Jeter leaves with bruised foot, rotation notes

Between the long weekend series and some radio work on WFAN, trying to find a second wind as a blogger…

Phil Hughes and Ricky Romero: They trained together in the offseason at Athletes Performance Institute in L.A. Given the way the two have pitched this season, Hughes laughed when he said, “API has probably gotten some good publicity” out of it. Hughes hopes to go back over the winter. Carl Crawford and a bunch of NFL players also have worked out at API.

A.J. Burnett: He’s back on the mound amid a slightly different atmosphere than his last outing. After Monday’s game, A.J. said he finally could change his jeans. He wore the same pair every day during the seven-game winning streak.

Joba Chamberlain: Asked him today if he believes his bout with shoulder tendinitis last August has influenced the Yankees into being ultra-careful with his innings limit this season. He said no. He attributes it solely to the studies done that show young pitchers can be negatively affected by significantly exceeding the previous year’s production. “That’s for smart people to worry about,” he said. “I just go out and pitch.” As for the postseason, Joe Girardi says “all hands on deck,” meaning there will be no innings limitation on anyone. Joba anticipates his role being “as a starter. I don’t plan on going back to the bullpen.” Then he softly added, “Hopefully.”

Derek Jeter: Hit by a pitch on his right foot during his first at-bat. It looked like he was in pain, even if he won’t admit it.

Chad Gaudin: He’ll start Saturday or Sunday, with Sergio Mitre getting the other start. He says he’s extremely happy to be here; his locker is next to Mariano Rivera’s. As for his last name, it’s Go-DAN. “No pause between (syllables),” he said. Got it.

Rob Thomson: The third-base coach offered no excuses for sending Mark Teixeira in the first last night. “Bad send,” he told Kay and me, adding that he didn’t realize – obviously – that the relay throw had reached the second baseman, Aaron Hill, just as Teixeira was touching third. Thomson also said Teixeira did the right thing in giving himself up to be tagged out. “We didn’t want to get anyone hurt,” he said. Thomson wondered throughout the game if that run would come back to bite the Yankees. It didn’t. Of course, Thomson’s aggressiveness at third has helped the Yankees far more often than it’s hurt this season. We never seem to talk about that.

Paul O’Neill: He says he’s not scheduled to do another series until Boston comes to town Sept. 25. The pizza orders for the booth will be greatly diminished in the meantime. It’s amazing how much pizza, ice cream and pancakes he consumes. Even Leiter is amazed. And by the way, O’Neill golfed yesterday at Winged Foot — “awesome,” he says — and remains particularly proud of his eagle on 16 and birdie on 9. Paul’s buddy, Stone Phillips, won the match with a birdie on 18.

Jeter: An inning later, he’s out of the game and Ramiro Pena’s in. Jeter will undergo X-rays. Updates on postgame, for sure.


  1. noreaster

    Thanks for the updates. Tell Paul he should work more, we all enjoy listening to him. Anybody hear anything more about Mo?


    The best part of these walk off wins is after the pie it forces Yes to wide shot and we get to see more of Kim, who looked great again today.

  3. iheartnyy242

    was great to hear kaat in the booth on thursday’s game, did he catch up with the yes crew during his trip to yankee stadium? i agree with more o’neill! doesn’t matter who he’s with in the booth with, he’s always entertaining arguing for the batter on all close calls. noticed he’s pretty good at the play by play, kay should leave him for an inning and make him do it during the next series. WAY better than suffering through espn’s broadcast again. their play by play guy is awful…i tried to watch on tv and listen to yankees radio but they were too far out of sync!

    jeter, posada, and arod all got hit pretty hard today. am i the only one feeling more comfortable with pena as the back up infielder rather than ransom? i’m sure cody’s a great guy, but pena just seems to be having the better year in my opinion and makes the most sense with the recent additions to the 25 man roster.

    oklahoma city

  4. goddee

    Here’s hoping Jeter does’nt miss too many games. He is having such a great year at the plate and in the field. After being booed during the last game of the WBC in March and having to hear over and over again that he is the worst defensive shortstop in all of baseball, Jeter has come back strong this year and is really proving his critics wrong. He’s a proud Yankee who refused to accept the idea that he was on the downside of his career and worked hard to turn his negatives into positives. And the fact that he does not rest on his accomplishments makes you understand why Yankee fans adore him.


    Well Kimmie…I thought you had given up the blogging. The bad thing about blogging is that if you go away for too long, so do your readers. Luckily, that hasn’t happened in this case….yet. And luckily you blog on the YES website which pretty much insures you have an audience.

    OK….so Joba figures to be in the rotation IF the Yanks make the playoffs? I’m betting not. In the short series, I think you’ll see Pettitte along with CC and AJ. If the Yanks get to round 2 this year, you might see Joba in a starting role. MAYBE.

    Once again yesterday we got to see how the Yankees seem to constantly get ‘accidentally’ hit by pitches all the time. Come on….it’s pretty clear that there is intent there at times. Yet everyone….even John Sterling and Susan Waldman were yapping about how the Yankees were ‘INTENTIONALLY’ throwing at the Red Sox Pedroia!! And all this after all of the bad blood between these teams over the years, and the Red Sox pitchers CONSTANTLY throwing at Yankee players?!?!?!?! Those 2 idiots have the GALL to take the side of the Red Sox?? The 2 of them should be hanging from the foul poles!!! Boy…that burned my rear!!!

    O’Neill….the YES network should sign him to do more games. He’s insightful…he’s entertaining…and he explains things from the hitters perspective… opposed to Leiter and Cone who give the pitching perspective. Good balance there. Same for Kenny Singleton….good balance with the former pitchers. Just MORE O’NEILL!!

    OK KImmie…now try not to forget us eager fans of your blog, or you might just lose us to Bob Lorenz. ; – )

  6. yankee7777

    “the studies done that show young pitchers can be negatively affected by significantly exceeding the previous year’s production.”
    Will someone please tell me what study you are talking about—there is none.
    Everyone is just repeating this like parrots.
    Tell us the exact name of the study.


    hi, Kimberly i am a Yankee fan since they started winning in 1994 that was the year baseball was on strike by mid season i notice the Yankees were a playoff contender then the following year the Yankees reach October, the 2009 Yankees remind me of that team of late 90’s . Tony from Elmont.N.Y.

  8. bob15

    Hi Kim, I am back and catching up on a lot things. I have enjoyed the Yankees win streak but haven’t watched as much as I would have liked.The Yankees do NOT get hit more then they hot opposing batters for the most part. I’d be surprised that the differential is more than 10. Guys get hit…it’s part of the game.I’m glad Joba will get his starts spaced out a bit but I’d hate to see it spaced out TOO MUCH.The WALK OFF wins are great and I will never say they aren’t but they will not win those games in the playoffs when the pitching is BETTER.

  9. haveronjones

    Big up to Chad Gaudin last night – he really looked the part and fitted straight into that Yankee pen, which is looking more and more like a real dangerous weapon for the business end of the season.

    And Kim, how do you manage to avoid the pie each and every time? I guess you’re getting lots of practice at dodging!

  10. bob15

    By the way, The Yankee pitchers LEAD the league in hitting batters, with Joba tied for the top spot. If Joba and AJ didn’t hit so many, Yankee batters might not get hit so much.

  11. johnnyice

    Hi Kim, Can someone explain how a trade works when it’s for “A player to be named”? When the Yanks got Gaudin, the other team gets a player to be named later. Who is this player and why don’t they name him at the time of the trade? Thanks…you’re looking good.

  12. chriscsg

    Hey Kim! So glad you’re back. I even emailed the website looking for you. Oh geez now I sound stalkerish. LOL.

    Anyway the stadium during the Sox series really sounded more like the old place. The electricity seemed back.

    A couple questions for ya. If you could maybe answer in a future blog.

    1) Any news if Bob Sheppard is ever going to return to the stadium. I think of him every time I hear Jeter introduced.

    2) What the heck is the song Damon uses when he’s introduced for the first couple at bats every game. It sounds like harp music. Everyone else has hip-hop or heavy metal and Johnny’s got calm harp music. It really cracks me up.

    BTW you did a GREAT job with the Joe Girardi show this week. Hopefully you get more jigs like that. I always enjoy your work on WFAN too.



    Hi Kim!!!

    Every Little League coach should show his team Teix. play.
    It’s pure basic baseball, never give up on a play (Met’s 2nd
    baseman drops ball, Teix. keeps running bases after contact
    & scores run) not running over catcher at home when out by
    a mile. Sold defense (which probably wins more games than
    people think) and just plain old baseball. And whats with
    reports that this might be Joe Pa’s last year at PSU? I know
    we hear that line every year. But, have you any inside info?
    Who’s makeing food orders in place of O’Neill?

  14. letsgoyankees

    I agree with everything jpjs4778 said except one thing..I actually thought Tex did the wrong thing by not running over the catcher; you have to either slide or run the catcher over, or else you’re, as jpjs said, “giving up on the play”.

    That being said I am a mega Tex fan and that was probably just a rare case of baserunning indecision on Tex’s part. He is just everything a ballplayer “should” be.


    I agree with most that we are looking very good right now, but i still feel we need a 5th starter, I am not impressed at all with Mitre or Guidin, asnd I think they are both starting against the RED SOX this weekend, why not just give the red sox the 3 games, im really disappointed we did not go out and get a WASHBURN, i hope this does not backfire and we are fighting once again with the RED SOX for the division, yankee fans HOLD YOUR BREATHs!!!!

  16. letsgoyankees

    tcorella I believe you’re wrong. Neither Mitre OR Gaudin will be starting vs. Boston. It’s going to be CC, A.J., and Andy. Don’t get too scared just yet.


    This was the most frustrating game! We can’t even enjoy a blowout game in Boston! Pettite sucked as did Bruney and Mitre!
    If there is any reason we don’t get to the World Series it will be because of the bullpen.

    Yankee management when are you going to learn that we need Good pitchers in the bullpen?


    I think his foot is fine, He has 14 hits in 5 games… p.s Kim you are a pleasure to watch, listen, and read. Carry on young lady!


    Looks like the Kim Jones BLOGGING experiment is TOAST folks. Go on home everyone. Nothing more to see here.


    Pretty easy to keep up with the Jones when the JONES ain’t doin’ SQUAT. BOOOOOO Kimmie. If you were going to stop blogging you should have got on here and told us that. It would have been cool with us. The way you stopped was amateurish and classless. You might come to realize someday that you owe the fans a bit more consideration. I hope you do sooner than later.

    You have a good future, just try not to forget the people who actually WATCH and LISTEN to you.


    Hi Kim & Adam too,
    Just a quick note to let you know, keep your blog alive Kim.
    I’m out of the NY/NJ area so through the internet, I have Both YES & WFAN sites bookmarked and can listen to you guys and Kim you add alot here when it comes to questions and comments about our Yankees, the players and all what’s going on behind the scenes. Keep it up.
    from music city in Nashville, Tenn.

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