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A new beginning in Kansas City

Greetings from the New K. The folks here in Kansas City are extremely excited about the renovated Kauffman Stadium, which underwent $250 million in changes. Looks nice. Fountains still in the outfield. Scoreboard is enormous; that part of the renovation was finished last year and it’s awesome. Flat screen TVs all over the place. Party Deck looks ready to rock.

The weather kinda stinks, but we’re optimistic. The Royals are optimistic, too. I read today “the first-place Royals…” That’s good, good for baseball, I think, to have cities that haven’t recently had hope have it. And it’s still April.

I’m going to get to some of your specific comments at some point on this trip – and, yes, I know I KEEP WRITING THAT. But one note: I saw a comment the other day that was meant to be a compliment to me but also disparaged three other women in the business. Let’s not do that here, okay? I’m not going to preach about what you should think or write – I hate that, on blogs or anywhere – but I just don’t want this to be a place where we rip people, specifically other chicks in the biz, for no reason.

Let’s face it, you can hear or read negative crap a lot of other places. Heck, the other day one of my colleagues left the distinct impression on his radio show that he’d rather someone else do my job. (As Jennifer Aniston would say, Not cool. But we roll with it!)

Honestly, I really like most of the gals I meet while doing this job, I occasionally go out with them, I text with them and I don’t feel competitive with them. (And I love the word, “gals.”) So let’s stay (mostly) positive but still have (hopefully a lot of) fun. Good news of the morning: John Flaherty just gave me permission to blog about him! Coolio!