CC also impressed with New K

swisher250_041009.jpgFlaherty just bought lunch for the fellas. What a great teammate! Flaherty, Kay and Cone are each having a personal pan pizza from the concession stand. Actually, Cone isn’t eating his, not yet.

Today had “rain delay” written all over it, so the weather is a pleasant surprise.

Swisher is (still) shot out of a cannon. It’ll be interesting to see how Girardi finds enough at-bats to keep Swisher and Nady happy. Both want to play every day. Yes, it should help that Swisher is versatile.

CC said he really likes the recently-renovated Kauffman Stadium. He seemed genuinely impressed when he walked out of the dugout. He’s started 16 games here, tied with the Metrodome for most in his career of any road stadium, so he’s pretty familiar with the place. (He’s 8-5 with a 3.62.)

The standing room only area in right field is cool. You’re above or below the fountains and it has to be a pretty nice view.

A.J. Burnett ran the indoor stadium steps this morning. His work ethic has really impressed Girardi. I need to run some steps, or just run. Haven’t seen enough of the treadmill this week.

Game time is nearing. The field looks like halftime of a bowl game at the moment. It also looks like every seat is full.


  1. yankeexx

    I like both Kay and Kim. Sometimes when we’re forced to watch other broadcasters from other’s brutal. Kay adds to the broadcast not subtract imo. They are all where they should be. I love all the guys who broadcast the Yankee games.


    Hey Kim, great game. logging on to your blog is going quicker today. The reason you are getting double comments from everyone is because when you sign in, it goes really slow. Then after you summit the comment, it also goes really slow. But its nice and quick tonight. Good game today! the boys are looking better. Girardi has color back in his face. Michael Kay was fed. All is good in the world!!


    Hi Kim,
    Sounds like a great day at the ballpark. kudos to Flaherty for the chow. 🙂 It’s going to be interesting how Joe is going to keep Nady and swisher happy with their ab’s Hope he can.
    Do me a BIG favor and tell Kay to PLEASE reduce all the stats he comes out with everygame.


    Hi Kim,
    Ive noticed the remarks on here about other broadcasters on other networks.
    A couple of my best friends are uh Red Sox fans and have the same passion for their team as i have for the yanks
    (of coarse how we remain close friends during b-ball season is a story in itself)
    they love all their announcers as we love all you guys.
    My friends that are yanks fans and I watch every game we possibly can and a sat night get together with a game , pizza or a load of hot wings is great.
    But you guys on YES come into our living room so much
    your almost like family.
    So when i have to watch the game on another network its just uncomfortable with strange announcers not that the’re bad.
    By the way tell Mr. Kay and the guys in the booth that when when you guys start talking food its like that show on food network , Diners Drive-ins and Dives where they run around the country trying great food in outa the way places
    well take care Kim lookin forward to tonights game

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