Kimberly Jones chat

Will Kimberly Jones ever do Maxim? Who is her favorite shirtless Yankee? Will she be Mike Francesa’s permanent partner on WFAN? She answers all this and more in her live chat below:
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  1. suavedog

    Awesome!!! Can’t wait! 🙂

    Btw, when did Al Leiter re-join he YES network??? Didn’t he leave for MLB Network?

    Glad he’s back… Glad you’re gaining a lot of new fans to your blog!!

    What’s on the food menu today?? Stay Dry!!!

  2. jeff1112

    Leiter never left YES, he’s working for both YES and MLB. He’s done a few games for YES so far. It’s kinda similar to how Michael Kay has a gig with ESPN 1050 besides doing the Yankee games and stuff for YES.

  3. jonahfalcon

    Kim, do you see the Yankees alternating Joba Chamberlain and Phil Hughes starts later in the year to allow Chamberlain to remain under his innings limit for the year?


    Kim, love the mgr/player interviews you do and the blogging too. Describe what a typical/normal day is for you when the Yanks have an off day and when they have a game. I’m a NJ transplant to music city, nashville,tn since 2006, so thankgoodness I have an MLB account and through the internet pickup “YES” and you.

  5. bob15

    Hey Kim,
    How many questions did you end up getting for your chat? I know I asked about 5 questions myself (none of which you picked! lol)Next time you should do a video chat!

  6. shiney42

    that was cool Kim, maybe you could e-mail me with the lockerroom answer 😉 Or better yet when ya do the next shirtless interview just give us ladies a full shot… LOL
    just playin

  7. max24

    Kim, i could cry; Robbie C is my favorite player, and i’ve been trying to watch his BPTV “inner-view” since its been posted. But, the YES media player hasnt been working for me since then (just my luck!) and now the video has been pushed out of availability. The archives and YES network youtube havent been updated recently enough to have the video! Since it was one of your favorite interviews, maybe, just maybe, you could post it on here?? Or just tell whoevers job it is to update the you tube to stop slacking! LOL im totally kidding. but please kim i really want to see it; you built it up so much!!!


    I glad to see bobby abreu at the new yankee stadium
    I hope the yankees bring him back next year.


    asked 3 or 4 questions too, unanswered, looks like they took those that reqiured a short response.


    Sorry I missed the live chat but I was on hand for the game… I heard that Nady was getting reevaluated Thursday so I’m hoping you have some good news for us Nady fans on the pregame that there have been no setbacks or anything!

  11. bronxboss

    Has there been a buzz around the Yanks concerning the start of the Scranton Yanks, especially those of Brett Tomko and Austin Jackson? How likely is it that we will see them this year?

  12. noreaster

    Sorry I missed the live chat. MY BAD, busy week!

    It feels like we have the parts to have a very good pen, but its not there yet…Seems like Rivera, Bruney, Coke are great and the new kid Melcone (sp?) is a stud…but do you think we have a real weakness there or it will take time to gel and we need Bruney back?

  13. jackieboy7

    You will see that when Arod returns Texeria will see better
    pitches.there pitching around him …Go Yankees

  14. jackieboy7

    I feel that third base was a factor in at least five losses
    this spring..Lack of hitting with men on and defensive
    errors..Gardner is good but he can’t steal first base..This
    shows how much Arod is missed ..Were talking 200 rbis
    and almost 100 home runs on the corners..Go yankees


    Hi Kim;

    I think you are great. A friend of mine tells me that he met Jeter and says that Jeter is a real jerk and he does not know how to treat people. Jeter happens to be my favorite Yankee and I don’t see that at all. On the field; he is a team player looking to do what is best to get a win for the team. During interviews; he is always talking about everyone other then himself. His Turn Two foundation shows that he not only earns for himself; but he gives back as well; So is Jeter as nice as he seems on the field and off or is my friend right and he’s a jerk?

    Thanks, Bobby

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