Prelude to Game 1

Couple of quick thoughts before I have to stow away the computer for the night:

Let the fun begin:
If yesterday’s Media Day was indication, this will be a fun series. (A better indication, of course, is that both teams are playing at a very high level.) Rollins stood by his prediction. Jeter paused, shook his head and laughed when I asked him about facing Pedro again. And pedro275.jpgLidge told me he does think the Phillies’ staff can effectively pitch to Alex.

Media Day was set up like it is at the Super Bowl. (Good idea.) Pedro drew a crowd of reporters that Peyton Manning would have been proud of — easily the biggest of the day. And he seemed to relish his return to the spotlight. What else would you expect?

Game 2 will have amazing intensity. A.J. said he’s happy to be part of it.

The Phillies are extremely confident and loose, which would make them the first team this postseason to match the Yankees in both categories. (A member of the Twins told me before Game 2, “I just hope we don’t get swept.” That’s not a notion the Phillies could relate to.)

Making the calls:
Let’s hope the umpires are not discussed during the series. Not once.

Chat to come:
I’ll do a chat before Game 3. Details to follow.

Pigskin picks:
“This Week in Football” moves on without me. Picks for this week — Jets over Miami because Sanchez can’t be that bad again. The angry Giants over the Eagles in what will be a crazy day, even by Philly standards. And Vikings over Packers — a game that most of the world will watch.

Bruney is back:
We’ll see Bruney in a big spot before this series ends. That’s an intriguing proposition for a pitcher who hasn’t pitched in more than three weeks.



    Thanks for blog update. Sounds like MLB was smart to copy NFL’s setup for media day, or it would have been even more of a zoo than it sounds like it was. Pedro was in vintage form in his pregame news conference before Game 1. Wow!


    Hi Kim
    Why not put Gardner in center, Melky in right and Swis on
    the bench? How long before Pedro hits his 1st. batter, 2nd
    inning. Eagles, Fins and Lions win.


    Hey guys I really thin the Yankees are going to win the world series Because of the Yankees great offense and how they are really hitting a lot of Home runs Like on game 2 matsui hit a big home run that is why i think the yankees are going to be the champions of Baseball

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