Tough break for Nady

nady250_041609.jpgHi there! Unlike this trip, this blog post is going to be short.

Lots going on today. Bad news for Xavier Nady, who is a good guy. His eyes watered as he talked about the initial diagnosis on his right elbow being “not great” and as he said he spent the morning making some difficult calls to family members and friends. He expects a final diagnosis tomorrow, when he will go on the DL, and is worried that he’ll need a second Tommy John surgery on his right elbow. He initially had the procedure in September 2001 and said he was ready for the start of A ball the following spring.

This is why you don’t automatically trade an outfielder just because you have one too many.

Interesting approach with Chien-Ming Wang today. He threw his bullpen with Joe Girardi and Dave Eiland among the onlookers. Then he went to the pitcher’s mound and faced live batting practice, with Cody Ransom and Melky Cabrera taking swings. The goal is to have Wang translate his good bullpen sessions to the game, something he clearly hasn’t done through two starts. Wang said the issue has been balance-related, with his legs getting ahead of his arm.

We’ll see how it works Saturday, I guess.

Today’s lunch/dinner update: Kay and Cone ate in the press dining room – somewhat of an upset, to the betting public – as did I, though later. The buffet included meatballs, chicken parm, veggies and stuffed shells. Flaherty skipped ballpark food; he had a sandwich at the hotel.

The Yankees head home after the game and every single person in the traveling party is ecstatic about that. There are a million cowbells here at the Trop – today’s giveaway – so it’ll be a loud sendoff if the Rays get going.

Nice to see everyone wearing No. 42. CC Sabathia said one of the reasons he didn’t fly ahead of the team in anticipation of his start tomorrow is because he wanted to take part in Jackie Robinson Day.

I asked Mariano Rivera about the home opener being tomorrow. His response: “I love it.”


  1. bob15

    Hi Kim,
    What do you think about ALL players wearing #42?? I really think they should just have all players wear a 42 patch and allow the “captain-type” player of the team to wear the 42 uniform. Too many players wearing 42 confuses everyone. I’m all for celebrating J.R. Day, I just think they go a bit overboard with the 42 uniform bit.


    Sorry to hear about the injury to Nady…. tough break. Seems like a really great guy. Thankfully they didn’t trade him or Swisher when they were thinking about it.

    I agree that having everyone wear #42 is kinda silly… a patch would be a great idea.

    Enjoying the blog Kim!!!

  3. tj0007

    Every player wearing 42 was a Bud Selig rule. I respect Jackie Robinson but having every player wear 42 is over the top.


    Hey kim, sorry to hear about Nady. Well it was a great win today.
    Everyone must have had a great trip home, please tell us about it.
    Looking forward to the home opener tomorrow!

  5. yankeexx

    How cool with it being Jackie Robinson day that…Robinson Cano and our own #42 play a big part in today’s win! Nail biter with a fantazmic result.

  6. suavedog

    Keep up the great work!! Really enjoy your insight and updates. Enjoy tomorrow!! History in the making! 🙂


    I’m really enjoying your blog so far and appreciate the behind-the-scenes look at life on the road with a Major League Baseball team (especially since that’s exactly what I want to do when I finish up at college this year). Tough break for Nady; he quickly became a favorite of mine following the trade last year and it’s especially tough for him considering he’ll be a free agent following this season. Hopefully the elbow isn’t as bad as it sounds. Can’t wait to read your write-up of all the Opening Day festivities!

    New York Yankees Pinstripe Pride

  8. nyroughrider

    Kim/Yankee fans-The door is open for Bernie Williams to put his guitar down and suit up in pinstripes once more with the injuries to Nady and Matsui.

    He could DH, play outfield, ph. It’s worth a shot! Also Kim, you always look great in your pinstripes!


    Kay and his grapes. HA!! He probably looks like he’s smuggling grapes when he wears bicycle shorts.

    Well enough about Kay’s grapes. I believe that Mariano is dead on when he says that hsi arm strength isn’t 100% yet. At 39 you just don’t recover quickly from surgery like he had…not as you get older. If he was 24 and had that surgery…and the lack of arm strength right now…I’d be concerned. Not the case though…..he’ll be fine.

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