Not facing Yankee hitters a holiday for Halladay

You know, this Home Run Derby reminds us of the compelling performance by Josh Hamilton last year at Yankee Stadium. A powerful story. An intriguing personality. And a heck of a show. This one doesn’t exactly have the same feel to it, does it?

Isn’t there a way to speed up the derby? Just a little bit. After all, since the derby started, Jillian the Bachelorette has managed to bed all three of her remaining suitors and eliminate one of them.

halladay_250.jpgMeanwhile, Roy Halladay could be quite a rental for the next season and a half, huh? Plenty of his fellow all-stars probably have floated the idea to him.

Interesting that Halladay told the all-star media that he wouldn’t mind pitching – and batting ninth — in the National League because “I’d rather hit than face Jeter, A-Rod, Matsui and Teixeira.”

Hmmm. All Yankees. There’s a way he could avoid facing the Yankee hitters besides going to the NL, of course. Roy could ask AJ about that.

We’ll talk about all of this tomorrow on WFAN, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. with Adam the Bull. Actually we probably won’t talk so much about Jillian.

Feel free to join us. The great John Flaherty and Betsy from Pete Abraham’s blog were the stars of today’s show.

Oh, and to answer one of your questions: Presumably, Kay stopped saying Lil’ Kim when it no longer amused him. Who knows? He always got a kick out of saying it, then one day he didn’t say it anymore. End of story.


  1. toonces464

    “The great John Flaherty”? Oy vey, Kim…LOL!

    There needs to be a drinking game for when Flaherty works a game — that’s the only way to get through the entire broadcast with your sanity intact.

    Take a drink each time Flaherty:

    – says “nice” (i.e. a nice swing by Derek Jeter)
    – says “little” (i.e. a little changeup there from CC Sabathia)
    – says a player’s entire name while calling a play (i.e. the ball is hit to Alex Rodriguez who throws it to Robinson Cano who throws it to Mark Teixeira to complete the double play)
    – repeats word for word what Michael, Coney, etc. has just said, just to hear himself talk

    Take two drinks each time Flaherty:

    – says “nice” and “little” in the same sentence (i.e. a nice little double for Melky Cabrera)
    – says a player’s entire name and the full name of his team while calling a play (i.e. Brett Gardner is safe on the bunt and the New York Yankees have runners on 1st and 2nd)
    – says “You’re exactly right…” before repeating word for word what Michael, Coney, etc. has just said, just to hear himself talk

    Drink the whole bottle each time Flaherty:

    – says all of the above together (i.e. you’re exactly right, Michael…a nice little home run there for Hideki Matsui of the New York Yankees in the bottom of the 5th inning of a 3-2 ballgame in California off John Lackey of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim ties the ballgame at 3)

    Then switch to the opposing team’s broadcast and pass out.

  2. zenny

    Hey just a suggestion for the Flaherty drinking game:

    -Drink whatever is left in your cup/bottle/can/glass whenever he says “not trying to do too much” in a sentence.

    That along with the other above-listed rules and you can call the game “Drunk in a Flash!”



    Great blog and you do a good job on the Fan in the morning. Although you sounded a little to happy to see ” Yo Bro ” today when he showed up at the end of your show. That was the happiest a female has ever reacted to seeing Beningo.



    I agree completely with the above comments about Flaherty but one was left out (what about the pitcher and catcher trying to get on the same page!) Last Sunday we watched the game with the TV muted and listened to John and Susan on the radio. Much more enjoyable than listening to Flaherty.

  5. aj1962f

    Hey, folks, give Flash a break. The only time he gets to do PBP is when Michael Kay’s away and Singleton’s in the driver’s seat. And before people start saying “There’s a reason he only does it then,” how’s he supposed to get any better unless he gets a chance? (FTR, I watch games with *both* the TV and the radio on in the same room. Not easy, but it can be done.)


    In response to above- I have been doing that for years( muting tv and listening to Sterling) only problem is two – fold: sometimes the radio is way ahead of the action, and Sterls is losing it). Oh, and you are forced to listen to Waldman….lesser of 2 evils I guess.


  7. ryan_c

    agree with the other comments about flash but also noticed he doesnt have a sense of humor like michael or ken or coney – he needs to loosen up!

  8. dorgal218

    We love Betsy over at Pete Abe’s blog!

    Last year’s HR derby was magical. I don’t know if it was the Yankee Stadium setting or Josh Hamilton’s performance, maybe it was the combination. But it will never be duplicated and this years was a total bore. I think the time has come to retire the HR derby. it certainly doesn’t seem to be a hit with the players – more seem to avoid it than embrace it.

    It’ll certainly be interesting to see how the Doc Halladay sweepstakes ends. I’m torn between not wanting to lose some really promising prospects and the possibility of getting the premiere pitcher in the AL East.


  9. jeff1112

    I’d love it if the Yankees got Halliday. The thing is I wouldn’t want them to impact the immediate future of the farm system by giving up Joba, Hughes, Austin Jackson, Ramiro Pena, Frankie Cervelli, Jesus Montero or Austin Romine. I would think the Jays would demand one or two of the above names, but maybe the Yankees could get it done with a bunch of lower level prospects.

  10. pistol pete

    Flash’s favorite line–he needs to make an “adjustment”. I adjust the mute button on my TV and listen to Sterling on the radio.


    I for one would support a Yanks bid for Halladay, especially with the poor playing prognosis of Wong, Pettite in his final season performing his late season fade (against a last place teamin the East), this leaves huge holes in the starting rotation. What do we have to loose? We’ve got young players they and Halladay, Burnett, CC, Pettite, and Hughes are a formidable rotation against any team in the east or west, in my humble opinion.

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