Young guns are coming up big

Pena-5-13-250.jpgWe had no idea Mike and Ikes were so popular! Can’t wait to tell Leiter.

So Rogers Communications is the parent company of the Blue Jays. Hence, Rogers Centre. And Rogers Communications specializes in wireless services. So, isn’t it ironic that Rogers Centre is the one ballpark where the wireless internet isn’t reliable?

Talked to Bruney before the game. Saw him after it. In between, he shaved his head. Completely. He’s got a very white dome.

It’s a great night for the Yankees when Gardner, Pena and Cervelli are coming up with big hits and RBIs. Cervelli has adjusted pretty quickly and surpassed even his own expectations so far. He could be a very nice story.

During postgame, I called Kenny “Michael” and Girardi seemed to refer to Halladay as “A.J. Burnett.” We’re a wacky group. And it’s only May 13.

Coke said after the game that his back was starting to feel better. He said he went into a crouch just before stretch on Tuesday and felt his back lock up. (What is it with stretch? Posada said he initially felt his hamstring pull during stretch on that Sunday night in Boston.) Coke has been getting treatment and isn’t sure if he’ll be available tomorrow. In fact, he sounded like he doubted he would be. But he said it shouldn’t be too much longer. At least he hopes not.

Girardi says a 4-2 road trip would be an accomplishment, given the injury situation. The Yankees have that chance tomorrow with CC on the mound.


Go CC!!! Go go go Yankees. Thanks Kim. I really like the chemistry of this team..Hope it transpire into more wins!

That was funny when you called Kenny Michael, but he just played it cool and didn’t make a big deal about it. I guess it becomes a habit since Kay does most of the games.

Can you ask Girardi if he plans on using guys like Coke and Aceves out of the bullpen for 2 inning appearances on a regular basis? It seems like it could be an effective strategy to building a bridge to Mariano if he has Coke, Aceves, and maybe another guy who can pitch 2 scoreless innings and then you bring in Mo. Then when Bruney is back add him in and they might have the right bullpen formula. That could provide a good core to the pen they can build around. Then the starter goes 6, Aceves/Coke/Bruney go 2, then Mariano comes in. Maybe less is more with the bullpen, if Girardi is putting fewer bodies on the mound in a game in relief there’s less of a chance of one of the guys having a bad day.


Hi Kim,
The season is still young and I have a feeling that things will turn around. Once they get the bullpen staighten out.
Coke and Aceves look like a good setup duo for Mariano and once Bruney is healthy things should fall into place.


Pena seems like a real find, love his defense! Seems like the Yanks have some depth at catcher in the minors (who knew!)… Can’t wait for the Yanks to start their climb in the standings, I’m resorting to taunting my RedSox friends about Roid-tiz and Manny’s lack of, well, you know…

Well Kimmie…like I said on the other blog, it’s the TRAINING. Those muscles should pull that easy. On stretching? Horse Hockey!!

Bruney shaved his head? He must be craving attention. I think it would be cool if he wore a wig now…maybe something bright orange. And maybe some big floppy shoes to go with it. Come on Brian…you don’t need to shave your head…Kimmie knows you’re there. ; – 0

Borrowing a couple of Michael Kay “Centerstage” questions:
Who is your favorite Actor/Actress?
What is your favorite movie/book?
Who would you want in a foxhole with you?
I think there should be a “Centerstage” show about Michael Kay and you should ask the questions. What do you think?

is there any update on posada yet? how’s he feeling and when might we see him behind the plate?

Hey Kim,
They just showed you in the background and you look either confused or dumbfounded! lol Obviously you were deciding what to include on your blog tonight. Either that or you were checking out the choices for dinner.

QUESTION FOR ONEIL (if its not too late).. would he ever consider managing a team? or at least coaching?

Also, great games last night and tonight. There’s so many older guys on this team, so I love to see the young guys doing well. (no offense-I love the vets-the young ones just play w/lots of heart). Yay for Brett! Pena is fun to watch-he’s awesome on defense and comes up w/lots of clutch hits. And I’m so impressed w/Cervelli! I was getting kind of bored before, but I think these guys bring something fresh to this team. Hope they keep it up! Love your blogging Kim-you do a great job=)

The blog is great!
I have a question for O’Neill, if it’s not too late– If you could have dinner with any 3 Yankees–past or present– who would you choose?

Also to comment on this post, I LOVE Ramiro Pena. He’s become my favorite rookie this season and I really hope he stays with the Yankees organization. It’s been really unfortunate with all the injuries lately, but it’s given the younger guys chances to come up in big spots. Gardner, Pena, and Cervelli have been doing a great job.

You’re doing a great job, Kim! 🙂

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