NFL Picks: Granderson edition

It’s no given that Curtis Granderson is going to hit .300 or 30 home runs as a Yankee, but he certainly appears to be a guy who will have no trouble fitting in. He made quite a first impression at his introductory press conference Thursday. He has a remarkable reputation, as much for the amount of work he does in the community and as an ambassador for baseball as for his play. And if he does, indeed, join Alex for those hitting sessions with Kevin Long in early January, his production against lefties will improve. Long has that kind of track record.

On with my “This Week in Football” picks, made Tuesday and inexplicably delayed until now: Jets over Falcons because they can run the ball as well as anyone, even if they have a rookie QB with two knee braces. The Jets are kind of strange in that they’ve done a lot of talking this season — less lately — yet their best player, Darrelle Revis, is never heard from. Guess he does his talking on Sundays.

Giants over Redskins on Monday night because the Giants simply have no other choice but to play to win the game. Where’s Herm?

And I went with the Saints over the Cowboys. Two reasons: December is in the Cowboys’ heads and Sean Payton will be at his creative best as a play-caller against his former team. New Orleans City Hall closed early when the Saints played the Pats on Monday night. Can you imagine the party on a Saturday at the Superdome?

By the way, Alex told me Thursday that he watches “This Week in Football.” Of course he does! Who doesn’t?



    Hey Kim, another good pick with the Saints! I would be embarrassed if I had your track record of making picks , especially in light of the fact that you hold yourself as an NFL insider on a weekly NFL show. Your habit of going along with whatever the trendy line of thinking is intellectually lazy, and shows a lack of basic understanding of the NFL as a whole.

  2. paulie_21

    I think Granderson will put up incredible numbers against righties in Yankee Stadium. The Yanks have enough flexibility to play Melky Cabrera or Brett Gardner, both of whom hit lefties relatively well, in center against left-handed starters like Cliff Lee. And the outfield lineup of Gardner-Granderson-Cabrera could be the best defensive outfield in baseball, and it is worth sacrificing some offense in the outfield, since the Yanks have most of their offensive production in the infield and at catcher.

    I discussed it further at:

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