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A visit from the Food Network

Unbelievable development, particularly for blogging purposes. And, yes, this is a true story. Completely true.

Our runner, Ryan, just tapped me on the shoulder. “There is a guy from the Food Network outside the booth. They’re making food here today. He wants to know if anybody wants anything.”


Food Network marketing manager Michael Baru was the bearer of good news. (I think he was excited that his offer made me so excited.) The menu was pretty diverse, but here’s what we came up with: Five fish tacos (including Kenny, O’Neill and me) and a Chinese cold noodle for Audio Jim. Kay, Ryan reports, went with “the burger, of course. And fries.”

Ryan the Runner is a fast learner.

No one wanted a cheeseburger or the duck pizza. They had a much fancier name than “duck pizza.”

The Food Network folks scampered away to prepare our order. This will require a blog update, but probably not until after the postgame.