Bruney back soon?

Hey there! Still looking for Tino but as one of you mentioned in the comments, maybe it’s even better to catch up with him after the draft and get his thoughts on the players the Yankees select.

Phil blogged down: In March, when we originally told Hughes that we were joining him in the blogosphere, he responded: “You can have my blog.” So, yes, he knows he’s neglecting it. We’ll check with him again.

Mo tied up: In answer to a couple of you — yes, the numbers indicate that Mariano isn’t the same in tie games, but he’s always said his approach is no different than save situations and that he feels no different in tie games. We’ll check in with him again on that, maybe tomorrow, but we’re guessing he’ll stick with those responses.

Bruney back soon? Bruney threw his bullpen today – 15 fastballs, sat for four minutes, 15 more fastballs – and said he felt great, as good as ever. Girardi wanted to see him throw changeups; Bruney said next time. He’s probably no more than 10 days away if everything goes well.

Omelet Sunday: They serve made-to-order omelets in the press dining room on days like this. And they even have egg whites. Awesome! Kay had bacon and fruit, probably a burger, and definitely ice cream. A swirl, no toppings. The ice cream is going to be very difficult to resist all season, which is going to be a problem. For us for sure, maybe for Kay.

Swish-a-licious: Glad some of you enjoyed the Swisher interview. He’s a hoot. We did the interview – or “Innerview” – while Girardi was meeting the media at the other end of the dugout. When we finished the interview, we looked over and Girardi and the reporters were staring at us, laughing. Guess we were a bit loud. Or, more accurately, Swisher was a bit loud. His energy is contagious!

Just to let you know: We are planning to interview Longoria tomorrow for “Batting Practice Today presented by Audi.” If he’s still out of the lineup, we might have to go to Plan B. And Jeter has committed to doing Tuesday’s Interview from Boston. That night, we have the BP show, pregame and postgame on YES, with the game on My9.


  1. 35moosefan35

    Yes please post it! I accidentally deleted the show off my dvr before I watched it. I love Swisher interviews!


    Kim…”Great behind the scenes” stuff!!! Personally, I have always been interested in the logistics of a road trip…How does all that stuff get from Point A to Point B? How many uniforms, shoes, gloves, bats, etc. do the Yankees haul around? Do some of the players carry any of their own stuff?
    Do you and the crew stay at the same hotel? Or, does “J” try to keep the team a bit isolated and focused? I emailed Kay this question last season and never got a response…figure he didn’t know…:)

  3. chriscsg

    Tell Swish that the bleacher creatures love him. He helped us heckle a Cubs fan in the Saturday game.

    I was glad to see Mo get Longoria to end today’s game! I don’t know what it is with Mo and tie games, but I still wouldn’t what to see anyone other than 42 on the mound for the 9th inning.

    Today’s win might have been a little “ugly” but I love that fact this team doesn’t seem to give up. As a fan I get the feeling they can come back from almost any deficit. I certainly didn’t feel that last year.

  4. 35moosefan35

    Tell Swish that the bleacher creatures love him. He helped us heckle a Cubs fan in the Saturday game.


    How did he do that? Please share. 🙂

  5. jeff1112

    Aceves might not have the stuff Bruney does but he has been as important as Bruney was before he went on the DL. He’s been a great addition while Bruney has been out. It was good to see the interview with Aceves from the game. Bruney and Aceves could be a great 1-2 punch before getting to Mo after Bruney comes back. The news about Bruney was excellent to hear. Will Joe continue to use Aceves in multiple roles or mainly in crucial late inning situations when Bruney comes back?

  6. holt78

    Put Joba in the pen. Aveves, and Bruney setting up Joba who sets up Mo = the best chance Yankee fans have at seeing #27. Let Hughes be what he is; the best starting pitching prospect we have, and let Joba be what he is, the best 8th inning guy in all of MLB.

    It’ll be like the old days: Stanton, Lloyd, Nelson, Mo.

    That worked out pretty well. Here’s to hoping the Yankees realize sooner than later that Joba wouldn’t even sniff a playoff start anyway; get him acclimated to the pen and let’s destroy the Boston Red Sux sooner than later.



    I remember that Wang always had a problem with a broken fingernail the past few years. With his DL last year,has that healed? If it healed, could it have anything to do with his problems this year?

  8. jik2

    Kim, thanks for the great reporting.
    Can’t wait for Bruney to get back, but Yanks seem to be getting great contributions from everyone. Cervelli, Cash, Pena, Coke, Aceves, Melky & Gardner…so many role players stepping up to make this a team that can beat you in many different ways. To be 0-5 against Boston and still be where we are in the standings — 1st in the East, tied for best record in the AL — you gotta like it.
    Now let’s finish with the Rays, and then give the Sox the beatings they deserve.

  9. 35moosefan35

    Just watched your Swisher interview. Talk about a guy with no personality. I mean he makes Mussina seem interesting. 😛

    All kidding aside great interview! He must be a hoot!!

  10. ron smith

    Do you believe joe would still be at the helm if Mr steinbrenner was still in charge after loseing 8 streight from Boston.Also a a tid bit that the yankees this year is batting .036 when swinging at the first pitch,no missing or fouling but either a base hit or an out.
    Thank Ron in Syracuse New York

  11. vinnycaz

    Ok , OK I said it no applause please, spomeof you agreed some said too costly,but now that its happening already yanks blow 2 straight, and it isnt because of run production everyone is saying why didnt we even try to make a move for halliday, and who better to get rid of, mitre, bruney, and albaladejo, my 3 pitchers for 1, is this too costly no way, wouldit be enough, maybe if you threw in good minor league prospect, then we would have luxury, move petitte to bullpen, with coke and huges and riviera, it would be sweet, and how bout that starting rotation, yes the one that makes halliday number 1, burnett number 2, job number 3 and sabathia number 4, it would be nice to have a number 4 pitcher of his class , and i bet he would win more games due to less depth on other teams, he is not anumber one pitcher by any means,not this year anyways, hey i like the guy,this isnt a talent show, produce oryour gone, the yankees had a 3 and a half game lead, next week we get the sox, we cant beat the sox, yes , you heard me say it, i bleed yankees and i thought i would never say it, but 0-8 this year means I am right, and our pitching and bullpen arent well, and now boston isnt playing well but they always play well when it comes yankee time this year with girardi, they have the pshcological advantage, in yankee minds , hell in my mind we cant beat them, if they can then prove it and I will stop complaining, bu tfor the long run, when is football starting, if we make the playoffs we wont be there long, hate to be a pessimist, but our piching wont do it.

  12. vinnycaz

    by the way bruney, not to avoid the actual subjectand talk halliday because it upsets me, but bruney couldve been dealt like i mentioned, we really couldve done without him he has not shown anything as of late, coldve dumped himin th mitre trade, another clam ,nice pitching tonight from mitre, he stinks.


    Hi Kim I love to watch your interviews before and after the games. I recently sent an email to Joe about some of our players chewing tobacco, and I know he gets alot at askjoe but with all the young boys watching the New York Yankees as role models I think that Double Bubble is best.
    Judei in Mansfield,PA

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