The Boss says hi

Steinbrenner-7-29-250.jpgGuess who paid a visit to the Yankees clubhouse before the game? George M. Steinbrenner III. He then moved upstairs to a suite where he is watching the game – believed to be the first time he’s seen the Yankees play in person since the season opener.

Mr. Steinbrenner visited in the manager’s office for about 45 minutes during and after batting practice. Players came in to shake hands and visit with him.

Michael Kay says Mr. Steinbrenner kiddingly asked Matsui why he doesn’t speak English yet. Matsui answered in English, saying he uses interpreter Roger Kahlon only for the media. Surely, everyone in the room got a kick out of that.

C.C. and CC: Nice job by Crawford and Sabathia today in answering questions, giving advice and offering batting and pitching tips to 300 kids from local Boys and Girls Clubs. Both also signed lots of autographs. CC signs with his right-handed, interestingly. Then again, Joba signs with his left.

Alfredo Aceves: He has a fatigued pitching shoulder, which is why he’s been on the mound for just one-third of an inning over the past eight days. For the past three days, he received treatment. He says he woke up this morning feeling “great.” Then he threw 20 fastballs off the mound before batting practice and said he felt “great.” Girardi says he’d be inclined to think about using Aceves tomorrow in Chicago.

Shelley Duncan: Assuming the bullpen is refreshed, the Yankees could add a right-handed bat for the White Sox series, when they’ll see lefty starters on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. If they stay in-house, Duncan is a possibility. Girardi said if they do go the call-up route, it wouldn’t necessarily be a permanent move; it could be something that simply makes sense for, say, a four-game series.

Joba Chamberlain: He looks so much better when gets the ball and throws it. No more shaking off Posada 100 times. It seems to work nicely.

Marissa of Central Jersey: She’s 15 and she’s a blog reader and she presented us with a box of Mike & Ike’s today at the Trop. Thank you, Marissa! Maybe we’ll save them for Chicago and share with Leiter. Maybe.


  1. jeff1112

    Does Steinbrenner’s visit to the team mean he is in better health? What is his status on that?

    3.5 game lead on Boston now and 7.5 games over Tampa for the Yankees. Think the Yankees have to worry about the Rays too much?

    It would be nice if the Yankees could get some pitching before the deadline, think there’s any chance they acquire anyone?

  2. marissa314

    Hi Ms. Jones this is Marissa from the game. I just wanted to say thanks so much for taking the time to talk and take a picture with me. It meant so much to me and ill never forget it! 🙂 I hope I can follow your footsteps and be a terrific broadcaster just like you!

  3. guests1234

    Hi Kim,

    I don’t know if was done on purpose or not (seems like it was), but I really don’t approve of Joba Chamberlain throwing over the head of Evan Langoria. He has done similar to Kevin Youkalis and this is a very disturbing pattern. I am a die hard Yankee fan, but DO NOT like what I see. I absolutely hate that type of unsportsmanlike conduct. I am not in his head, but it really appeared intentional. If I am wrong then I take what I say back. If I am right, this is a major problem. It puts the player in danger and also, it puts our players in danger for retaliation. The Yankees really should address this problem.

    thanks for listening,



    If you watched the pitch and/or replay closely, you would see the ball roll off Joba’s fingers in an unusual manner, indicating that the ball got away wildly upward. That doesn’t mean that he wasn’t pitching Longoria inside. It just means that there was no intent to hit him.

    As for Youkalis…..he definitely leans over the plate and it’s hard to tell intent, either its an inside pitch, a brushback pitch, one that gets away or an intentional hit.

  5. noreaster

    It’s great to see George up and around the Yankees. As a long term fan, I really appreciate all he has done for us.

    I love Joba’s ‘tude. But he really has to start throwing near hitters bodies and stop buzzing their heads. He is going to get someone hurt.

  6. inthesun

    HIPOCRITE !!!!! I just think back to when I seen him on T.V. blabbing about how Alex Rodriguez “should be banned from baseball for a year” and how “I would be ashamed, for myself and my family” blah blah blah CRAP !!!!!!!!!!! What a damn HIPOCRITE!!! What he had done in 2003 is NO different that what happened to A-Rod. He never thought his name would come out since A-Rods news was soooooo “headline news”. Well it came out HIPOCRITE, just like it did for A-Rod. I wonder…………..are we going to see David Ortiz man-up like A-Rod did and at least have a news conference, just to say it happened or is he going to be a little **tch and hide in the closet until the off-season. I expected to hear Manny’s name come out sooner or later. He is the definition of a punk-*ss overpaid THUG!!


    hi miss jones iam from harrisburg pa and watch you all the time on yes, you do a great job for the greatest team in sports history, you are just another shining star with the greatest team in sport history, tell the yankees good luck i sure am hoping they go to the world series this year. and win it of course. thanks again and keep up the great work. as mickael kay would say see ya steve from hbg. pa.


    Frauds!!!!!!!! Wait and see when Derek Jeter has to make up an excuse that he only took HGH or some type of steriod to get back from injury. Every doctor said that he would be out 8 to 10 weeks when he seperated his soulder but Jeter came back in 4 weeks stronger than every. Come on don’t come down on everyone else and not come down on Jeter. Lets wait and see.

    Hey, when had Jeter ever been mentioned with drugs? Look at Derek through out his career, does he look like he’s bulked up, like Bonds, Arod, Giambi, Ortiz, Tejeda, Palmero, Conseco, and countless others…No. Derek had naturally gotten bigger with age, not with help of drugs. Derek is within 15 pounds of his rookie weight!
    Take Arod for instance, he’s no where near the tooth pick that he started out as, we all know he’s a past user. Look at him today, average is down, health problems, and not hitting with power like he did even a year ago, funny huh? Same thing with Giambi when he dried up, his health, average and power all went down hill.
    Derek had always been above the garbage, with class and natural ability! So, to assume he has used PHD’s you’ve got to be nuts! Remember, over 100 players were popped hot o their drug test in 2003, You have to wonder how many more active, and former players are also on that list. And further, wasn’t that test to of been kept secret? Great job MLB, great job Congress! Great job to our hero’s, our role models, our team mates for ruining their name’s reputations, and our belief in baseball being a pure game, with natural talent, not cheated up players!


    for the second year in a row brian cashmen sat on his hands and did nothing to really help this club at the trade deadline,when we needed a pitcher really bad he gets a infielder.if cashnmen cant get the job done,then its time for hal s. to step in and take over before its too late.

  11. beergutny

    Good to see George up and around,now if only he would go in the broadcast booth and kick Al Leiter out,liked Al as a pitcher but as broadcaster well does he know how to speak,seems like he mumbles all the time,thinks he needs to go somewhere and learn how to speak clearly into the mike and not mumble to himself.Drives me to drink.


    Hi Kim,

    I miss seeing you now during the Yankees-Seattle series. Are you on vacation now> You are just doing a SUPER JOB, and I hope you never get splashed with the cream from those pies that AJ throws. I enjoy
    seeing the games on YES very much; my cable provider is TIME WARNER. I live in beautiful Upstate NY, about 190 miles from the new Yankee Stadium. I’ ll be there on Sept.13 with some of my cousins
    Helen Schultz in Johnson City,NY


    bubba here, been a yankees fan for 40 years. It seems to me the yankees are really good enough to win a world series. It takes pitching, pitching, and more pitching. Why didn’t they go out and get Lee or another starter, joba should be in the bull pen, he is not ready to be a starter, If I was George I would fire Cashman, Joe, randy levine, they are terrible and are to blame the yankees still can not win the big ones, the last ten years have been more down then up. How long does it take to know its all about pitching. george would go out and get the player or players we need to win. that is not happening now. See what happens when we play the Red Sox and Rays. Atleast B are getting players to boost their roster. Sorry, yanks will lose again.


    bubba here. been a fan a long time, the boys of summer will not win another world series without another starter and joba goes back to the bullpen where he belongs. An they should go out and get a big position player with a big bat.I do not know why George keeps cahman, joe, levine. Don M. should be coaching. this weekend we will see how they do again against the new soxs. to win a world series it takes pitching, pitching, pitching come on george get involved.

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