Jeter, Posada, Mariano, etc., so it would be so cool if he would talk about what it felt like to play there. Did they really experience the ghosts in the stadium, what was it like seeing Thurman’s locker in the clubhouse, etc.

    And can you find out what sort of stuff he eats that keeps him so thin?! I want my 32 inch waist back, lol!

    Melissa from CT


    I just loved the way Paul swung that bat, man did he hit that ball hard. Some of those line drives to leftcenter were great to see! He can handle Michael Kay just fine in the booth, toe to toe with those exchanges and funny to hear!
    from music city, Nashville


    Hi Kim,

    If you get a chance, please thank John Flaherty on behalf of those of us in Rockland County and Pearl River for wearing the “Team Mickey” bracelet on YES. I know he promised the cancer-stricken Mickey that he would, and we spotted it on his wrist during yesterday’s pregame and in the studio today.


  11. bob15

    Hey Kim,

    While there is a rain delay, why can’t you hook us up for a quick question and answer session??Within the comments section, is it possible for you to answer specific questions?? I’m just throwing out ideas.

  12. jlong27

    Hi Kim

    I was in the Staten Island Advance on September 21, 2008.

    I met Jeter

    Please read the article

    go to

    type in: When Jeanine met Jeter

    tell me what you think

    Jeanine L

    Staten Island, New York

    Can you name some Yankees players that played for the Staten Island Yankees?


    I love Kim and her blog, but i was 0 fer 3 or 4 so no chat for me tonight. Paul O’neill is a favorite too, a warrior as George would say! So good luck with the chat Kim, i will check in, anyone who can make Derek Jeter laugh outloud is really great in my book. Hope we put a “W” in the book tonight!


    Hi Kim, Whats with JOBA pumping his fist when he was LOOSING the game??? So what if he struck out 12…He gave up 4 runs in the first ining!!! I would rather see no strike outs and only one hit with no runs…And then you at YES make him the “PLAYER OF THE GAME”. Holy cow. What does this tell young players, your personal acomplisments are more important than the teams??? You people at Yes are starting to sound more like PR’s than announcers!!

  15. curley1954


  16. letsgoyankees

    Kim: Why don’t we bring up AJax? I keep hearing “He’s not ready, he’s not ready”. Why is he not ready but players like Duncan and Melancon and Gardner and Melky are? He’s destroying minor league pitching, and I know Melky is hitting, but still, Melky will cool down and we’re going to have to rest Damon, so why not AJax?

  17. letsgoyankees

    If Joe G doesn’t last (I hope he does) Yanks should consider Sparky Lyle. Four titles with the Somerset Patriots, most in his league so far, including a dramatic win last year featuring a 2 run comeback in the eighth and a walk off HR to win the championship. I’d really like to see Sparky managing!


    i understand paul plays drums well….has bernie and paul ever gottten together to play either in a jam session or recorded some music together ?

  19. nyy26ngoin

    Hey Kim, Thanks for answering my question/comment about Brett Gardner, Phil Hughes and Cincy. I really appreciate you letting them know that they are by far my favorite players. Let Nick Swisher know I love him too. His enthusiasm and personality is great, and the Yankees should start the Support Swish initiative for the All Star Game, like they did with Giambi and the “Support the Stache initiative”.


    Oh and a question for Paul:

    How did it feel last year when Hawkins wore your number, and was consistently booed for it by the fans, since it is your number? Also, would you like to have your number retired one day?

  20. max24

    Kim, thanks so so so much for the chat. I loved it. I can’t wait for the Cano interview! Sorry for being so pushy, hes my favorite player and i missed it originally. Thanks so much for doing this.


    Hi kimberly,
    I have been a Yankee fan since as far back as I could remember. I love the team and all it represents. I am extremely disappointed in out start this year. I feel our bullpen is once again not doing its job. Sabathia was a waste if money in my opinion. I would like to ask a favor my Mom is the biggest Michael Kay fan ever, she loves him so much. and being that Sunday is Mother’s day. I would like to know if it would be at all possible for Michael to mention her on the air. Her Name is Paula Pizzo, she lives in Brooklyn. my name is Valerie she has been feeling blue lately and I know this would cheer her up. Please see what you can do.

    Thanks, Valerie


    Hi Kim,
    If you get a chance tell Kay that the Pigeons as K’s for Burnett are probably a reference to how he used to be a Blue Jay. Instead of Blue Jays for K’s now they are Pigeons because he is in New York.

  23. anjakj

    The bird pictures for the strikeouts…They are Jays…so ‘A Jay’…A.J.

    See what those clever fans did there… =P


    For the person that left the message that Sabathia is a waste of money , I completely agree.

    People keep saying , oh wait until he gets in his groove !
    They’re joking right ?
    For all the money that guy is getting he should strike out every single batter he faces, I mean if I go to work and I don’t do my job correctly every single time , I get fired , plain and simple .

    What a joke , when he finds his groove , it’s more like a rutt.
    The guy’s best years are well behind him .
    But please prove me wrong C.C.
    You have no idea on how badly I wish I were wrong


    Hey Kim thanks for all of your blogs I love them all. You make my day with them. Kim please let me know how I could send a to you a question for paul O’neil. He is one of my favorite player of all time. Kim keep up the good work your doing GREAT. God Bless and be safe.


    Kim….on the live chats, you seem to take a lot of cupcake questions. That sucks…but I supppose it’s good for entertainment purposes.

    Question to Paul O’Neill….Do you think the current Yankees have as much HEART and DESIRE to win as the Yankee teams YOU were a part of? And do you think…more than anything…that this is the reason the Yankees haven’t been to a World Series since you left and those great teams were broken up?



    Love your insight but I want to comment and question about the last few days.
    Right now the Yankees stink, in just about every facet of the game. That being said, I think they are not getting any breaks either, from plays and the umpires. Balls bouncing off the warning track for grounds rule doubles and preventing guys from scoring. Curveballs belt high on the black called ball four and later, a grand slam. A tag on an attempted steal with Ellsbury’s hands a foot from second, and he’s called safe, and last night, bottom nine,Pena dribbles one in thehole, Longoria fields and fires but Pena has it beaten by a step, but he’s called out. Molina flies out to right to end the inning, rather than the game with a game winning sac fly.

    My question is, why don’t the guys in the booth and on the studio, as well as the beat reporters, make note of these things? It is getting pretty frustrating that everything goes the way of the Yankees’ opponents, even in games the Yanks win, rather than for the Yankees. But I find it interesting that it is never commented on when umps blow calls. I know they are human, and amke mistakes. But, there just seems to be a preponderance of these mistakes this year and in the past few years when the Yanks are concerned. Plus, I think Dale Scott is not taht great of an umpire, especially on the bases. He’s ‘Automatic Out’ at first.

    Thank you for your time, great blog.

    Gareth from CT

  28. theonlyphrank


    I can’t seem to find how/where you submit questions for your live chats or for the O’Neill interview coming up. Can you please help?! Thanks

    Frank from NJ


    Kim, I recall a mention in Joe Torre’s book about Paul.
    Paul’s wife went to see Joe Torre about calling off the extra batting practice one day. She asked Joe to please not do that because Paul really needs it. I thought that was hilarious, so ask Paul if he sent his wife to that or did she do that on her own to calm him down.
    I used to love seeing Paul taking his batting practice swings out there in rightfield in between pitches.

  30. hatsallfolks

    50 games for manny – is anyone clean. a-rod , manny , sheffield ,bonds, hhhhmmm they all had boris as their agent at one time or another.


    hey kim love you on the show your great. Can you do me a huge favor though, can you ask girardi how much longet we have to wait til cano can replace tex in the 3rd hole til he proves he found his stroke again ty

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