Rain, rain go away

rain_300.jpgAaaarrrrgggghhhh! Next time the rain dance will include neither diet coke nor malted milk balls.

Nice to hear from so many of you! Yes, I read every single one of the comments. And I love them! I cannot comment on all of them, but I’ll try at least to allude to them more often in my posts.

Just between us….I’m now hearing the Wang-not-trusting-his-foot theory on more than one media outlet. Hmmm. Hey, that’s how it goes.

Bruney and I actually talked about that theory before Wang’s latest fiasco. But I went back to him Sunday and we revisited the topic. (Bruney’s into the blog; he gets it. He knew I was going to talk about it on pregame and also blog about it.) By the way, Bruney really, really supports Wang and believes he will return to form. But – and this is important – the degree to which Wang is struggling is mystifying to every single one of his teammates.

The Yankees also believe Wang is still building arm strength. Here’s what I’m not sure of: Remember when we used to report regularly that Wang’s fingernail was split, was painful and required medical attention? The nail’s not split now. Not sure how that plays into Wang not being Wang. But I’ve been trying to find out.

With the official decision to skip Wang, I suspect the Yankees will have him pitch a simulated game (or two) to try to get him on track. Or they could attribute the poor outings to injury and DL him, but Girardi has been pretty clear in saying Wang isn’t hurt.

Wang has built collateral in the clubhouse, and that helps him here. But the whole confidence thing is very, very tricky. And, let’s face it, it could be debilitating. Wang just doesn’t look the same. I cannot tell you how many football and baseball players have told me over the years that confidence is the most important factor in their success once they reach the professional level.

To answer a few questions:

I am thrilled to report: There WILL be a live chat. Listen, I’m not the least bit shy or afraid or anything like that. I just had NO IDEA if ANYONE would read this little blog of mine. But you read, and I am SO GRATEFUL. And so, we shall chat.

Internet Guru Kevin Sullivan and I will find a time. Tentatively, I think our first chat (of many) could be next week from Detroit – probably Tuesday or Wednesday evening. The tricky part is my little pregame ditty around 6:30 p.m. So the chat might start at 6:45 p.m. and run until first pitch. If they will allow me to chat through the beginning of the game, I would do it. (As long as I can figure out the technological part of this.) As soon as we clarify the details, I will let you know. Thank you so much for your interest. My goal would be to chat weekly, and I’d also love to take questions from you for a player on a bi-weekly basis. (This is kind of, sort of, stealing an idea from my friend, Pete Abraham, who is the King of Blogs. At least we admit it.) We’ll work that out soon, too.

Growing up in South Central Pennsylvania, I loved the Orioles and the Phillies. I admit to continuing a fondness for the O’s. They are so easy to root for. And their pitching is coming. As Andy McPhail told me, this is a big summer for them at the AAA level. My NFL teams included the Eagles and Raiders and I desperately wanted the Bills to win a Super Bowl. But even today I have no particular affinity for one NFL team. But I love the game.

Several of you have asked about players and my postgame interviews. I understand that. So here goes. The Yankees are a pretty cool group. Honestly. They are almost always accommodating, even the biggest of stars. And they are fun sometimes. Like Pettitte punking me. Or Joba, who is always talking and is unbelievably accessible. A.J. rocks and has a great personality. CC is nice. Jeter is fun. Yes, really. I love Posada; I think if I were a player with four rings, I might be like Posada. Except I could never squat for three hours. Swisher is a blast. Damon always says yes to any request. Nady is terrific. Guys like Gardner and Ransom and Cano are great. Teixeira seems very agreeable. Mariano is distinguished and his teammates notice — the consummate professional. I know I didn’t mention every single player but I didn’t intentionally leave anyone out. There are very few players around the league who haven’t been cooperative when I’ve asked. And I’m not trying to suck up. Trust me on that, I’ll call someone out here if I have to. For example, Alex and I have shared an interesting professional rapport – I’ve ended a couple of his group interviews with questions he didn’t like — but he was great with me when we saw him in Tampa. My goal at the moment is a one-on-one, no-holds-barred interview with him. I truly do not know if that will happen.

Just watched Dancing With The Stars. I want you to shoot me.

Here’s the biggest travesty about tonight. Al Leiter was doing the game with Kay and Kenny. Now I won’t see Al til Wednesday because tomorrow is My9. So sad.


  1. blindmole

    oh man … raiders? no steelers? i grew up in central new york and i still rooted against the bills haha ….

    the blog is great! (though the immediate pete abrahams bashing is lame … especially cause it was his link that alot of us find it)

    but anyway keep it up! i love these MASSIVE posts!


  2. robert.celletti@gmail.com


    Great blog, great reporting on YES.

    I had tickets to the game tonight, now I’ll have to wait until July. Major bummer.

    Anyway, I was wondering what you thought of the home run situation at the new yard. It’s pretty outrageous, though we’ll need more than 4 games to judge, for sure. But there has been an awful lot of speculation about the many factors contributing to it. The main one I’d like answered is the dimensions. The Yankees claim they are the same. It sure doesn’t look like they are. Between right and right-center, the fence seems to be MUCH closer than it was in the old Stadium. I suppose the angle of the wall might be different, which would make for a shorter distance from home plate to the right field fence.

    Since you’re at the Stadium and are on the field almost everyday, is this something you could check out?

    Again, keep up the good work!

  3. boom7021@aol.com

    I ‘m worried about you. Did you forget to eat today? I have been vicariously living through your blog food entries and there was no mention in today’s.

    PS love the blog .


  4. kls5245@psu.edu


    I also grew up in South Central Pennsylvania (York County, more specifically) so I totally get the whole cheering for the O’s thing. I’ve attended way more Yankees games at Camden Yards than at the Stadium (just because it’s sooo much closer and cheaper). However, I’ve never been able to actually cheer for them (I can thank my grandfather for my alliance with the Yankees). But the majority of my friends are all O’s fans and, when they were first place in the AL East at the very beginning of the season, man did I hear it!

    This is a great blog! Keep it up! Can’t wait for the chat!


  5. jkra0512

    Kimberley your blog is great! I was reading Pete Abe’s blog and he turned me on to this. I am an inspiring journalist myself, though to the dismay of my friends and family. Your blog gives me another great perspective on the team I hope I get the chance to cover some day.

    I’m from Western NY and I appreciate the pseudo-support for my beloved Bills, we are desperately wanting that Super Bowl too.

    It’s really too bad about Wang, a player who has been the quintessential ace for the Yankees staff for the past three years. I think confidence has much to do with his bad start.

    It wouldn’t feel too good if I won 50+ games over three seasons then being told I’m not an ace and then my team goes out and finds a “prototypical” ace. I understand it’s a business, but somewhere down the line that hurts.

    I’m not saying this is the be all, end all answer to his pitching woes, but it could certainly contribute. I just wish he wasn’t out of options and could be sent down to work on things. I’m really itching to see Phil Hughes back in pinstripes.

    Again, great blog and keep up the great work!

  6. spygt

    I think most will agree that the biggest concern for Wang presently has more to do with his confidence level/mental make-up than anything physical in nature. And has anyone considered that perhaps his arm is too strong? And so couldn’t that explain as to why his pitches are not sinking as it should be and then you mix in his lack of confidence which could also be why he’s struggling so much this early on? I truly believe it’s all just mental right now…I’m sure there’s a lot of things clogging up his head..where he’s thinking about his mechanics and release points and etc..etc. I think if he were to go a few scoreless innings putting up some “0’s” he’ll find his groove and re-gain his confidence again. The best way one can look at this, is that it’s happening at the start of the season and not at some crucial time/part of the season. Honestly, people need to relax about Wang..I mean the more people get upset and worried over his 3 starts doesn’t help his confidence any..and I’m sure he’s fully aware of just how poorly he’s started out and doesn’t need to be reminded of that. Again, instead of booing him when he walks off the field people just need to support him..mean come on..over the last 2 1/2 seasons Wang had been the most consistent starting pitcher for this team and just because Sabathia & Burnett has shown up..we shouldn’t simply dismiss Wang and forget who the ace was before their arrival. As a loyal fan and supporter for Wang, I’m gonna predict that by the year’s end Wang will be a 16-19 game winner and if the team were to make it into the playoffs that he’ll come up big. All of his early struggles can only help him down the road and make him mentally tougher, knowing that having gone through all of this now and eventually to come out of these early struggles, will then give him added experience & the confidence, when it comes to facing other challenges down the road. Kim, what’s your % of success with your rain dance? And what type of music were you dancing too in your head or out loud? I hope it wasn’t “Dancing in the Rain”..hahaha.

  7. dtphonehome

    I think it’s mandatory to refer to Pete Abe as the “godfather of Yankee blogs”, but “king” works too. So, you have PA roots huh? Important question then – Yuengling or Rolling Rock? (don’t be politically correct and say both… but a wrong answer could lose all your Pottsville peeps. ) 😉

  8. yankeesvoice


    Tell me why people are so focused on the over priced seats that dont make up 95 percent of the stadium seats and do not mention all the affordable seats that are still available at the stadium.

    Help me with the argument.

    P.S love you on TV


  9. cdooley67@yahoo.com


    You mentioned your professional rapport with ARod. I always remember a question you asked him in 2006, towards the end of the season, after both he and Giambi hit homeruns in a game the O’s won. You asked him something very close to, “Alex, some people will say that was another meaningless homerun. What do you say to those people?”

    He laughed and said something like, “You mean Jason’s?” and then said something bland. Bur really, what was the point of a question like that? Is he supposed to try not to hit homeruns in lopsided games? You presented the question but tried to pretend it wasn’t your question – only “some people’s”.

    Go back sometime and look at the press treatment he got that year – it was the very worst type of pack mentality – everyone piling on with more and more mostly unfair criticism. Given the way the media has treated him, including you, I think mere chilly politeness, for the rest of his career, is the most anyone in the media can expect from him.

  10. yankees113

    Great Blog… I just found out about it off of Pete Abes blog which I love… He is the king but you might be the Queen… I love your interviews with the players and your pregame updates… I also love that you are doing this blog and interacting with that Yankee fans and your fans… I am a 22 year old college student living down in Flroida… Grew up on Long Island for 21 years… I love the Yankess and now have the MLB package because I cant live without my Yankees and had to get Direct Tv because I love YES!!! I will probally be a daily visitor and hope to keep being impressed… Keep up the good work Kim…
    – Robert John Hansen

  11. erkgelino@yahoo.com


    If you get a chance to talk to the Gman tomorrow, tell him that he has a lot of fans here that are sorry to see him leave, and wish him well on his return to Oakland. Thanks.

  12. flairforthedramatic

    I hope Wang can figure it out fast. We need him to be top notch.
    Has Joe G. hinted at possibly getting a long reliever? I know he intended to go the season without one, but with the stadium proving itself to be an airport out there, with how many balls are taking off, the bullpen will likely be needed much more than he or anyone probably anticipated.. Girardi managed the bullpen so well the first half last season.. virtually every arm was getting the right amount of innings, which showed in their effectiveness.. but without that long reliever this year, the arms are inevitably going to wear out.. I don’t how how everyone can acknowledge the Yanks need for a long man, except the manager..
    About your player descriptions.. Thx for the low down on how awesomeeee the players are, lol.. =)
    I would love to see that one-on-one w/ Alex happen… You’d probably make him break a sweat..
    Looking forward to the live chat..
    Hope I catch a glimpse of you on Wednesday, I’ll be at the game =)
    – V [ http://flairforthedramatic.mlblogs.com ]

  13. rankdog@gmail.com

    Kim excellent blog. I added you to RSS feeds with Pete’s and Marks blogs. Look forward to your insights on the Yankees and their clubhouse. Its your access to the players that us normal fans don’t get. Thank you for giving us that access through your blog and stories.

  14. yankeexx

    Kim I enjoyed your as up close and personal as you could get via the blog. I watched my friend’s 10 yr old who was adopted from China and her mom is from Pittsburgh. Through the years I’ve watched her I’ve turned her into a Yankee’s fan big time and if I say Yankees lost )>; her first response in what about Boston…so she understands the rivalry as any Yankee fan should. Of course her pappy in Pittsburgh follows only the Steelers and as a jok gave me a Pirates Tee last winter. Haha thanks for the mop cloth.(jk). But today I showed her about Wang who is her favorite pitcher surprise surprise and her first unadulterated response was…”give him time aunty he was hurt last year!” I said to her you remember that? And she said yes his foot might still bother him. At any case it gave me chuckles that a 10 year old remembered that detail.

    btw concerning Dancing With the Stars…Melissa Rycroft who dances with Tony D wrote on Dallas Cowgirls bio that the one person she wanted to meet in her life was Derek Jeter and she wears NYY caps. Gotta love her for that!!!!

    Great blog. A woman’s touch is great!! Aloha to you.

  15. denru

    Kim, your blog is great but please consider this. While I understand your journalistic impulse, the last thing Yankee fans want is a no-holds barred interview with A-rod. We want him to play well and keep his mouth shut about off field matters. There is simply no upside for the team or the fans in having another distracting rehash of his personal issues.

  16. famattjr@optonline.net

    Kim: great blog. It really lets your personality & great sense of humor show. Keep it up! I didn’t notice the post game podium interviews at the old stadium, is that just a function of more room in the locker area?

  17. vaccardi@comcast.net

    Hi Kim,

    I enjoy your work on Yes very much and on WFAN as well.
    Just curious…are there any plans in the works for you to have your own interview show on Yes ? You’d be great doing them with the players, the coaches and it would help the fans get to know them a little more personally.
    A half hour once or twice a month would be great !
    Talk to Fillipelli.

    Also, this may sound strange, I know you have legs but all we ever see are head shots of you.

    P.S. Thank Peter Abraham, he mentions you all the time on his blog, maybe it’s a crush, Ha Ha !!!

  18. jturton7@verizon.net

    Hi Kim:
    My first time on your new Blog. Very interesting articles and I love your Post-games..it looks like you really are enjoying yourself.

    I’ve watched all of Wang’s starts this year. Many of his pitches are moving – but on the same plane and not downward where he needs to be. It appears more like an arm slot issue – one that Mel Stottlemyre (in the past) could deftly fix. Too bad that Mel left on less-than-good terms with Yankee management.

  19. noreaster

    Hello Kim:
    Another first time reader. Enjoyed the blog and will make it part of my mornings that’s to the tip from Pete Abe’s. I’m interested to see the defensive alignment that the Yanks will use against Giambi…will he give Cano the finger too if he gets a hit? Should be fun.

  20. k.chiaverini@verizon.net

    Hi Kim,

    I love the blog and I’m looking forward to the upcoming chat. I also enjoy listening to you on WFAN as well.

    I share your feelings about Dancing with the Stars – I can’t believe I spent time watching it…yet I can’t look away.

    On a Yankees note, I was wondering if you had read Joe Torre’s book, and if so what you though of it.


  21. mattst.amour@gmail.com

    Hi Kim,

    Outstanding writing. I hear your voice when I read your posts. I’m looking forward to the season and your blog.

    Thanks to Peter for hooking me up.


  22. c_caruso@rogers.com

    Hi Kim, diet coke and malted milk balls? Now that is what I call a bad combination…lol Anyway, I am a huge yankee fan and I really enjoy your blog, keep up the good work. I also wanna say that I am concerned for wang but I think it will take just one good start for him and he will start getting his confidence back. I just hope that good start comes soon!

  23. c_caruso@rogers.com

    Hi Kim, diet coke and malted milk balls? Now that is what I call a bad combination…lol Anyway, I am a huge yankee fan and I really enjoy your blog, keep up the good work. I also wanna say that I am concerned for wang but I think it will take just one good start for him and he will start getting his confidence back. I just hope that good start comes soon!

  24. c_caruso@rogers.com

    Hi Kim, diet coke and malted milk balls? Now that is what I call a bad combination…lol Anyway, I am a huge yankee fan and I really enjoy your blog, keep up the good work. I also wanna say that I am concerned for wang but I think it will take just one good start for him and he will start getting his confidence back. I just hope that good start comes soon!

  25. comnews@aol.com


    Peter Abraham has a BIG crush on you. Be gentle with the boy, please. Don’t break his heart. He’s a sweet guy.

    Your pal,
    Suzy K.

  26. hatsallfolks

    Hey kim ? big fan here. I hope you do get a chance to do a one on one with a-rod. He?s like watching a train wreck. Unfortunately, that will probably never happen. He can never be honest with anyone. No one will get a no-holds-barred interview because he has too much to hide. I would imagine you and him have had some touchy moments with how much he pays attention to talk radio and everything said about him. I remember waking up at 5:00 in the morning when he opted out and hearing you tell chris carlin ? how much your going to miss his long swing?. That?s when I became a huge fan of yours. We shared a lot of the same opinions especially about alex. I hope this off season you get a better time slot on the fan when people are actually awake. I really enjoy listening to your shows on the wfan and all the work you do on yes ? keep up the good work !!!

  27. bart23ny@yahoo.com

    Hi Kim! Good luck with the blog. Peter Abraham linked you up today, so you should get a new bunch of readers. Now I’ll have one more distraction at work!

  28. yanksfan123ny

    Suzyn Waldman told Alex to his face that she killed him on the radio in the off season the first time she spoke with him. Did you do the same? I thought that showed a great deal of respect on her part to let him know where she was coming from.

    I would respect that in someone I would consider sitting down to do an interview with more than someone who was smiling to my face and stabbing me in the back.

  29. robertnp13@yahoo.com

    Hi Kim, love your interviews and your blog. One problem,I live in Rhode Island and the cable companies REFUSE to give us Yankee fans the YES Network.It stinks . Its all about MONEY. I would say RI is probably 40% Yankee fans….it’s unbelievable. We are lucky we get the games on on the baseball package if we can afford the ridiculous price, but no pre or post game shows. We have to revert to the website. Could you use your charm and convince the YES people into talking to our cable provider? HELP PLEASE…….
    We all love you Kim, thanks.

  30. mannae@yahoo.com

    You always look so fab during the interviews! I don’t know how you do it, but you must have super-hair-powers. And – commenting on your ‘professional rapport’ with players- I LOVE when you ask blunt, in-your-face questions. Yes, players need to be respected, but not babied. You ROCK KIM!


  31. starfire26@gmail.com

    Hi Kim!

    Just wanted to add that I also just started reading your blog (sent from the YES tweets), and it’s awesome! I love hearing about what goes on behind the game and all the details about the players. And the food blogs are hilarious! Keep them coming! And don’t worry – the chat will be awesome – you’ll see. The tech stuff is pretty easy once you get the hang of it.



  32. ron smith

    Hi Kim
    Ron From Syracuse
    I have followed the yankees for years on radio and now tv,1956.I watched every game last year and what bottered me was the first pitch hitting.The team hit .037 on the first pitch hitting.Can maybe you or Joe could comment on this.Its really botters ed me.
    Thanks Ron From Syracuse

  33. nywarrior21

    Hey Kim,

    Another ‘girl’ who can go toe-to-toe with guys about sports. ROCK ON!!! Anyhoo, DWTS?? Don’t worry, I watch too…it’s a ‘habit’ of mine so don’t worry about it. Great blog BTW!! Congrats!

  34. sabresfan4848@hotmail.com

    Hey Kim,
    Thanks for answering my question about favorite teams. I’m from just outside of Buffalo so I desperately want the Bills to win a Super Bowl too. Our favorite saying here: “just wait till next year”. 🙂

  35. hubersonhomewood@verizon.net

    really the bills i’m form buffalo lived though the 4 super bowl years and lived in a huge bills house and i hate them, but love the sabres and love love the yanks and i read your blog all the time keep it up it rocks kim

  36. tomfodw@mac.com


    I loved the description of Mariano as “distinguished” – I think that’s the absolute perfect word for this splendid gentleman. Not only is he a great pitcher, he seems like a fine person, too. Keep up the good work.

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