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With Sox looming, Yanks make moves

Mitre-8-5-250.jpgHere’s how you know – with lock-down certainty – that John Flaherty’s a good teammate. He had a few Canadian bucks burning a hole in his pocket, so he bought chicken wraps at the concession stand for dinner. Nice.

Sergio Mitre: Mitre balked at a question Friday in Chicago about whether he felt he was pitching for his job, but it cannot be a good feeling knowing the Yankees called up Anthony Claggett for bullpen insurance. When Girardi was asked earlier today about what has changed the most on his team since it last saw Boston, he started with the bullpen. The Yankees don’t want to risk blowing out the pen tonight with four looming against the Red Sox.

Cody Ransom: Ransom was designated for assignment to make room for Claggett. He was popular among teammates. It’s a shame this season, when he finally had some opportunities but also dealt with a 60-day stay on the DL, didn’t work out better for him.

Mark Rzepczynski: Spell check has a problem with the name of the Blue Jays starter. If you ever have to say it, it’s zep-chin-ski. Easier said than written, right?

Joba Chamberlain: He flew ahead. You would think he’ll have a lot of energy to harness tomorrow night against John Smoltz and the Red Sox. Joba was exactly two months shy of his third birthday when Smoltz made his major league debut on July 23, 1988.

Paula Abdul: What in the name of Clay Aiken is going on? Idol won’t be the say without her and her giant cup of Diet Coke. We’ll have to ask Jeter what he thinks of this development. Probably will wait until after the Boston series for such a conversation.

George Murray: The 38-year-old died last night after battling ALS for three years. He and his family – wife Kim and son Trayson, 4 – and a host of friends were guests of the Yankees two weeks ago during Hope Week. George spent three years in the Army as a paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne Division. One of his dreams was to attend a Yankees game with his son. “I know there are a million other fathers out there who don’t get this experience, and I hope they have it one day,” George Murray said July 22 at the Stadium. “This proves that regardless of your circumstances, your dreams and goals can be accomplished and come true.”