Tired of Tiger? How about some Hot Stove?

I can’t stand the Tiger Woods stuff anymore. Really, I can’t. It was a strange, bizarre accident/incident nearly a week ago and the initial reports — that his injuries were “serious” — were alarming.

And then a few details emerged and you figured there had to be more to this story. (Who would have guessed how much more?) And I think everyone suspected the kind of stuff Tiger and his wife were, uh, discussing on Thanksgiving night.

And now it has become a media obsession that will not die. Talk show hosts who swear they aren’t interested in gossip won’t stop dissecting it. Tabloids have hit the lottery. And it is such a tired topic. Enough already.

So, if you need a diversion, we have “Hot Stove” tonight on YES — 6:30 and 10 p.m. — which includes an interview with Derek Jeter, just after he was presented as SI‘s Sportsman of the Year on Tuesday night.

And there’s always “This Week in Football,” for which I must make my picks. For better or worse. Usually worse, considering last week’s 1-2 effort. (Thank you, Saints.)

I’ll take the Jets over the Bills and look forward — as everyone does — to Revis vs. Owens. If Rogers Centre is indeed sold out, it should be a sight to see. The Blue Jays never see it full, that’s for sure.

I can’t pick the Giants again until they show something that resembles quality football. So I’ll go with the Cowboys in a game the G-men absolutely have to have.

And my third pick is Vikings over Cardinals in what should be a fun game to watch Sunday night. The MVP debate is going to heat up soon: Who’s it going to be? Peyton, Favre or Brees?


  1. terrigirl

    Can you or would you speculate on what the yankees might do this off season? You tend tohave very good insight and I would greatly value your opinion…..I’m a baseball junkie and this lack of action is not easy to deal with…I am going to go with the Bills….boys….and vikes

  2. iheartnyy242

    barring injury, favre should claime his fourth mvp hands down. what a season by a 40-year-old that everyone believed was “washed up”! he’s the only thing getting me through my yankees/baseball withdrawals now that it has finally gotten too cold for my son to play!

    oklahoma city

  3. jfkjjcrfk@aol.com

    YANKEE players should vote the MVP,most valuable person award 2009 to KATE HUDSON,she earned it,& definately deserves MVP. this is not a joke,I am very serious.

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