Love for The Blob

A few additions:
Kay reports proudly that he ate chicken. Chicken and ice cream. Atkins would be proud.
It’s unbelievable the Yankees haven’t led in a game since the fifth inning Saturday. Matsui just tied the game. Maybe taking the lead is next. That’d be a big step, no?

Lorenz — his Blobbin’ self — is upset that his blog wasn’t mentioned when we were asked to list some favorites during yesterday’s chat. That’s because Lorenz’s Blob isn’t so much a blog as it is REQUIRED READING. We love it! 



    So much for taking the lead !! Yankees losing 6-4 as I write this. Kay looked very excited when he got his ice cream. I was waiting for it to hit the camera when he started scooping it.

  2. bad_karma

    Tell Kay that ice cream is fine as long as it doesn’t have any sugar — the sugar defeats the chemistry of the Atkins process. Breyers makes a terrific low-carb ice cream — the vanilla tastes just like Good Humor did when I was a kid.



    Again, I love the blog, and appreciate reading your actual opinions along with the reportage. Thank you.

    Is there any word on who would be the emergency #3 catcher? I’m concerned the Yankees’ current #2 backstop will spotlight their already anemic bench.

    Posada’s hamstring could be a problem all year. I watched him training on a YES Network show last year and noticed that he doesn’t “sit back” under his barbell squats. This detrains the hamstrings and activates more quad. Overall, baseball players are far too susceptible to hamstring injuries. Does any club have a GHR program? (And the pre-game, on-field stretching session is a joke.)

    Enjoy your weekend in Baltimore!
    Tommy Himself
    The Sticking Point


    Can Turkey Hill put happy pills in that ice cream? I have a feeling it’s going to be a long, excruciating season.

  5. bronxboss

    Kim I’ve been a Yanks fan for 30 years but have no NY roots. The love of the Yanks was passed down by my father who loved The Mick. I shared all this to ask why do many Yankee fans feel it is beneficial to boo there own players? I understand a boo is in order for apathetic play but in my mind the fans are only adding to the problems of the team by booing. Baseball is such a game of mental approach and failure that the fans expectations of failure for Teixeria and the following boos only compound the pressure. I say we support our team through thick and thin and save the boos for our opponents and lazy effort.

  6. jeterfan023

    I happen to agree with you, bronxbass. I just don’t understand what booing will do to help Tex or really the whole team that is struggling a bit right now.

    How about that bomb that A-Rod just blasted on the first pitch he saw back up here?!?! GOOOO YANKEES!!!


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