HOPE Week was quite a success

The Yankees HOPE Week (Helping Others Persevere & Excel) comes to an end tonight, and it’s been quite a week. Last night in particular, after the nearly three-hour rain delay, many players stayed into the wee hours with the kids and young adults from Camp Sundown. And they had a blast, with several saying they stayed much later than they’d intended because they were having so much fun.

One blessing of the long rain delay: the Camp Sundown folks were scheduled to arrive in the second or third inning. Because of the delay, they were able to see the entire game.

Aceves and AJ made music, playing acoustic guitar and singing and, sources say, Cashman joined in the vocals. The on-field carnival was a tremendous success. As the entire week has been.

tex250_072409.jpgMark Teixeira: He’s tied for the AL lead in home runs after launching a(nother) rocket to the second deck in right field last night, on a 3-0 pitch. Susan Slusser of the San Francisco Chronicle noted that pitchers had gone 3-0 on Teixeira in 16 previous plate appearances this season. He’d walked each time, five intentionally. In other words, no other pitcher dared as Vin Mazzaro did, serving up a pitch over the middle of the plate.

Chien-Ming Wang: He might pay a visit to Dr. James Andrews on Monday as he continues to seek the best course of treatment for his right shoulder strain. Wang calls the past year “very frustrating” and fears he won’t pitch again this season. Girardi says the Yankees have to proceed as if Wang won’t be back this season.

Paul O’Neill: He’s joining Kay and Leiter for the balance of the A’s series. He is lucky to have missed last night’s game; O’Neill and two-hour, 43-minute rain delays don’t mix. “That wouldn’t have been real good,” O’Neill said. During the break every half inning, Kay and Leiter sit and sometimes talk, laugh or make fun of each other. O’Neill walks around. He just came back with a hot tea and cookie from the dining room.


  1. flairforthedramatic

    Hope Week was pretty cool.. promotion shoved down our throats a tadddd, but really a nice thing. The carnival thing after the game was an awesome idea..
    Speaking of.. another would be if Yanks would replace the P.C. Richard whistle after strikeouts with the MGM lion roar.. Just sayin’..
    How come Paulie [or Tino] appear at Old Timer’s Day?
    P.S. My contribution to Hope Week – http://is.gd/1L9pV
    – V [ http://flairforthedramatic.mlblogs.com ]

  2. mbrandes@rochester.rr.com

    HAPPY DAYS!! The Yanks are winning!! Joba has looked GREAT in his last 2 starts!! He’s finally being HIMSELF, and that is GREAT to see. Looks like his vacation in Nebraska helped him IMMENSELY. His entire demeanor is different. If he keeps this up, he’ll make a believer out of me (him being a starter and not our future closer)!!

    The rest of the team seems to be having fun. There don’t seem to be any troublesome people on the team. Nobody seems to want to rock the boat. Even Eric Hinske is loving life….although he could make a case for more playing time. I respect him for NOT doing that….it shows he’s a TEAM player. Hinske was a GREAT pickup for the Yanks…far better than Adam LaRoche that the Red Sox got. Excellent move Mr. Cashman.

    It’s good to see that baseball is FUN for these guys. Maybe this HOPE week has made some of them see how lucky they are to be playing this game and making a GREAT living at it. So many of us only WISH we could do what they do, and as we’ve seen this week….so many of us only hope to wake up tomorrow and see the sun shine for another day. Puts a different perspective on life I think.

    So message to Joba (if you read this blog)…As a fan, I’m proud of you. You saw your way through some adversity and have found that being YOURSELF is the way to succeed. Most young men aren’t that insightful. I’m glad that you are. Keep it up Joba!! When you feel it…PUMP YOUR FIST and LET OUT A YELL!! Don’t ever let the critics keep you from being YOU.

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