Observations from Minnesota

The Yankees really do bring out the worst in the Twins, don’t they? A few quick notes as the Yankees conclude their time at the Metrodome and near the All-Star break:

Alfredo Aceves: How do you quantify how valuable he has become? Truly a jack of all trades, which is a supreme compliment for a pitcher. A great read about him by Tyler Kepner in today’s New York Times. Interesting that his preparation sets him apart.

A.J. Burnett: His All-Star break kind of started after last night’s start, but he was at the dome at 7:30 this morning and running steps soon after. And after his start last night, A.J. made a point of seeking out Francisco Cervelli before he left. What did A.J. say? He offered encouraging words and thanked the young catcher.

Bob Lorenz: To answer Lorenz’s question, today is a strange food day. Because it still seems pretty darn early. Kenny reports he had oatmeal at the hotel. Coincidentally, so did we, via room service. The writers are raving about the carved turkey sandwich, sold at a concession stand just steps from the press box. We’re afraid turkey would put us to sleep.

Metrodome: Joe Nathan says the Twins will miss the climate control of the dome and “knowing how much you’ll sweat.” He toured Target Field, the Twins new park, which will open next season, and was very impressed. The Yankees outfielders won’t miss the roof of the dome, which turns some fly balls into an interesting proposition. Johnny Damon wasn’t exactly broken up about having today off. 


  1. bob15

    Wow…an EARLY blog sighting today!! What gives Kim??? Do you have early dinner plans?? lolI know Aceves WANTS to be a starter but I don’t think that’s his role THIS year. Perhaps next is a different story but fits the Ramiro Mendoza role from the championship years.Whoever the BRAIN surgeon was who allowed the Twins to build a non-dome ball park should be forced to sit in the park for every April home game. i think it is a HUGE mistake.Can’t wait to get to play the Angels right now. They are very beatable right now and the Yankees need to get there and take it to them.Have a safe flight Kim and we’ll blog again soon.

  2. bob15

    Cody has about 3 hours to throw the ball and made a bad throw to Teixeira. Bad inning for the defense, that’s for sure.

  3. redtail120981@yahoo.com

    was cody’s error throwing or feilding? I’m at work and can’t see the game.

  4. mbrandes@rochester.rr.com

    Someone please tell me why the Yanks kept Cody Ransom over Pena? I like Cody, but he CHOKES. He’s done it all year. Not only at the plate, but in the field too. It’s too bad….he’s a good guy, but he’s not Yankee material. You can see in his face how tensed up he is. Sorry….but he’s got to go. He’s become a liability. Send him down and get Pena back up.

  5. nkbell@bellsouth.net

    Why did Joe send Pena back and bring Ransom back up? His feilding is terrible. Today alone he has lost the pop-up ball, Jeter had to sweep in and catch it, he over threw Tex at first and let the Twins advance to second, and screwed up a bunt by Maura. Why not bring a guy who hussles and can catch!

  6. bob15

    Cody isn’t as bad as he appeared today and he did have some good ABs. It’s tough when you miss a good portion of the season and then play at 3rd once a week. Cody is what he is, while Pena is still young and learning so letting him playing daily down at AAA is a better thing for Pena right now. Next year we could see Ramiro up for good and Cody released but for now, Cody is here to stay.

  7. jeff1112

    Aceves left with the bases loaded, but I hate how the scoring works that the 2 runs Robertson walked in get charged to Aceves. Aceves really didn’t pitch that poorly, it could have been 2R, 1 ER. Robertson has to get back to being more aggressive like he was when he first came up. Albaladejo has pitched well since coming up.

    Kim, Where is that Hughes Innerview? Is it online? I missed it and want to see it. Thanks.

  8. bob15

    Seriously, you have to put this on this blog??? If this were my blog, I would ban you……

    Back to baseball, I think pena is a lot better fielder than ransom.
    By yankshopefullywin27 on July 9, 2009 6:55 PM

  9. gullivert

    Naturally I thrilled with the way the ball club is playing. I just hope Joba the Punk doesn?t ruin the run. I?m still annoyed the way he kept shaking off Jorge. I think he needs some long bumpy bus rides in the minors to remind him of where he is and who is behind the plate. If he wants to shake off catchers, let?s see a ring on his finger and some wins on his record without a bullpen committee cleaning up his mess.

  10. coma3d@hotmail.com

    Hey Kim,will you catch the All-Star Game and Home Run Derby or will you chill from baseball during the break?Great job on-air and with the blog.KEEP ROCKIN!

  11. angcat@ptd.net

    You will be happy to know that we (my daughter and I) showed Pena some love at the Baby Bombers and Pawtucket game this past Monday night in Scranton. We want him back also!

  12. imisspaul21

    the tattoos, the eyes, the baggo, that shirt the other night on the post game, the cervelli goodbye – that arm…

    I have a MAJOR crush on #34!!!

  13. bob15

    Kim does NOT twitter….she can barely blog here, let alone twitter lol But she’s still a good sport just doing this blog.

  14. yankees625@hotmail.com

    reading confessions of a she-fan and i have to say i am surpised at how important u think u r. being humble is a good quality. think about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. jpjs4778@yahoo.com

    Hi Kim!!!
    If Joe wants to put the best team on the field, then send
    Cody down & bring Pena back. Their must be one starting
    pitcher at Scranton that the Yanks could of used instead of
    Aceves. He just pitched 4 innings in releaf, now Joe uses
    6 pitchers for one game with the Angles coming up. Last
    night’s game should convince Cashman that the Joba as
    a starter experment is a joke. BUT, it will be eye’s that look
    and not see. Great job as always.

  16. hatsallfolks

    i think a rally monkey made the lineup today – someone tell the manager that the angels go 1st to 3rd more than any other team. our best outfield arm is on the bench – our pinch runners arm cost us a runner on 1st in the 1st and 3rd in the 5th. lollypop throws. and as far as joba goes , the “manager” says he’s learning how to be a starter. all they keep selling the fans is that he was a starter his whole life. helloooo………. wang was told this is not an instructional league when he was struggling , again helllooo….. the yankees think their fans are idiots and i guess sometimes we are because we accept their nonsense and lies.

  17. fugitive@roadrunner.com

    What do the rest of you think about the umps. I personally think they stink. There have been a lot of bad calls lately. Joba needs a good kick in the XXX , and be put back in the bullpen where he belongs. when you score 8 runs in a game, you should win not lose. Some body please make sense of all this for me.

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