Bromance brewing in Boston?

What a day. Good game so far. And it was Taco Night in the Fenway Park Media Dining Room.

Ay caramba!

jeter_pedroia_250.jpgBatting practice was fun on the field. The players really seem to get along well; Pedroia, Youkilis and Ortiz were among those yucking it up with some Yankees. I can’t vouch for whether the Jeter-Pedroia-Youk bromance embers still burn from the WBC, but Pedroia did say Jeter is the one player who isn’t a Red Sox that he’d like to play with. (Please note of the phrasing by Pedroia.)

A little preview for tomorrow: A.J. is pumped for his start against former Marlins teammate/good buddy Josh Beckett. A.J. has completely embraced being a Yankee and being a part of this rivalry. “It shows what you’re made of,” he said. “I love it.”

Posada will catch A.J. tomorrow, Girardi said this afternoon. A.J. and Molina have had a great thing going. (FOX will have the game. We’ll have postgame.)

Wang is headed to the DL unless the medical people somehow advise otherwise for a guy coming off a foot injury, whose velocity is down and mechanics are messed up. Not to mention his confidence, which is shot.

Chances are, it’ll be Phil Hughes making the Tuesday start in Detroit. We’ll have to get an update on his blog from him. Girardi said Hughes’ location has been great, and he’s been working on his changeup and cutter. The AAA Scranton/Wilkes Barre Yankees are 12-1, so a lot of guys are pitching well there.

So the boos for Teixeira weren’t so bad, huh? If Alex plays games in the first week of May – as Cashman said — it would seem his return might be a few days before the target of May 15, but not as early as some people in and around the Yanks were predicting.

Somehow Joba doesn’t look like Joba when he’s a starter. He’s walking a tightrope tonight, isn’t he? But those double plays are golden.


  1. bob15

    The game is a still a good one but I miss the “electric” Joba. He needs to show his emotion more often, regardless of what Gossage has said. But for a guy who didn’t know where his pitches were going tonight, he have the Yankees a decent start.Now the Yankees have to find a way to get out of the inning and score a couple against that bullpen.

  2. holt78

    Wang “hurt” is a blessing in disguise. Let him get healthy, put Hughes as the #4 and when Wang returns to form (hopefully) slide Wang back into the rotation, keep Hughes, and move Joba back to the pen where he’s best suited. His stuff was mediocre tonight; he’s lucky he had the golden double play horseshoe up his…well…tonight. They would extend (and strengthen) the bullpen, be able to add another bat to the bench (please, please, please don’t let it be Cody Ransom when ARod gets back), and be an all around better team when the temperature starts to heat up and the division starts to even itself out.


    i really think Girardi blew this one. he made a questionable call in the eight by bringing in Rivera in and then he allowed Marte a lefty face Youkilis, maybe the best Red Sox hitter at the moment instead of walking him and letting him face JD Drew. the coach folded under pressure.


    i cant wait until we get AROD back. ive watched every game since opening day and you can feel how not having AROD affect the team. no excitement without AROD.

  5. chrissyny86

    I have to say that I have lived in Boston ( Everett to be exact) my whole life unfortunately and have been a Yankee fan my whole life. I just watched Youkilis hit a walk off homer to end a game the Red Sox had no business winning. It just seems like no matter how the Sox play during the course of a game against the Yanks they seem to always find a way to come up with a big win. Was Girardi aware that the Mo has the most blown saves against the Sox out of any other team he’s pitched against??? I’m not saying he shouldn’t have put him in but why did he put him in in the 8th?? I wonder how Jeter feels about Pedroia now that he took a possibly game winning hit away, along with other game changing plays………I was already to go to work on Saturday with a smile on my face, instead I’m going to have to deal with “Yankees Suck” among other snarky comments about the game from my co-workers and do all I can not to curse them out. Sox fans are the absolute worst, they don’t know how to act whether the team is winning or losing. So thanks Joe for making my Saturday unbearable!!


    Matsui is finished. Gardner and Melky are back ups. JOBA belongs in the bullpen. Damon should be on his way after this season. im being optimistic about this season but i hope we dont get a reality check. we need to go after Peavy or R.Holliday when the Blue Jays and Padres show their true colors. And we should ask Oakland for Matt Holliday.


    I honestly believe that Joe Girardi needs to go!!!!!! now. I understand that its still early in the season, but how can we lose a game like we did this evening? girardi is not made to manage a team that is worth more then 200 milllion The way we played this evening, I am shame and I hope that tomorrow brings a bright day, if not, Giradi neeeds to go!!

  8. robix

    ^^The only manager who could have avoided that loss is the Amazing Kreskin. You put Mo in, he wins. Once in a blue moon, he doesn’t. And with no Bruney to rely on, Edwar or the new kid could just as easily given up the shot to Youk. It sucks (double sucks since the Rangers got pounded tonight, too), but that’s how it goes. It’s just one game in April, you can’t worry too much yet.

    Gardner needs some extra bunting practice, though.


    Well let’s just face it folks….the Yanks don’t have the FIRE to win games like that anymore. These aren’t the Paul O’Neill / Tino Martinez Yankees. The only guy showing any fire on the team is Swisher, and he has been a breath of fresh air in an otherwise stagnant clubhouse. The Yanks had NUMEROUS chances to blow the Sox out last night, but just didn’t get the hit they needed. Tonight is just a preview of what this season is going to be. Until the Yanks get some ‘WARRIORS’ back on that team like O’Neill used to be, they are simply going to be a mediocre, overpaid team. Emotionless determination doesn’t cut it. Showing emotion isn’t a sign of a classless the Yankee motto seems to be these days. Girardi should be mad…..REALLY mad about this loss. He should pull half of a Hal McCrae, and his PLAYERS should know he’s steamed. Instead, he tries to be Joe Torre. Well word to the Yankees…that ain’t cuttin’ it anymore, and it HASN’T cut it since O’Neill and Martinez hung up the spikes. THOSE are guys who KNEW how to win, and EXPECTED to win every time they went on the field. This crop of Yankees don’t have a clue what that’s all about. I’m a Yankee fan ’til the end, but I am sick to death of the patented response that ‘It’s just one loss’…well NO IT ISN’T JOE!! It’s the kind of a loss that shapes your season…just as a clutch win would have been one that you could look back on at the end of the year and say THAT was a turning point.

  10. montana2009

    When are the Yankees going to realize Chamberlain is NOT a starter. He is a phenomenal setup man and should be our future closer. Mariano is winding down so Chamberlain should be moved back to the set up role. He just doesn’t cut it as a starter. He could put it together last year and it is clear he cannot cut it this year. Plus Girardi is just not cutting it.


    The should get Berroa back to play for Ransom….he did great in Spring training and probably should have had the 3rd base job to begin with. And I agree about Joba. I’ve said all along that he has closer stuff. When he lets it all go he has electric stuff, but he can’t let it all go as a starter, and that makes him NORMAL. He should be setting up for Rivera just like Mo did for Wetteland all those years ago. If anyone remembers, Rivera was a starter at the beginning of HIS career, and a mediocre one at best. Then they put him in the setup role for Wetteland, and he was unhittable. What did that equate to? Yes….a world title. If the Yanks were leading in the 7th, they WON the game…..and remembering last night’s game should be all that is needed to prove that point. The Yankee brass is WRONG about Joba. He needs to throw 98 to be effective. That makes his breaking stuff even better. And especially if Bruney has an elbow problem….even MORE reason to put him back in the pen.


    That’s cool that Pedroia said that about Jeter. I enjoyed watching them play together in the WBC and it looked like they had fun together too. I REALLY hope they bring up Phil-that would be awesome-I was hoping he’d have Joba’s spot in the rotation and they’d put Joba back in the bullpen. No offense to Joba, I know he’s given “quality” starts (only 2 runs in 6 innings isn’t bad), but he’s just not as powerful as a starter. It’s like they’ve taken this electric, overpowering reliever who everyone feared, and turned him into an average starter that no one really sweats too much. What are your thoughts about Joba’s role Kim? Also agree that Swisher has been a fun addition-finally some personality and joy back on this team. They need more of that-it’s fun to watch.

  13. yankeefan4life

    HI Kim.
    great post. The Yankees should have blown them out. They can`t hit with men in scoring position. Time for a new hitting coach and they HAVE to put Joba back in the bullpen where he belongs. Hopefully they can turn it around today. Have a great day at the game.

  14. bryan722

    Joba’s problem as a starter is that he relies too much on his breaking ball. He pitches backwards in a sense that he tries to get ahead with sliders but not with much success. He’s always 1-0, 2-0 then goes with the fastball and he’s off with his location because of it. I think if anyone needs to go it’s Dave Eiland. I have not been impressed with him as a pitching coach as he is usually glued to his seat when our guy is struggling but comes out to talk at odd times and doesn’t seem to help pitchers make adjustments too well. He couldn’t help Ian Kennedy last year and now Wang whether he is really injured or not since he seemed fine in the spring. Don’t blame Girardi for last night.Francona does the same thing with Papelbon because they know those guys are their aces. Mo should handle a 4 out save probably 99 out of a 100 times and he just left one bad pitch out over the plate and Bay took advantage of it. And for that one above who said the Yankees don’t have the fire to win a game like last night give me a break. They took 2 tense games against the Rays, who still are defending AL champs despite a slow start, and pulled out a 14 inning slugfest against Oakland. Last year the Yankees got down and stayed down but at least this year so far they have shown the ability to get off the mat. The only time the Yankees didn’t get the job done last night was Cano bouncing into a double play in the 9th otherwise the Sox had to make a bunch of incredible defensive plays to take a few runs off the board from the Yankees.


    It appears that we are heading for a another lost folks!!! Liked I said last nite, Joe needs to go, the ptiching coach needs to go, Garnder needs to go bak to the minor or use him a utility player like the way we did back in 98 with Homer Bush. In addition, the whole entire bullpen needs to go except for Mo. Last be not least, Cashman needs to return all his money and leave!!! I am getting sick and tire of these close game and we can’t produce at all!!!!!!

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