In-game musings

Johan-6-14-(2)-250.jpgIt’s a good thing Bruney returns Tuesday from the DL. He’s been so bored, he decided to pick on Francisco Rodriguez.

And it’s a good thing the Yankees have a day off tomorrow. When these days off at home roll around, you always get the feeling that every single player and coach is in need of a little break.

Not to mention the rest of us.


Johan Santana: Who wants to bet the Yankees will have more success against him today than they did against Nieve yesterday? (Full disclosure: Cano is currently on third with one out in the second inning.)


Mariano Rivera: A reader, or two, has asked about Mariano in non-save situations. When we asked him for Friday’s postgame about the difference in those spots, he said he honestly doesn’t know but wishes he did. And he kind of smiled and shook his head as he said it. Like he’s as befuddled as anyone about the disparity in his results. Mariano has coverted 13 consecutive regular-season save opportunities against the Mets.


Al Leiter: Doesn’t bring Mike & Ikes to the booth anymore. Which is sad.


Chien Ming-Wang: Pete Abraham, who is an expert on Wang, says the birth of a child is said to bring good luck in Chinese culture. No doubt, Wang needs good luck — and a good outing Wednesday. Cashman said today that Wang has to attack hitters, trust his stuff and get back to pitching to contact, which means trusting his defense too. And if he doesn’t have success against the Nationals? Cashman said he, Eiland and Girardi will have another meeting. And this time, they probably won’t decide to give him another start — not with the way Hughes has been pitching.


Francisco Cervelli: A bloop single gets the Yankees on the board against Santana. It’s no surprise Cervelli is catching A.J., who just doesn’t pitch well with Posada behind the plate. (7.48 ERA in four starts with Posada. 3.81 in eight starts with Molina or Cash.)


Derek Jeter: An RBI single by the Captain, 2-0 Yankees. Funny how Nieve looked like a Cy Young Award winner yesterday and Santana is having to battle today. Damon with a two-run single, 4-0 Yankees. Santana doesn’t look like Santana, does he?


Michael Kay: He tries to fool all of us with a plate of watermelon in front of him. “Oh, you’re eating healthy?” Cone asked. “Now I am,” Kay replied. “I had pancakes and bacon earlier.” And he just reached into his bag for an Atkins bar.

Audrey the Stage Manager reports that she had ice cream for breakfast. Yes, we are all obsessed with food.

Kay just complained that the blog is an “invasion of my privacy.” He’s lying. He loves the attention. And he’s drinking Diet Pepsi for the first time in a month and he’s all fired up. (“Blog that!” he says. We will!) Maybe he’s trying to compete with Leiter and his Red Bull.

By the way, Kay had the pancakes dry, no syrup. “Never syrup!” he yelled during a commercial break. “That would bastardize the pancakes.” Really, he’s an interesting guy, isn’t he?



    Love the blog kim it cracks me up daily 🙂 one question for Kay though; most people seem to have little food but tons of condiments in their fridge’s, what does HIS refridge look like though?? 😉

  2. bob15

    Hey Kim,Tell Kay to shut up lol He tells everyone about eating ketchup and other things on his radio show!THIS is a game the Yankees needed. They needed Burnett to struggle and get out of it without imploding. The rest of the team needed to go out and MASH the ball against Santana. This only proves the point of the Yankees facing pitchers they know. Someday somebody will start 3 games against them with 3 minor league kids and will sweep them.I am nominating YOU Kim to referee the grudge match between Bruney and K-Rod. I never noticed how short K-Rod actually is.Thanks for the updates and have a GREAT day off tomorrow.


    I am an old guard Yankee fan. I am a Jeter, Posada, Rivera, Petitte guy. Jorge and Jabba looked to me like El Duque/Posada 2, the Prize Fight. Jorge has the years experience and Jabba is 23. It seems that Posada is not popular with the current staff. Is it a matter of the Pitchers wanting to call their own game or is it simply miscommunication? Thank you

  4. twostraws

    Kim- this blog is great. I love hearing about what goes on with the announcers and all that isn’t said on the air. I don’t really understand why Michael doesn’t like the syrup- dry pancakes just aren’t that good.


    Hi Kim, I like Cervelli. Did you see how he coaxed AJ through his difficult inning, how Cervelli changed his position to a higher one when AJ was throwing low?


    Hi Kim, Do you know how some pitchers are inconsistent? One day they pitch well, the next day they don’t? I think a lot has to do with the umpire. If it’s a pitcher’s umpire, he will pitch well. If it’s a hitter’s umpire, he won’t, even though he’s throwing pretty much the same way. Do you agree? Joe

  7. chriscsg

    Hey Kim! Great blog again today.

    The Yanks were very lucky this weekend. The gift on Friday and getting Santana on the rare day when he sucks. We could have been swept for a second series really.

    On the up side, Burnett appeared to pitch much better.

    On the Posada debate, I’m hearing that he calls a game based on a hitter’s perspective rather than the pitcher’s perspective. I can see if a veteren pitcher wants to shake him off, but I think Joba should suck it up, shut up and pitch.

    Have you or anyone in the crew frequented any of the Itailian restaurants in the Arthur Ave area in the Bronx? I tried it for the first time today after the game. It was good, but I’m wondering what the best places to go are.

    Have a great day off Kim!



    I was at the game today and all I have to say is wow. The most important fact we got out of this game is that Cervelli knows how to call a great game. I looked up the stats of games called by Cervelli and Posada and I compared them. I found out that Cervelli’s pitcher’s ERA is 2 points under Posada’s, which is very impressive. Posada is a better bat, that isn’t even comparable, but Cervelli may be able to call a better game. I think the Yankees should progressivly move Posada to a DH role and get Cervelli behind the plate so we can win more games like this.


    So far, Cervelli seems like a clutch hitter. This, plus his defense, makes him valuable. We’ll see how the season goes, but if the Yanks falter, Cervelli should start.

  10. yankeexx

    Howdy to all the Yes-men and Kim. Love your blog and love todays game. I was on the board for a Santana win. My bad and the Yankees good. Macadamia Nut candy Kim. I live where the stash is.

  11. jeff1112


    If Bruney said he doesn’t like the emotion K-Rod shows on the mound then what does he think about the emotion Joba exhibits while he pitches?

    Isn’t it a bit strange how the Yankees interleague schedule was made out that they play the entire NL East? 18 games against the NL East can really affect the standings in that division. The same goes for Boston playing only the NL East in all 18 games. Then the Rays are playing 15 of 18 games against NL East opponents. Toronto also has 15 of 18 games against the NL East.

    I don’t really view this Yankee team as a huge power threat, but could the new Yankee Stadium allow this Yankee team to possibly break the Yankee season record for HR (242 in 2004) or the most HR in a baseball season for a team (264 HR by the 1997 Mariners)? The team’s current pace could allow them to hit 262 HR by my rough math. Teixeira could possibly post a career high in HR as could a lot of other guys.

    How can Kay not like syrup on pancakes? Was there any butter/margarine on there? Nothing beats maple syrup on pancakes. The only time I hold off on the syrup is if I’m having fruit on the pancakes instead.


    How about Santana with the worst outing of his career. But the one question that I have is why is everyone over looking the fact that Joe Giardi cannot manage this team if we are going to win this year? He has gone way out of his way to mismanage the pitching in general. The in game moves he makes leave a lot of people scratching their head. For example: during the last Boston series, in the 8th inning I believe, he pinch runs Gardner for swisher. Then has Melky sac bunt. Well a base hit to the out field is going to plate Swisher or Gardner. The more I watch this team the more I get excited about what could be. Then Joe does something to kill all that. Why did he panic (like always) and hit the switch too early on Wang? Why is Hughes in the pen? Why does Joe still have a job? I wish that Mr. Stienbrenner was still active in the team because Joe would have been gone mid season last year. Buck Showalter is still available. I believe Lou Piniella’s contract is up after this year as well!!! I only hope that Mr. Stienbrenner secures the rope around Giardis neck. Lord knows he has had more than his chances!!!


    So, who does work well with Posada? I suspect that if a secret poll was taken almost every pitcher on the staff would rather work with Cervelli or Molina.

    They are both much better defensively, and not arrogant hotheads. Posada is terrible at framing pitches, and helping the pitcher get borderline stikres called.

  14. docbooch

    Only one problem Kim, CMW is Taiwanese not Chinese. I have a few friends that are Taiwanese and they get very insulted when you call them Chinese. I would have thought you knew that.

  15. kdawg20

    Now wait a minute, you can’t honestly say that your going to compare Cervelli & Posada? I like Cervelli an awful lot. He’s been just outstanding, but he’s only been in the majors for a short time. I’m not sure how you can compare him to someone who’s been behind the plate for 13 or 14 years(something in that range.) Thats like an insult to Jorge. True, the pitching staff has done better statistically with Cervelli, but I’m not counting Posada out yet. I strongly believe its all just a coincidence.

  16. kdawg20

    & to the other post. How is Posada arrogant? He’s got passion to play, he wants to do good. So he’s fiery, personally I like that in a player. This is a guy that not only contributes on the field, but off the field as well. I would think he would receive much more respect by now.

  17. iheartnyy242

    seriously? did some of you forget how awful the yankees were last year without posada’s leadership? pitchers are a lot like artists, each has to be handled a different way and they are going to disagree with their catcher now and then. to blame bloated era’s on posada is ridiculous and shameful. game seven of the alcs against boston, who do you want behind the plate? 99.9% would agree, they want posada regardless of the pitcher on the mound. i am stunned this is even being debated.

    that being said, i do love cervelli and the job he has done. if he is the catcher of the future for the yankees, then the future looks great. the more time he spends as posada’s backup, the better he will be. posada is a proven warrior on the field with a lot of experience and knowledge to pass on to cervelli. no offense to molina, but he sould be thanked for his services and handed a check should he ever recover from the leg injury.


    Hi Kimmie!! Just came across this blog and had to comment on M. Kay.

    Does he have a cardiologist that follows him to the games or that he takes on the road? From what you tell us that this boy eats, well….it looks like his body doesn’t know which way to go.

    Maybe he needs to get his stomach stapled, but not to the press corps buffet table. Just tell Mikey this Kimmie…smaller portions of everything, and eat what you want. (Forget the Atkins nonsense) Don’t eat ANYTHING past 8 PM, drink LOTS of water….snack on yogurt or an apple once in awhile, and start drinking a couple of cups of green tea daily. Also, it sounds like the boy could benefit from a dose of Metimucil every morning for some fiber.

    We like Mikey….this will help keep him around a while.

  19. financeer

    Kim, I don’t know how to reach M. Kay. Last night he was raving about his favorite radio call of all time was Girardi’s triple in Game 6 of the 1996 World Series. But he kept saying it was in the 7th inning. Please tell him…. it was in the third inning. Maybe he is confusing it with Tino’s grand slam in the 1998 World Series, which was in the 7th inning.
    Thanks, Linda

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