Beginning of Fourth Quarter

Ugh. Lawrence Taylor, Carl Banks,
Jason Sehorn, Harry Carson and Roman Oben are in the building. At halftime,
several of us considered if you put those former players in Giants uniform,
could they do any worse? As Banks said, this is a case of “DWI — don’t
want it.” Sad. And inexplicable.

Too often, these Giants just don’t
respond to adversity. They either don’t know how or don’t have the want-to.

Yes, the Redskins were complicit,
but the Giants looked so good Monday night because they jumped all over the
Redskins and never were challenged. Today, they have a promising first drive
derailed by a holding penalty then a lost fumble, and they can’t get off the
mat. Joe Buck just called it the worst tackling game he and Aikman have seen
all year. You can’t blame that on Bill Sheridan.

The Giants defenders must be
embarrassed. They’ve turned Brad Hoover — Brad Hoover! — into Larry Csonka.
It all comes full circle as Giants Stadium is giving a pathetic farewell by the
home team. And John Fox still can coach, which comes as no surprise to anyone
within the Giants organization, where he’s always been well respected.

That’s it from here. See you on
“This Week in Football.”


Anybody think this loss to the Panthers was the worst loss in Giants history? With their playoff hopes more or less riding on this game, and playing a subpar team with a backup QB in the final game at Giants Stadium, the Giants did not just lose, they got EMBARASSED. This was seriously one of the worst losses I can remember them ever having.

Don?t give me the miracle at the meadowlands, that game meant nothing.

I really think that if the Giants scored on that first drive they would have won. Funny how the inner mindset effects the outward results.

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