See ya, Cleveland!

gardner_250.jpgIn a few short hours, there will be universal happiness on the Yankees charter flight when we take off, leaving behind our five days in Cleveland.

Bruney takes Tiger:
Brian Bruney and Brett Gardner resumed their Tiger Woods video game battles last year, with Bruney winning. So Bruney has custody of the Tiger figurine until the next road trip; they play only on the road. Bruney already repainted Tiger, with a red shirt, cap and shoes and silver pants. Gardner had angered Bruney on Sunday morning by painting Tiger in head-to-toe green.

“Yeah, he was upset,” an unrepentant Gardner said. “I knew he would be. That’s why I did it.”

In Cornhole bean-bag game news, Brett Tomko went undefeated in five sweat-producing games against A.J. over the past two days. But today, Tomko split two games with Phil Coke, who said he had “no idea what I’m doing” before throwing his first bean bag.

Dining news: The Hal Lebovitz Press Dining Room stepped up today, easily the best meal of the series: grilled chicken, rice, veggies, chicken noodle soup. Worth the $10.

As a follow-up to those of you who looked too deeply for a salacious meaning in our report yesterday that “we ate room-service oatmeal at the hotel for breakfast…” — we can assure you, “we” is “I.” We just prefer the royal “we.” We really loathe the overuse of “I,” especially in print. It’s just tedious.

By the way, Flaherty treated tonight, buying Kay some chicken fingers and fries and himself a burger and fries. The cost: $19.50 for everything. Not bad.

Suffering a setback:
With the news that Jose Molina “felt something” in his strained quad while running to first base in Tampa, the Yankees will “back off and be smart” with Molina, according to Brian Cashman. Cashman doesn’t believe Molina re-tore anything, but he probably will have another MRI to make sure. Cashman agrees that the Yankees are very lucky Francisco Cervelli has been beyond capable as replacement. Instead of possibly seeing Molina this week, it’ll be awhile.

Meanwhile, Xavier Nady plans to throw tomorrow after feeling some soreness in his elbow while throwing for the first time today. While Joe Girardi termed this a setback, Cashman was more optimistic, saying they expected Nady to “feel something,” just as he did when he first swung a bat. Cashman suggested this was normal and that Nady will proceed as expected. Obviously, they’ll know more tomorrow.

Bye-bye Big Buck: The Yankees will miss at least one thing from Cleveland – the Big Buck Hunter Pro game that many of them played over the past four days. They’ll probably get over it.

Funny guy, that Pavano: Bruney, Jorge Posada and Derek Jeter were among the former teammates who greeted Carl Pavano as he left the Indians clubhouse yesterday, congratulating him on a fine outing. Said a smiling Pavano today: “I’m a 90-pitch pitcher now.” He should not have come out of that game.

See ya Friday: We are taking our first series off over the next three days and have lots to do. (The bosses insist we take time off. We’re slightly paranoid about their insistence, but we mostly take it in stride.) We’ll try to check in a few times between now and the start of the Rays’ series Friday. On Friday, we’ll track down Tino Martinez and ask him your questions. In the meantime, Gordon Damer (the Fantasy Gamer) will fill in Cervelli-style — more than capably! Have a great week!


  1. 35moosefan35

    Kim all in fun. 🙂

    They are making you go on furlough? The Yankees? The billion dollar corp? Wow that just stinks.

  2. bob15

    OK Kim…have a great time being off. I certainly enjoy reading your pregame/beginning game reports. Make sure you stop by and say HI, or at least email me a hello! lol

  3. hmg2

    Hi Kim. I’m watching your interview with Joba. Guess we know who got the belt tonight. Good dig on Pettitte from Joba.

    Have a good week off. Wish my boss told me to take off. Ha.

  4. hmg2

    Hi Kim. I’m watching your interview with Joba. Guess we know who got the belt tonight. Good dig on Pettitte from Joba.

    Have a good week off. Wish my boss told me to take off. Ha.


    See ya Cleveland indeed: 3 out of 4 won (maybe should have been a sweep but oh well), 15 game hitting streak for Jeter, great outings by all the starters, 18 games without an error and and we proved we can win without the long ball! ;D
    Have a good week off!!

  6. jeff1112

    Do you have a choice on when you take time off or was it just like you have to take this series off? Why not take an away series off instead of one at home?

    It’s really hard to believe that after this many years of baseball the longest streak of errorless baseball games is only 18. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but at the same time if you think about it a team has to play 2 1/2 weeks of baseball without making a mistake on the field. Lets hope the Yankees keep up the slick fielding.

    If this team can keep up the solid pitching and defense like this they can go a long way. The pitching this game was very economical, only 119 pitches between Joba and Mo. Gotta throw this out there in relation to Joba, he has the 2nd best ERA on the staff behind CC with a 3.71. According to his stats Joba could be considered the #2 or #3 starter in the rotation, so he’s a nice guy to have as the current #4.

  7. levelboss

    Kim, can you suggest to the Yankee brass that the Yankees have THEIR OWN Big Buck Hunter Pro arcade AND Cornhole bean-bag game in the GINORMOUS clubhouse at the new Yankee Stadium? i know it seems trivial, but these games seem to galvanize and gell the Yankees as a unit; it makes them relaxed and bonds them as off-field buddies – i think these things are actually HELPING the team play better on the field
    and if somehow these things get accomplished then maybe the Steinbrenners and Co. can also RELAX THE FACIAL HAIR RESTRICTIONS – so the Yankees can have the Thurman Munson-Reggie Jackson-70’s style staches and whatnot

  8. bad_karma

    Kim, enjoy your time off. You will be missed, but Gordon is a more than capable pinch-hitter. I’m still ticked off that he was jobbed by ESPN last summer — my husband and I woke up to The Overnight Oasis on 1050 every morning for months (I still have the theme song running through my head after not hearing it for nearly a year…), and moved down the dial when they dumped him for the national feed. A NYC-market radio station needs to program with its own talent instead of using a generic national feed that doesn’t pay enough attention to our own teams — especially when it’s going up against a powerhouse station with an established track record.




    Kim… the interview you made with Joba last night and how the teams outlook and attitude was obvious with his comments. It seems that many of the interviews I have seen with you, I always get a laugh whether it was Jeter holding you to the fire with the errorless game comments, the pie in the face, or Joba noting Andy horse laughing in the dugout after that awesome play in the 5th. This is just good baseball! As my 2 yearold daughter whom LOVES Jeter says after one of her favorite TV shows The Wonder Pets chants their theme…..”What’s gonna work………..TEAM WORK!”


    Kim, enjoy your time off, and thanks for the very interesting and entertaining blogging!

  11. chriscsg

    Enjoy the time off Kim! I forward to hearing from you again Friday. My daughter is flying in from Florida for the weekend to go to the games (going to college there). I plan to show her your blogs… she’ll love it!

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