Decision on Wang could come Thursday

Wang-5-20-250.jpgHughes just had a great first inning, which he needed. A decision could be coming tomorrow on Wang; perhaps the Yankees didn’t want to make an announcement prior to Hughes’ start. Girardi says they see Hughes as a starter, which would seem to suggest he’ll go back to AAA, not to the bullpen, when Wang is activated. (Cone mentioned on the broadcast Monday that he could see Hughes as a reliever.)

Girardi says they’ll slot Wang in as soon as he’s ready. The question is, is he ready? The velocity and sinker aren’t where they need to be, apparently because of lingering issues from the lisfranc injury last June.

Lisfrancs are tricky injuries. Bruney, like Wang, declined to have surgery and is fine. Michael Strahan and Justin Tuck both lost part of the 2006 Giants football season to lisfranc sprains; Tuck had surgery, Strahan did not. (Strahan said if he had required surgery, he would have retired. He’s awfully glad he didn’t.) Tuck wound up limping through the end of last season with bone spurs in his foot, which he said were a result of the lisfranc two years earlier.

Anyway, Wang’s leg strength was a problem while he was giving up a million runs a start. But part of this just has to be the mental hurdle of getting over such an injury, trusting your right (push-off) foot and relearning to pitch without favoring the formerly injured part of your body. The way the Yankees are playing these days, you would think time is one their side when it comes to making sure Wang is right before bringing him back.

Nady took limited BP today and could go on a rehab assignment when the Yankees leave town Sunday. Nady had other duties as well, serving as stenographer for the Kangaroo Court, which convened at 3:15 p.m., lasted an hour and included everyone from players and coaches to trainers and pr folks.

Mariano was the judge; the jury was comprised of Jeter, Damon and A.J. Rob Thomson was fined for pushing Swisher back to third base to avoid a pickoff in Baltimore. (Turns out, that’s not legal in MLB or in Kangaroo Court.) Alex was fined for missing the start of the season; so were the others who didn’t begin the year with the big club.

Players who’ve been around long enough to know said it was the first Kangaroo Court since 1995. Fun times, especially when you’ve won seven in a row.

Melvin Mora was raving about Cervelli, his fellow Venezuelan, today. He said he kept waiting for CC to shake off Cervelli last night, “and he NEVER did!” Mora said. “The kid is good.” Cervelli says he was 5 when he first watched Mora play in Venezuela – that’s nice – and that Mora was his “idol.”

Speaking of (American) Idol, how much do Brian Roberts and Kris Allen look alike? Jeter’s been wearing Roberts out over their likeness since the WBC.



    Is that true that you’ve been fined by the kangaroo court?
    If so, i can’t imagine what you were guilty of.

  2. yankeexx

    So true Kim. Easy to have fun when you win. But I think the Yankee’s new edge can sustain through some tough times too. They seem like they are finally getting in sync and back in the rink for a surge to the top. This team’s chemistry is felt even through a computer screen 6000 miles away.
    Go Yankees.

    Question Kim….did MLB tv offer you a job? You’re way better than Hazel May but Yes suits you just fine. Speaking of fines imagine what yours would be if you did migrate over. Love your blog.

  3. alightningrodfan

    Kim, I was on another Yankee blog and two issues came up. One is that both Tex and A-Rod were hit. Similarly, this is not the only time Baltimore pitchers have hit us (Jeter’s for example before). The second is what Michael Kay said about someone protecting A-Rod so he does not get walked like he did tonight. Hopefully we can solve the second issue with Posada returning. Not sure about how to solve the first.

  4. iheartnyy242

    in reference to kangaroo court, i think i speak for many fans when we ask for more shirtless interviews…players should not be fined for this infraction! maybe make one shirtless interview per night mandatory?

    oklahoma city


    Love your blog, Kim! I look forward to reading it every day. Thanks for the links to interviews – what a great idea! I agree with Don – you are way better than Hazel May (nothing against her), but I hope you stay where you are for as long as you can.

    Do you know what the Yankees’ record for winning games in a row is? Go Yankees!

    from Merrilee
    Fredericksburg Virginia


    Please tell me ARod got the maximum fine for those pictures where he was kissing the mirror.


    Your dry cleaner must love the pie in the faces when the Yankees have a walk off win. Some of the pie seems to splatter on you when you’re doing an interview.

  8. davidlu

    I thank if Yanks can’t trust WANG , Let him go .
    In other team , he maybe have more opportunitis to show his talents.

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