Swisher delivers … and Bruney too

A final post from Motown.

Congrats to Girardi for win No.100 as Yankees manager. Loved how he said he wished he could have gotten it in one season.

Swisher was off the chain in postgame. Taking a page from Damon, he did the interview shirtless. And was a riot. He says he plays the game like a glorified game of whiffle ball. Maybe that’s why he always seems to be having a great time. Of course, it doesn’t hurt when you have a killer on-base percentage and a couple of jacks from either side of the plate.

joba250_043009.jpgJoba and Hughes could be very, very good for each other in this rotation. Joba identifies so well with the veteran pitchers, but it just seems like he and Hughes could be a great tandem — and could push each other at times — for years and years to come.

This is a first: I am blogging from the team charter.

So is this: Phil Coke just walked by and said, “I haven’t had a fire drill since high school.” Everyone is very happy. (Coke gave permission to blog that.)

And this: After saying he would contribute to this little endeavor of ours, Bruney has asked to chime in. Here is what he wrote:

“A promise is a promise, so here I am following through on that promise. My recovery is going well. I hope to play catch on Friday and should be back pitching within a week and a half if all goes as planned. I hope everyone enjoys the blog, I know Kim works hard at it. I will keep in touch!” (That rocks! And, yes, Bruney himself typed those words.)

And, finally, this: Our live chat, 6:45 p.m. tomorrow! Talk to you then!


  1. jeff1112

    Good to hear Bruney is doing well and on track to be back soon. We need him back to stabilize the pen. What’s up with Mariano and these homers? I’m not worried, but it’s not like him to make mistake pitches.

  2. yankeexx

    Thanks for the updates Kim…it really helped my migrane today to see the Yanks put up another big inning and Mo tease us like that in the 9th. Darn I waited for your live chat but got called to help a disabled friend move to a care home. But duty calls so hope you have a successful and lively chat. Maybe I’ll be able to catch your next one. Enjoy..and Go Yankees!!!

  3. jennings.bp@gmail.com

    Kim, normally we only hear from the players through interviews, but what you’re doing by giving us this behind the scenes commentary from Coke and Bruney is extremely cool. People love to know what the players are doing and talking about when the cameras aren’t around. Keep up the great work!

  4. mbrandes@rochester.rr.com

    I don’t worry about Rivera giving up a long ball in a lopsided game. I learned that Mariano doesn’t seem to really bear down unless the game is on the line….THEN we get his best. (Even though that jason Bay homer in Boston still ticks me off)

    And hey Kim….thanks for the perspective you give. It’s a nice dimension to the everyday grind of a baseball season.

  5. toonces464

    Do Damon and Swisher wear clothes on the charter? And how does Johnny get that hair through airport security? LOL

  6. chillin925@yahoo.com

    Swisher is ridiculous! That guy cracks me up everytime I watch him play! You watch him batting practice and he’s goofing off, you watch him in dugout and he’s goofing off and then you watch him at the plate and he just RAKES!!! YES needs to give him a reality show!! Swish for MVP!

  7. acepoint01

    I know this is off topic, but this A-Rod crap is awful reporting! I just hope maybe you could go to bat for him. I’ve always been a die-hard yankee fan that just didn’t like Alex, but this is out of control and I feel bad for the guy…The reporting is awful and has no evidence to back up any of her claims about steroids. Selena Roberts is trying to sell a book that does nothing except bash Alex in everywhere possible. How does a 3B consistently tip pitches? And who cares if “A-Rod was hated at Hooters, where he tipped the minimum 15 percent.” There is no honest reporting here…just an effort to destroy a guy’s rep and make some $$$

  8. nyy722046

    Thanks so much for the great job. I love the inside look at the players that you give us. I’m so jealous of your job!

  9. jimboyank2000@aol.com

    Hey Kim,

    Joba’s effort last night should quiet the fans screaming for his move back to the bullpen. A wise man once told me you can never have too much pitching. Someone always gets hurt. Plus, if you’re effective and win games, they will find a place for you in the rotation. Doesn’t look like Wang is going to be “fixed” in a week. I think it’s more in his head than his arm. I don’t think Phil Hughes will ever see Scranton again. He’s ready. At last

  10. hatsallfolks

    great blog as always kim. very entertaining and informative. when you do finally have to address the a-rod saga again i hope you are as honest as you were when he opted out and you covered it on wfan. i agreed with you 100 %. unfortunately it was short lived. i remember you saying you are good friends with selena roberts so i look forward to your opinions on the book. i hope theres more than what is being leaked for the books sake. like anyone was dumb enough to beleive he only used steroids in texas, and then gave them up for no reason. no one is surprised he’s done them his whole career along with hgh. and the pitch-tipping is so typical alex (trying to buy friends) again no surprise. i just hope when the circus gets back to town, he doesn’t disrupt the team again !!!

  11. shiney42

    OK Kim
    A serious question -I have for you,
    Who’s the hotest with NO shirt on…………
    PLEASE tell me……..

    Com’on Us ladies want to know

  12. bsheppard

    Great blog, great rerporting. Thanks.

    I really enjoyed the updates on the cuisine enjoyed in the YES booth by Michael and the guys. Feel free to keep those coming.

    Do they have wifi on the team charter? Why can’t we get that on regular commercial planes?

    Everybody, A-Rod needs to keep his shirt ON. Please don’t encourage him.

  13. hnic@cloud9.net

    Hi, Kim
    Love your blog and envy you for being able to have such close contact with the players but you’ve worked hard and earned it. Good for you. Loved your Shirtless Swisher post-game interview and while Johnny will always be the kind of the shirtless post-game players, no one but Swish would call out to someone “HEY SHIRTLESS INTERVIEW HERE” or something like that. I loved your interview with him Opening Day, the way he walked backwards towards you. He’s a breath of fresh air and not too shabby at the plate either. I am so glad Bruney is doing better. He’s my favorite bullpen guy besides Phil Coke.

    As for A-Rod, the biggest thing for me is that I looked to him to be the one guy to cleanly break Aaron’s record – to me, Bonds didn’t really break the record because he likely took performance enhancing drugs. And now that will never happen, not cleanly, that is.

    But I’m not ashamed to admit that I am actually looking forward to A-Rod’s return if he can help us get to the post season.

    Thanks for the blog. Good for you for being qualified to do the best job in baseball.


  14. shiney42

    Kim –
    Can you tell Joba to talk just a bit slower, I know us NY’ers are fast BUT Dammmmmm I miss half of what he says he talks so fast

  15. acepoint01

    Just a quick response to Selena Roberts comment that Alex basically had female breasts in 2005 (a sign of steroid use)…Isn’t that the year that Alex spent the summer walking around Central Park shirtless? For someone so obsessed with his own image, I doubt he would do that if he had breasts. I didn’t know you could get paid for writing an entire book dedicated to hearsay and slander.
    Kim, love you for what you have done…and I ask for are more posts, lol!!!

  16. toonces464

    Love, love, love him to death, but I think the fastest talker the Yankees ever had was Tino…man, he was tough to understand sometimes!

  17. nyfan24

    Let me start off by saying that i love your blog. It’s so great to see what goes on away from the field. And I could agree with BShappard more; Nick Swisher is a breath of fresh air. When I heard that he was coming to NY i was so excited, I dont think i know anyone who felt the same. He just seems to lighten up the mood in the clubhouse. I hope he just remains this way, because Cano, Melky, and Damon all seemed to change things on the team but none of it lasted long. By the way i have a quick question, would you happen to know who Swisher was talking to when he yelled SHIRT-LESS INTERVIEW OVER HERE! across the clubhouse?

  18. shiney42

    shiney42…Joba doesn’t talk fast, you just listen slow…
    By acepoint01
    Since when did you start doing Stand Up…

  19. mpetito@verizon.net

    Hi Kim, The rotation is set up well with Sabathia, Pettit, Burnett, Hughes, and Chamberlain.

    I still have concerns about the relief corps with the exception of Mariano who always starts up slowly. Should Burney get sidetracked, in his recovery would definitely put Chamberlain in that 7th and 8th inning slot. Feel that he is the heir apparant to Mariano in the future.

    Glad that ARod will be back soon. I see problems with centerfield with Melky and Brad. Need some hitting between the both of them or changes will have to be made. Might not be a bad thing to bring up that young kid from Scranton AAA.now and see what he can do.

    Swisher has been lights out a great attitude. How is Nady doing with his rehab.

    All and all, I see this club better than a 500 team. I hope they begin to play like one.

    By the way kudos on your work you are the “bomb”. You are

    one of the nice reasons to watch the Yankees on YES. Just hope that you are well compensated for your efforts.

    Best of luck on your new blog…

  20. jobrown

    Hi Kim! I am looking for a journalism degree here in Canada. I am a great baseball fan, I used to dream about reporting the Expos one day but… you know. By I am probably Canada’s number Yankees fan ( got my Yankees blog) and I very wish that one I could get a job just like yours. For now I am still learning from you people. I keep on reading you. Keep the work going!

    Jo Brown

  21. jobrown

    Hi Kim! I am looking for a journalism degree here in Canada. I am a great baseball fan, I used to dream about reporting the Expos one day but… you know. By I am probably Canada’s number one Yankee’s fan (got my Yankees blog) and I very wish that one I could get a job just like yours. For now I am still learning from you people. I keep on reading you. Keep the work going!

    Jo Brown

  22. letsgoyankees

    Hey Brian! Miss you man! You think you’ll be pitching the eighth or ninth when you come back with Mark Melancon waiting.

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