1. info@democratz.org

    If Cliff Lee stops the Yankees from hitting for 2 or 3 innings I would suggest the Yankees consider a bunting attack. Pass this on to whoever can get it to Joe Girardi.

    Why a bunting attack? Because with Cliff Lee pitching deceptive changeups if the batter holds the bat out front, the ball will come to the bat and the batter won’t have to worry about the ball coming too fast or too slow, as the ball will come to the bat. Yes the batter will have to locate it up or down left or right a bit but he won’t have to worry about swinging too early or late as the bat will meet the ball. This bunting attack will also put pressure on Cliff Lee and the rest of the team.

    I have rooted for the Yankees for 52 years.

  2. phan52

    The ball will come to the bat? uh…OK.

    Girardi is allowing the Phillies to have hope by using Burnett in game 5. He is using one of his best pitchers on the road against the other teams’ ace, while his splits show that he is a much better pitcher at Yankee Stadium. Burnett would put the hammer down in game 6, but he won’t be available. Instead, Girardi will go with a 37 year old on three days’ rest in game 6. I think this all means there will be a game 7.

  3. info@democratz.org

    Yes, by bunting, the batter will not have to worry about an early or late swing. Yes he will have to position that bat to hit it.

    When Jeter had a small slump before he tied and passed Lou Gehrig’s record, he bunted to get out of his slump and got a bunt hit.

    When Lee pitches tonight he’s going to get tough on the Yanks, but the Yanks can throw him off by bunting, if they don’t get a hit for 2 or 3 innings.

  4. lou2018@aol.com

    Why does everyone think that Andy has to pitch game 6. We can hold him for game 7 with his usual rest and have CC too.

  5. lou2018@aol.com

    Why does everyone think that Andy has to pitch game 6. We can hold him for game 7 with his usual rest and have CC too.

  6. woody327

    I know my fellow Yankee Fans have been listening to YES and Mike Fransesca and anything related to this exciting time for us ..I have to say The Yankees are 3 and 1 and hold the strings. Giradi should continue to manage to win tonight, not just manage in fear of not losing. Planning and coaching around the bush to plan for games 6 & 7 ? Come on lets win it tonight. No disrespect to Gordan, but hey we as fans would go with CC again if we could. The Phillies have win or go home tonight. They are under pressure. The Yanks should continue the same approach. Go out and play one at bat at a time. The Yanks have been been winning with Good pitching and a surprise guy every night. If the entire line up caught fire at once we would have won in 4. Hey I like the bunt ….Phillies have to make the plays. Lee can’t win it alone. Different line up with Molina who is not chop liver, he has a good bat Great Defense can throw runners out Gardner, excitement and speed. Cano is due , DJ, Damon, Tex and Arod will do their part , Swish should get good pitches to hit. Score early , play the great defense they have been playing 1 error in the post season , which was Arods off line throw the other night. Yanks will make it happen tonight Number 27

  7. woody327

    This is one of the Years that the YANKS have great focus and experience. Blooper against arizona. They remember that night. Go out play smart , good at bats, no panic in their attitude. If we have to bring it home to close this out then so be it. Yankees are looking to win it tonight. If it comes back home we have great starting pitching and a good bull pen… if each of them had to throw one inning to nail this down then do it. Time to serve some Pie …

  8. mdgyankees@gmail.com

    There will be a lot of couch managers saying “What was Joe thinking?” by starting AJ on 3 days rest.
    How about this: If we lose this game with Chad pitching we have three pitchers for two games. Two of the remaining three are lefties (Pettitte and CC). Which two would you prefer to pitch at the Stadium? If we start AJ and he has a good game, we just might catch lightning in a bottle and steal the game and then the series. Obviously AJ did not have a good game. Imagine what would be the scene if Joe had started Chad, lost and then started AJ on normal rest and he STILL blew up? 3-3 with CC going on three days rest and it’s a crap shoot. If you think for a moment that this was not the real reason for starting AJ then you have not followed the Yankees long enough. I did not think it was the right move initially (to start AJ), but in hindsight, it was. I would MUCH rather have Pettitte start game 6, at the Stadium, even on short rest, than take a chance on an erratic AJ on full rest. That, my fellow fans, was the real choice.

  9. adegenna@suffolk.lib.ny.us

    I can’t believe this game! Burnett really stinks, you can’t count on him. Big money and he is taken out in the 3rd inning. Why don’t we have more than 3 starting pitchers, whose idea was that they should be fired!

    Cano and Swisher look terrible they just stand there with their bats on their shoulders, you have to swing the bat in order to hit the ball! I just hope God is a Yankee fan!!!
    Thanks for letting me vent because this game is raising my blood pressure!
    Utley just hit another home run now it is 7 to 2! I need Tums!

  10. mcfoppes@aol.com

    Kim I don’t understand what the problem people have with Andy going game 6? I belive we could get the job done on wednesday with Andy out there

  11. phan52

    wrong woody. Girardi was playing scared by using Burnett last night. If he was playing to win and not to lose he would have had confidence in his team if it came down to games 6 and 7. As it is, he burned his best option for game 6. Pettite has already admitted that he is on fumes and now he has to go on three days rest. I like the Phillies chances to win a high scoring game and get to game 7. Then, ALL the pressure is on the team from the Bronx.

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