A long time coming

Welcome home!

Now this should be fun. It’s 7:32 a.m. and fearing traffic, I’ll be off to the stadium soon. Today has seemed a long, long time coming. By the time the millionth cowbell was ringing in their ears, the players were definitely ready to leave St. Pete and head home.

Andy Pettitte mentioned on the flight how big a win yesterday’s was. Somehow it did seem more significant than your usual, ninth-game-of-the-season victory. And if the Rays’ bullpen can’t right itself … ouch!

The home opener will be something many of us remember forever. It also promises to be a crazy, busy, exciting day. And one that will be, sadly, blog-free for me. I plan to hit you up this evening, but I’m not even taking the laptop to the stadium. There just won’t be time to blog. Hopefully that’s the one and only time I say that this season.

We are expecting news this morning on Nady, and he wasn’t optimistic as we waited for our luggage at midnight.

Hopefully, you’ll enjoy today’s coverage. And hope to catch up with you afterward. Later, skaters!


  1. lacquaviva53@hotmail.com

    Thanks for the great job you & Michael Kay & the guys do; I am a Yankee fan living in Korea – working for the US Army; thank heavens for MLB.com; love being able to stay in touch with you & he Yankees. Go Yankees!

  2. arciolla@yahoo.com

    Hi Kim,
    Sorry you won’t get this til after the game. Will they be having a airing of the opening day ceremonies later this evening or at a later date? Have to work and will miss the ceremonies unless it is part of the encore tonight of the game. Sure would like to see it

  3. suavedog

    It’s a great day for a ball game!! I wish I was there today, but I’ll be there tomorrow! Can’t wait! LET’S GO YANKEES!!! Keep up the great work! 🙂

  4. erin.purcell@ofa.state.ny.us

    I’m hoping tonight @ 7:00 ET YES will show the ceremonies. I’ll be there tomorrow as well- great day for Yankee Fans!!!

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