Notes from a wet Wednesday

wang250_042209.jpgWow! The live chat gets a billboard! So exciting. I can’t wait to tell Jim Leyland I’m doing a live chat.

Hello from a gray, drizzly Wednesday afternoon at Yankee Stadium. Kay is eating fries. Leiter, Kenny and Kay ate in the press dining room. No food update for me yet. Bring back the Food Network buffet!

Had a chance to sit and talk with Wang, who is flying to Tampa this afternoon and will pitch in an extended spring game tomorrow. (The plan is for him to rejoin the Yankees Friday in Boston.) He knows he has work to do. He says his confidence remains intact. He is aware of his mechanical flaws, which result in his arm dragging behind his body. (He said the same thing after his bullpen last week in Tampa and then Saturday’s outing was a disaster.) He says he is not pushing off on his right foot with enough intensity but insists the foot feels fine. He doesn’t believe this is a mental byproduct from him being injured; I suspect that could be debated.

Perhaps, he was compensating for the foot at some point during rehab and has to relearn some balance-related movements as a result. That happens with injuries to those of us who are not pro athletes; common sense would dictate that athletes aren’t immune, either. That’s the hypothesis of the amateur physical therapist in me.

Wang is relatively upbeat. He appreciates the support of his teammates. A.J., he says, is always joking with him. That’s a good thing. As I mentioned last week, A.J. also uses a translation feature on his phone to e-mail Wang in Chinese. Wang thinks that’s pretty cool.

Wang and his wife are expecting their first child in June. For several reasons, it would be preferable if his pitching issues were behind him by then.

Oh, good, instant replay. Fellas, let’s try to beat 8 minutes, okay?

Also chatted with Robinson Cano today. Here’s the deal with the media that has to be frustrating for some players: We would be ALL OVER Cano if he were starting slowly. He’s not. Coming into today, he’s batting .377 to lead the Yankees, has a team-high 20 hits, a respectable eight RBI and three HRs. So, we basically ignore him, myself included. Cano laughs this stuff off but did say he’ll do any interview with us anytime. So, we’ll get him on a Batting Practice Today show soon.

Funny line from Giambi to Gardner after the centerfielder’s great catch Tuesday: “Man, didn’t you see that ovation I got (from the fans)? You’ve got to let that drop.”

That delay was much, much shorter than eight minutes. Nice.


I’m writing this during the 8th inning. Not a bad game so far. Glad to hear Kay is maintaining his diet. Hope Wang comes through especially with the next generation being born in June, if not for the yanks but for his own sanity. Cano is doing awesome. love that guy. Miss Giambi on 1st base for us. But can’t complain about Teixeira.

What you say about Wang compensating for the foot during rehab and having it still carrying over makes sense. He may be doing this without even realizing it. And the line from Giambi was great!

more in-game blogging! love it!!! Sometimes when the cameramen pan into the booth, we see you sitting behind the YES announcers… Are you usually right there or do you go back and forth between the press box and the YES booth? I’m just assuming both are great places to watch the game.. 😉

Hi didn’t realize you were blogging now until Kay mentioned it.
Ok going into the bottom of the 10th, hope the guys can pull it out. I’ll have to think of some questions for your chat!
good going on that!

Wow in game blogging. You must be bored.

Here is an idea – how about we feed you a tough question after each game to ask Joe in his post game presser. : )

Hi, Kim. I have been checking in with your blog regularly since a few days ago, and I will continue to do so because I really like how you you provide the different side of the Yankees (not just the boring stuff). You are probably right about Wang, however I think his confidence is not too high which is leading to more mechanical problems.

Hi Kim! I was looking around the website and came across your blog. I’ve now saved it to my favorites – lol.

I was at the Stadium for last nights game and was very impressed. It has the feel of the old park with new amenities! I was disappointed with two things though. The minor one is that I wish they carried over the bat for the top of the flag pole and the major one is that I am highly dissappointed with Monument Park. The original was so spacious and covered with beautiful flowers and it seems like this layout was a second thought.

Anyway keep up the great work and thanks for letting us voice our thoughts!


WOW! Melky came through! A great win today Kim. Great way grabbing Nick for the post game. good job!

Has anyone noticed that everytime Nick Swisher is ready to swing his eyes look up to the sky. What is the reason for this ???

Wow long game but worth the wait. Great to see Veras hold his own and Melky delivering. Put and another check in the win column and move on to Beantown. Hope the Yanks do well there cuz I made friends offseason with some folks from Cape Cod and they are crazy Sox fans so I want bragging rights. Go Yankees!!!!!(;

One more thing…I saw Joe’s pregame interview and he said he felt it was Melky’s day and boy was he was he right. Always better to guess right then to second guess.


Keep up the great work!

wow was that the longest game EVER or what??? 😮

ok, not quite… but almost!!

Finally a W 🙂

melky get the start friday????


Hi Kim, would it be fair to say that Brian Bruney is our next closer? Of course that is when Mo retires. His stuff is electric and he is not afraid to go right after the hitters. He looks in great shape and appears very focused. Great 8th inning choice Joe!

Hi Kim, do you mind if I add your blog to my blog list?

Hi, Kim. Do you mind if I add your blog to my list of blogs?

Is there any chance of them bringing up Hughes to replace Wang until he is right? One session in Tampa doesn’t seem like it will be enough to correct his problems.

Rumor from Pete at the lohud blog is that Giambi also gave Gardner the finger as a joke.

Hi Kim

I heard Melky isn’t comfortable speaking English on camera but it’s a shame he couldn’t have been interviewed even with a translator today. Just the look of happiness on his face would have spoken more than any words could have. Is it his choice to not do interviews?

Hi Kim

I heard Melky isn’t comfortable speaking English on camera but it’s a shame he couldn’t have been interviewed even with a translator today. Just the look of happiness on his face would have spoken more than any words could have. Is it his choice to not do interviews?

Great pregame today…liked seeing giambi again. I was at the game last night and everyone was really excited to see him. Also thought it was interesting that girardi made the decision to sit gardner today and put in melky, and melky ends up winning the game. If we had lost that game, and a few others recently, I think people would start talking about girardi’s changes in the lineup everyday. Anyway, great blog as always. Keep up the good work

Great blog, Kim.
So Kay had fries — he’s such an adventurous eater. Did the runner being ketchup this time?
Nice to see Melky being the hero today — I’ve been in his corner since he came up. He’s a better fielder (witness his leading the majors in assists two years running) and hitter than Gardner (new Stadium or not, his 4 dingers are no fluke — he hit 8 last April) , and he appears to have learned plate discipline — the job should be his, and Gardner should be the fourth outfielder/pinch runner. I hope Joe starts Melky for the series in Boston — after his initial abysmal performance up there, he learned how to play the Green Monster, and this is NOT the time for Gardner to get on-the-job training.
Do you know why he changed his number from 28 to 53? Does it have anything to do with Abreu’s departure? I know Melky, Cano and Abreu were close.
I’ve heard Melky do solo radio interviews with Suzyn — he was hesitant, but spoke English well enough. I love Swisher, but to echo Yanksfan123, it would have been nice to see him on the postgame. Swisher was Suzyn’s star of the game, too — I figured he was the only one left on the field at that point.
Speaking of Swisher, please tell John Sterling to get a new home run tag line for him. The ‘Jolly Saint Nick’ thing isn’t working.
To echo theonlyphrank, the new Stadium is wonderful — but I miss Gehrig’s bat on the flagpole, and Monument Park (whichcI admit, I’ve only seen at a distance — I haven’t been able to get in at either of the two games I’ve attended so far) is a mere shadow of its former self. Monument Park was a true park in the Old Stadium — this one is a Monument Cave Under the Bleachers. The ghosts deserve better.
Keep up the good work, and enjoy the off day today.
Kathy in Bayonne, pulling for a sweep in Boston!


Hi Kim,
Thanks for another great blog. Good interview with Swisher after the game. It was good to see Melky win this one.
Good luck in boston.

Hi Kim-

It is amazing to have a woman on the air who really has a deep understanding of the sport. Women fans finally have someone to relate to. I’m a big fan of yours.

A couple of things.

1. Cody Ransom – Seems like a bust. Isn’t there another option for 3rd until A-Rod comes back? He has so much tension in his face. I’ve never seen him smile. Any insight?

2. Roll Call – As Jason Giambi said it’s one of the best things about playing at Yankee Stadium. It’s one of the highlights of the games when I’m able to go. It would be nice if somehow some/part of roll call could be broadcasted. I heard Kay say that the Bleacher Creatures did a special roll call for Giambi but we never got to see it.

3. I was surprised that Kay, Leiter, and Singleton were miffed at why Posada wanted the ball the other day. They’re usually so on top of those things. I’m sure Ryan’s doing a great job but I was surprsied nonetheless.

Keep blogging. I love your insights and perspectives.


Hi Kim,

Get everyone to start voting for the all-star game!!! We have a chance for an all yankee infield (including Posada)

With possibly Wang (poor joke?) or Burnett starting?

About Wang…I think he will be fine, just give him a month. And everyone keeps making a big deal about his ERA and how many scoreless innings he needs to get it down. WHO CARES???!!!!! As long as he pitches well, then who cares about stats!

We are the Yankees, stop caring about stats and just worrying about winning!

My two cents…


this blog is great. i added it to my bookmark bar. love the behind the scenes stuff. most interesting were your comments about your own performance on pre-game. you are really an excellent journalist.

this blog is great. i added it to my bookmark bar. love the behind the scenes stuff. most interesting were your comments about your own performance on pre-game. you are really an excellent journalist.

When do you blog – every 4th or 5th day? Sorry, it’s a waste of time to check your blog daily and have nothing ever to read! (Frank from Chatham – a Peter Abe reader)

Kim – the problem now that you have us all hooked on your blog is that when we go a day without a post we go through blog withdrawal.

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