Gardner-Bruney battle continues

Gardner is in trouble. With Bruney.

The two are obsessed with the Tiger Woods videogame. They play against each other all time. To the winner goes custody of a Tiger figurine.

When Bruney triumphs, he paints Tiger’s cap, shirt and shoes red. When Gardner prevails, he paints the cap, shirt and shoes green.

Yesterday, Gardner jumped the shark. He painted the entire figurine green. And he put thought into it — he asked a clubbie in Texas to purchase bright green paint and a small paintbrush. Then, he temporarily hid the mini-Tiger from Bruney.

By this morning, Bruney had seen it.

“He painted it like a two year old,” Bruney seethed. “Why did he have to paint the whole thing green? I’m done.”

With the videogame?

“No, with Gardner and the figurine,” Bruney said. “Ask him why he did it.”

Gardner was busy with the Big Buck Hunter Pro arcade game — our apologies for getting the name of the game wrong yesterday — when we were in the clubhouse, so Gardner’s comment on this controversy will have to come postgame or tomorrow.

By the way, sources indicate that Farnsworth owns a Big Buck Hunter Pro and keeps it at his home in Georgia. That’s perfect.

jeter300_053109.jpgDouble time for Jeter: 14-game hitting streak for the Captain and he didn’t waste any time. Jinx this!

Menu musings: Kay just asked the runner to go the concession stand for a slice of pizza. He talked Flaherty into ordering one, too. (Yesterday Kay went with his other staple, chicken fingers and fries.) Kay bought. The slices are huge! Kay usually will eat only the cheese. Today, he’s eating the entire slice. “I feel like treating myself,” he explained.

We ate room-service oatmeal at the hotel for breakfast, so we declined the pizza offer and also will skip The Hal Lebovitz Press Dining Room today.

Yes, to answer your questions, we pay for meals at every ballpark. Tampa is $6. Yankee Stadium and Toronto are $11. Texas and Cleveland are $10. All receipts wind up on expense reports.

In the NFL, teams don’t charge the media for food on gamedays. At least we don’t think any of them do. In fact, some — the Steelers, for sure — allow reporters to eat in the cafeteria during the week, alongside Dan Rooney.

A.J. the tutor: A.J. takes great interest in his teammates and how they’re doing, especially the pitchers. He has developed a particular fondness for Wang, and the two were in the outfield just before noon, getting some throwing in on flat ground.

A.J. finished first and stayed to watch Wang throw. Then, he stepped behind Wang and offered what appeared to be mechanical suggestions. He and Wang were discussing Wang’s grip on the sinker.

We’ll ask A.J. for more details, probably tomorrow.

Melky to return: Girardi expects Melky to be in the lineup tomorrow, after missing four games with the bruised shoulder. It might be Damon who gets a day off; he’s been sore since colliding with the wall/fence in Texas.


  1. chriscsg

    Hey Kim great blog!

    I think a nice girl from PA can kick some butt on the Big Buck Hunter game…

    I was relieved that Jeter kept the hit streak alive after your post game interview last night. Now we just need to keep the error streak alive and you’ll be able to interview after the game today! 🙂

  2. alightningrodfan

    Well, Jeter hit and the streak is still on. So Kim, you are no jinx. I would love to hear about the players listening to the Swisher’s music. Do they dance? Boy, I would pay to see that. I would bet Cano, A-Rod and Melky can do a mean latin hustle. But not to Swisher’s country music of course.

  3. cknyc

    to alightningrodfan: not a jinx?

    she also asked jeter how it felt being in first place last night.
    and today they let one get away.
    probably coz gardner didnt steal second in the top of the 9th he was asked to.

    i say the jinx is true.
    why else did jeter react sarcasticaaly at kim at last night;s interview with kim on the field?


    Thanks Kim for the updates. I just started reading your blog. Kim I think this team definitely has a different type of bond. I think the Yankees are starting to do things right, they are signing and bringing up good people, baseball people and most importantly team (win) first mentality. I am looking forward to your next writing. Thank you very much for such insight into the team and the YES announcers. I do have a question, Can you find out why Brett Gardner does not run MORE, I know he got the sign and decided NOT to run, but his real value is his legs. I beleive this team when we get everyone back can be a special team. In 1998 there was a inf/pinch runner named Homer Bush. He was a fan favorite, he was fast like Brett, but he stole alot of bases and really was disruptive to the opposition, Brett is way to tentative and he will not play much unless he steals more. Remember Dave Roberts in 2004??? Well that ought to be what Gardner ought to be doing, I would be running every opportunity I could and learn every pitchers move, he would become a great asset all the way through the pennant chase and the playoffs. Your readers will remember Homer Bush. Thank you Rick

  5. yanksfan123ny

    “We ate room-service oatmeal at the hotel for breakfast, so we declined the pizza offer and also will skip The Hal Lebovitz Press Dining Room today.”

    Is that the royal “we” or are you sharing about your company for the weekend?

    Great job on the blog Kim.

  6. 35moosefan35

    LOL I think she slipped on that one. 🙂

    Seriously though great blog Kim. Love hearing what goes on in the clubhouse. I just eat that up.

  7. rastaseed

    Yeah Homer Bush. What a stolen base threat! In 1998 he stole 6!!! bases, and he was only caught 3 times. What a threat.
    1998, those were the good old days. Everyone from that team is 10x better now than they they actually were.


    QUESTION FOR TINO-Just wondering if he would ever consider managing/coaching. It seems like he’s really helpful to the players (both Coke and Tex have mentioned that talking to him has helped).
    Thanx so much for the blog Kim! I don’t always have time to comment, but I always love to read it-I love the fun behind the scenes stuff you write about. Take care! =)

  9. hatsallfolks


  10. yankeexx

    Kim I get warm fuzzies hearing about all that team love. AJ and Wang. Hope it pays dividends for him and that we see the old Wang as a starter soon. Taiwan might boycott the Yanks if not. Per Susan Waldman when Wang does not pitch the President of Taiwan himself asks….Why no Wang? Also my friend adopted a daughter from China whose 10 now and I’ve watched her since she was 2. I’ve indoctrinated her into Yankee culture and when asked…Who is your favorite pitcher she smiles and says…Chien Ming Wang. But shhhhh her Papi in Pittsburgh albeit not a big Pirate’s fan tries to tell her otherwise.


    Hi Kim, I wanted to pass onto you and the Yankees a possible way to fight those bugs in Cleveland. I live in Orlando and we have bugs of every kind. I have found a remedy that works so maybe it will help Joba and the other players. Bug spray is a joke but if you take an empty spray bottle and fill it with Listerine and spray it on yourself or around you like at a picnic table it will keep the bugs away and sometimes kills them. Worth a try! Sincerely, Jan F.


    Hey, Kim!
    You are awesome! I knew you wouldn’t jinx the boys…
    I just wanted to thank you again for everything you did to make Polly’s Bat Girl night special. She is soooo pschyed to still be in the “Yankee Loop”! Drop me an email… I could use your help with something. ‘Hope they do well tonight and you all can come back to NY with another win! Thanks! Kate
    PS: I actually had to visit the chiropractor and have my jaw adjusted last week… too much smiling at the Stadium, we think!

  13. tj0007

    Gardner has 10 stolen bases. He is in the top 15 in stolen bases in the AL and Gardner does not play everyday he is also tied with Jeter with the team lead in stolen bases. So he does steal. Gardner has the same OBP as Jacoby Ellsbury this year. I think gardner is playing well.

  14. bigtraincj

    Kim my dad brought up this crucial and most concerning question: if AJ ends up suspended, will he be prohibited from delivering his cream pie surprises as well?

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