Finding a fifth starter

mitre300_073109.jpgLet’s just say Sergio Mitre hasn’t exactly instilled confidence as a fifth starter. In three innings, he gave up seven hits, five earned runs, faced seven full counts. And threw 75 pitches.

What a coincidence that Mitre started, and departed early, on the day of the trade deadline. You have to wonder if the Yankees ultimately will regret not addressing their pitching depth before 4 p.m. today.

Or what they’ll do when Joba closes in on his innings limit — a number even he claims not to know — in six starts or so and they preemptively move him to the bullpen.

Or if, perhaps, Phil Hughes is being stretched out before our very eyes. Three of his six appearances in the second half have been for two innings. In three, he has thrown at least 35 pitches. With Aceves recently suffering from shoulder fatigue, Hughes might be the better option of the two should the Yankees need a starter.

For now, the Yankees will hope they don’t need a starter. Mitre’s next scheduled turn, by the way, is the series opener against the Red Sox at Yankee Stadium.

Shelley Duncan:
He’s absolutely delighted to be here, having become resigned to spending the entire season at AAA. “I can’t tell you how happy I am,” he said between hugs from Joba and Hughes. The Yankees have another roster move to make tomorrow, however, and Girardi talked during pregame about the versatility he would gain by utilizing Ransom and Hairston. You’ve got to think the roster move will be between Duncan and Ransom.

Roy Halladay: It will be interesting to see how he reacts to not being dealt. The Yankees will be the first to find out; he pitches Tuesday against Joba at Rogers Centre. J.P. Ricciardi overplayed his hand, never actually intended to trade his ace — unless the offer was completely ridiculous — or recently got assurance from inside the Blue Jays organization that he didn’t have to make the trade. Or something else. No matter what, the situation played out very publicly — probably to a point where it disrupted the routine-obsessed Halladay.

Ozzie Guillen:
He was giddy while talking to Jeter before the game. Now he’s wearing a sweatshirt as he walks to the mound. A sweatshirt. Like Belichick, except Ozzie’s doesn’t look like it was at the bottom of the laundry basket.

Michael Bolton:
He’s here. Love him! “Soul Provider” is a great song. CVS sells his greatest hits for $8.99 or something like that. A tremendous bargain.


  1. nyroughrider

    this was an ugly game. Mitre stunk up the joint. Aceves should ahve been ‘yanked’ after two outs with those long outs. Gerardi need to be more decisive in what was once a one-run ballgame.


    If theres anyway possible the Yankees should try to get Ubaldo Jimenez hes a very young pitcher with nasty stuff,I would send them the best prospects the yanks have because this guy is very special..Because theres no way there going anywhere with Miltre out there..Another pitcher I would look at is a team thats going nowhere from Arizona Max Scherzer he is a stud if theres anyway possible they should try to get one of these guys, and keep hughes in the pen because hes doing a great job out there…


    When the Yankees make the playoff’s, C.C., A.J., and Pettitte can’t carry us in the playoff’s, we had our chance at Jake Peavy, Jarrod Washburn, and Roy Halladay, nothing happened and we need another lefty in the bullpen, Phil Coke isn’t exactly the best lefty that anyone could have. YANKEES PLEASE FIND SOME PITCHING HELP!

  4. norm07

    Three Cy Young winning pitchers on the market and the Yankees got none. Perhaps Cashman is too in love with his prospects. The Yankees needed pitching help now.

  5. maugs78

    Hi Kim,

    With Thursday being an off day, any chance that Girardi will skip Mitre’s next turn and have A.J. start on Friday against Boston? That way, Mitre won’t have to go against the Roid Sox (haha) at all.


  6. norm07


    Are you interested in pitching. You could probably do better than some of the recent performances of the Yankee staff? What about it? KJ in pinstripes.



    I’m a BoSox’s fan. Hughes in his last two outing had been shaky and lately the rest of the bullpen, except for you know who. In a serie against the Sox, I’d take this Yankees’ bullpen in a heartbeat.

    I believe that Joe uses of Hughes has been a disaster. He uses Hughes, most of the time, two innings a outing. It’s the first time that he has been a reliever; Hughes is not used to this role. What say you?

  8. gullivert

    Kim, I am disappointed that the Yankees were unable to secure pitching help before the deadline. The Yankees do not have a fifth starter, and they do not have a solid third starter for the playoffs. It?s easy to be a GM in the off season when your checkbook balance is higher than everyone else, but the skills of a GM are more evident during the season at the trading deadline. The front office must accept the responsibility for this failure. If the Yankees do not go deep into the playoffs, the fault will lie with those that sit at a desk and not the one that sits on the bench.

  9. 35moosefan35


    Can you please tell Kay regarding jerseys with names on the back. That the replica jersey is cheaper and has the name on the back. The authentic jerseys more expensive don’t have a name on the back. It is simple economics.


    Mitre is not the answer to our 5th starter option. Ransom needs to go and we need to find a reasonable waiver wire pitcher to replace Mitre.

    BTW, I agree with Michael Kay regarding the names on the back of shirts of the obvious Yankee players. They are redundant and since the Yankees have NEVER worn names on the back of their uniforms and the fact that Gehrig was the ONLY Yankee to ever wear # 4, placing the names on those shirts is inane. If you are a real Yankee fan, the names on the back are an insult. Refuse to buy these shirts and the providers will have to change their practices. I have been a Mickey Mantle fan since the age of 7, but I will not purchase a #7 shirt that says “MANTLE” on the back.


    Hi Kim,

    I have a question for you…can you tell me why Mr. Girardi likes Sergio Mitre?….he is not a consistent pitcher and he has no ability to show to the fans that he is that good. Do you think that the yankee organization will make a move soon?…he doesn’t do his job and despite of that, Mr. Girardi is still very confident that he can do it…I hate to see him pitch….hope to see another pitcher and I further hope that Mr. Girardi will open his eyes and do what is right…Mr. Girardi’s decision sometimes is questionable although he is the manager but he is not keen in making some move especially in the lineup, take a look of last night’s game, he PH Damon for Hairston Jr. when the latter guy has tied the game….daah !!!!!!

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