A new day with, hopefully, better results

mound300_041909.jpgObviously, getting a repeat of yesterday’s weather was too much to ask.

Lots of stuff on a Sunday morning, with Wang a main topic of discussion, Nady actually providing another day of no news, and the Yanks looking to put yesterday’s debacle behind them. And quickly.

That’s why Swisher walked through the clubhouse and ripped the front and back pages off the newspapers. “New day, fellas!” he said. (Swisher’s introduction of the lineup was entertaining yesterday on FOX. And his Q&A in today’s NY Post with Steve Serby is a good one.)

As for Wang, he doesn’t look like himself on or off the mound. And, at this point, how can it not translate? If his confidence is shot, he’ll need strong results to rebuild it. And he seems a long way from anything close to a good outing.

Girardi believes it started as a mechanical flaw that has evolved into a mental crisis of confidence. Not good. Eiland says it’s Wang who has to work himself out of it, and he strongly believes that he will. “He’s still Chien-Ming Wang,” Eiland says.

Bruney has an interesting perspective, since he sustained two months earlier the same injury as Wang last year. Bruney believes Wang’s troubles stem from not yet trusting his right (push-off) foot. Bruney says he was doing the same thing during his rehab, and his velocity was down and his stuff was off. He worked his way through it — and has been great out of the pen — which is what he says Wang has to do. You’ve got to wonder if that was easier to do in the midst of an offseason or spring, as opposed to during the regular season when you’ve already been shelled thrice.

Not much of a food update. Here’s the deal: On the road, most of us eat around the same time, between pregame and the game. At home, all bets are off. Kenny and Kay probably ate in the press dining room. O’Neill just had pizza and ice cream, which is quite a sight, considering it does not impact his 32-inch waist.

As for me, I had a pretzel that could have chipped glass, so most of it wound up in the garbage can. And some fruit and yogurt.

Okay, O’Neill just stood up (between innings) and said, “I’ve had it! I’ve tried everything else, I’m having a burger!”

He returned smiling because the press dining room lady told him, “Man, you’re eating a lot today!”


  1. jose.morel82@gmail.com

    What people needs to understand about Wang, is that he hasnt pitch since June of last year. he has the stuff, but what i see is, his legs are not there. that tells you he needs more time to get ready, Bruney had the same problem two months ago and now he is fine. I think that Wang is just a month away from being the great pitcher that he is. I think what the Yankees should do is sent him down and bring up Hughes. Let Wang get his legs back and pitching location. Once he does that, bring him back and you will see a different Wang. Also, take out Gardner and Ransom out of the lineup and put in Melky in CF and Miranda at 3B.

  2. samanthaa

    Is there anywhere online where i can watch nick swisher doing the lineups from yesterday? i missed the first inning and the lineup introduction is the only good part about a game being on fox. can anyone help?

  3. tshaw411@aol.com

    Wang will come around. Unfortunitely, it’s going to be painful before that happens !! Sounds likes the boys are going to need Jenny Craig once this season ends with all the burgers being consumed !!

  4. max24

    hey kim, i went to the game today, and i saw you on the field about 2 hours before first pitch. i wanted to scream your name, but realized a) you probably wouldnt hear and b) i wouldnt know what to say next (yelling down an entire section of seats seemed impractical)

    anyways, i love your blog and think youre awesome on YES. It seems like you really have fun at work which makes it all the more enjoyable. you have the greatest job in the world, so keep enjoying it!

  5. mark7ent

    Since Wang cannot be sent down, as he would have to get through waivers (and he wouldn’t), maybe he should be in the bullpen as the long man for a month or so, keep working on his side sessions to get his legs in shape and get a spot start or two. It would be worse to keep running him out there at this point, as he already has been lit up in three consecutive starts to begin the season. It is not good for him, it is not good for the bullpen, and not good for the offense. And, it is not good for the fans who have mortgaged the house to attend a game that he pitches. At this point, it has gotten into his head, (as well as everyone elses) and as the manager, Joe has to make a decision that is best for everyone. Four of the 6 losses have come from the three bad starts by Wang and the one by Sabathia. Other than claiming he is not fully recovered and placing him on the DL, what else can be done?

  6. alightningrodfan

    Keep up with posting these great blogs. Good game yesterday and the weather was great. I enjoy sitting in the bleachers where the real fun is. Keep us posted on A-Rod’s progress. Thanks Kim!!

  7. donyoungman@bellsouth.net

    Hi Kim,
    great interview with Posada after the game last night.
    Paul O’ fed you a good line too, about the 8 1/2 minute home run! Jorge answers were very honest to you, a good job Kim. I sure hope Wang can overcome it.
    Love the chow coverage on everyone.

  8. vettman04@nycap.rr.com

    You’re #1 Keep up the great commentary.
    Why is it the Yankees do not have their names on their jerseys? I know most Yank fans know their guys by their numbers BUT, is there another reason?

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