Memorial Day musings

Bruney-5-25-250.jpgIt’s been a while, huh? How are you on this Memorial Day?

Last homestand was a eventful one, wasn’t it? Four walk-offs, five pies in faces, two My9 games, a FOX telecast, a broken-bat home run and eight wins in 10 games.


Now we’re on the road and a day game is kinda nice today. A barbecue would be nicer, but we’re not complaining.

Bad news – actually, continuing bad news – for Bruney, who is back on the DL because his elbow just won’t cooperate. The MRIs have come back clean; Bruney suspects they’re missing something. He also says he’s disappointed and frustrated and has to figure out what’s going on. He said Sunday “it just felt wrong” while he was playing catch. That’s not good. And this is a guy who wants to pitch. So the bullpen will have to continue to weather the storm without its supposed 8th-inning guys, Bruney and Marte.

Alex is 2-for-2 and it looks like he’s getting into the swing of it, literally. They’ve always booed him here in Texas. The admission that he took performance-enhancing drugs while a Ranger doesn’t seem to be resonating with this crowd. They booed him more heartily in previous stops here. Plus, there are a lot of Yankees fans in the stands today.

Hughes did a great job getting out of the second. A grittier Hughes is a good sign.

Nady is scheduled to play in a simulated game of some sort in Tampa tomorrow. He’ll hit only. Posada, Molina and Ransom are also in Tampa; they’re not ready for any game action yet.

It’s hot here in Texas. They tell us we’ve arrived just in time for the muggy weather. And there are plenty of little bugs around. Terrific!

We’re digging the red hats for a one-day holiday thing. Hope you’re having yourselves a nice day.



    Kim, I think those hats are pretty ugly. Why couldn’t MLB stick to putting a flag on the side of the hat or putting the flag on the jerseys like they’ve done prior to 2008? The only thing worse would have been if the Yanks had been at home wearing the pinstripes for this one!


    Why are the Yankees wearing RED HATS?! Why can’t they have BLUE hats, with a Red-White-and-Blue Yankee Logo, much like they used to do. This Red Cap thing is completely contradictory to their uniform.

  3. flairforthedramatic

    Brun should start up a blog or twitter with this time he has on his hands, lol.. It really suckks that he must hit the DL again.. The bullpen really needs him.. I was at the one game he made an appearance in between these two DL stints and it was a complete relief to have no worries in that inning.
    P.S. Tell Brun to tan that scalp.. sun is getting some major reflection off that, lolz..
    P.P.S. Really not diggin the red hats.. It doesn’t go well w/ the Yankee uniform.. It’s like making the Red Sox wear their cap w/ a blue pinstriped uniform..
    – V [ ]


    Woohoo! 11-1! Happy Memorial Day Kim! I have a question for you and Tino, if it’s not too late.
    Kim, have you ever done any modeling? And have you ever wanted to call a game with Micheal Kay and Kenny Singleton? I think you’d be great.
    And for Tino: Does he ever miss being in the Bronx? And how does he feel about the new Stadium?

    thanks 🙂

  5. bob15

    What a GREAT day for the Yankees in Arlington. Just like I said in Lohud’s blog, the Yankees play well there and I expect the Rangers’s team ERA to take a HIT by the time the Yankees leave. And Kim, shame on you for leaving us high and dry since Friday! lolMLB baseball needs to do something ELSE for Memorial Day. The Yankees wearing those reds hats turned my stomach. At least I saw them batting most of the day! 🙂 I’d prefer they wear wristbands or armbands instead in the future. MLB needs to ask fans opinions since we are the ones who keep supporting the sport.By the way, weren’t you HOT wearing that half sweater today?? I was hot just looking at you wearing that! (minds out of the gutter people! lol)


    It seems that Bruney may have something else going on, structurely. If his elbow doesn’t feel right yet the MRI with the die shows no damage, he may have some other issue going on with his structure. In order to throw with the correct arm angles he may be compensating somewhere else with his structure. Perhaps he needs a full body x-ray to determine if something else is “off-kilter”.

    Also, those red hats on Memorial Day were ugly but if they can hit like that more often, I don’t care what they wear as long as they win! (One caveat… Boston hats nor logos!)


    Hi Kim:

    I saw the post game interview with Johnny Damon and was wondering what that necklace is he’s wearing.

    Not a fan of the red hats. But what a great game.

  8. yankeexx

    Kim…the Yankees should incorporate bio-feedback technology to help their players heal faster and detect internal problems. Hospitals in China and Germany use it to diagnose problems and China used it to help their athletes recover faster during the Olympics. Google it…It can even give natural energy boosts using your own body signal…It’s simply amazing. I had it done for a stiff shoulder and got better swiftly. It’s painless. Hope you can pass this on..No’s amazing.

  9. iheartnyy242

    i had hoped to make the three hour drive to the game today, but life happens and didn’t work out. to add insult to injury, due to broadcasting blackout restrictions, i was forced to watch saturday’s game on fox sports in spanish, which made it interesting since i don’t speak it at all, although i love how they say strikeout. today’s game was only available on the rangers channel, since oklahoma city is somehow considered their local market and all other feeds were under blackout restrictions.

    i’ve definitely heard worse announcers, but it made me grateful for the entire yes team. at one point this afternoon, they even said, “we don’t want to sound like whiney hometown announcers, but…” they were being whiney and they were wrong, but was kind of funny. for 99 percent of the broadcast, they avoided actually saying “steroids” and “performance enhancing drugs” although it was a constant topic throughout the game, particulary when discussing a-rod, which was often with a five hit day. most surprising was the manlove shown for derek jeter for doing everything the right way both on the field and off of it. it’s true and has made me grateful jeter is my son’s favorite player, but still weird hearing it from the rangers broadcasters. i’ve heard and read so much negativity about jeter’s defense from his critics, was this discussion a fluke today?

    anyway, the point of this was to ask you to thank each and every member of the yes broadcast crew for being both entertaining and educational. its rare i have to watch alternate feeds other than yes and my9, but while it was definitely better than missing the games completely, made me appreciate the excellent job all of you do!

    out of curiosity, what did the rangers organization serve the media? are the meals in the ballparks all the same? or do they change depending on local cuisine?

    oklahoma city


    I just shook my head when I saw Teixeira’s broken-bat homer, silently confirming in my own mind what a launching pad the new park has become…but then I replayed the incident in slow motion (pause, right arrow…[one frame at a time]) and I realized that he actually hit the ball on the sweet spot of the bat. It was “wood failure” that broke that bat, not baseball contact with the handle. The Launching Pad question remains…

  11. hughesd

    Here’s a fun fact. Johnny Damon has 3 outfield assists (40 games). Ichiro Suzuki has one (39 games). I guess Damon has the stronger arm! (Or nobody runs on Ichiro.) 😉


    Kim; Great Blog. This being the only way I know to vent…here it goes. Aceves two games in a row. Why not Wang in a lopsided inning win. Why not Veres. The Yankees need an outfielder who can play. Why they can’t give Swisher a rest…DP with bases loaded. Why Tex can’t go to left with bases loaded to avoid DP. We know Giambi was at least a heavy hitter, but, Tex is a hit for average guy. We are about to have two full time DH”s. Nady and whoever that is wearing Matsui’s #55. Add a DH start or two with Posada…it reminds me of the Yanks of the 80’s. If you want to help Joba, let Wang be his designated relief pitcher. Joba 5 inns, Wang 3 or 4 whether it requires a Mo save. Lastly, I thought Eiland was supposed to be a guru for the pitchers..ain’t happening. But, is Harkey supposed to help the pen? Actually, this is last. I don’t think Mattingly would’ve helped…but, I don’t understand why we don’t steal more, bunt, hit and run the slow guys…Girardi you had this for a game plan…Did you leave it in the old Stadium? The ghosts are too ashamed to cross the street. Thanks for reading. Keep up the great job. Jim in Phx. Az.


    Hi Kim – Love the blog. Great interview with Francisco Cervelli on YES tonight. By the way, he has one of the best quotes ever from when he was at Trenton last year …. “Baseball is fun” (he said with a smile on his face on his way to warm up that night’s starting pitcher). He certainly plays that way. Keep up the good work! John in NJ

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