From Rays of light to Boston bound

hughes_250.jpgLooking for Tino is like trying to find Waldo. We’ve given up. For now.

Hughes responds:
Because you wanted an update, we asked Hughes about his blog. His sheepish response: “It’s on standby.” Tomko, who overheard our conversation, offered this to his teammate: “You’ve got to start Twittin’ or something!” Hughes laughed.

What about the pits?
At one point late in the Sunday game, after we’d blogged, Kay was eating a bowl full of cherries, which he said were provided by Mia from the suites. Kay with a bowl full of cherries was amusing.

Bronx Bombers Sundae: Kay and (to a lesser extent) Cone are digging into pints of Turkey Hill ice cream as we write this. When Cone’s talking, Kay’s eating by the spoonful. For dinner, Kay and some others in our crew ordered out from Yolanda’s; he had chicken parmesan. Cone’s dinner: four cups of coffee (so far) and a piece of chocolate.

The press dining room featured awesome roast beef and mashed potatoes. Sadly, we pigged out. Audrey the Stage Manager is disappointed. “There weren’t mashed potatoes when I was in there,” she said. Sometimes, all we talk about it food.

Swish and chips:
The Swisher “Innerview” has been added to the blog. That’s a good job by internet guru Kevin Sullivan, who will be delighted that Kay and Cone just discussed this blog on the broadcast. Sullivan loves when that happens. So, thanks guys!

Ray of light:
The Rays don’t exactly have a long and storied history, but it’s worth noting that Longoria is trying to become the first Ray to be selected by fans to the All-Star Game and to start in the game. (Jose Canseco was voted in by fans in 1999 as DH but didn’t play in the game because of back surgery.) By last week’s count, Longoria was third in the overall voting, behind Pujols and Utley and just ahead of Jeter. New vote totals should be announced tomorrow.

We’re going to catch up with Longoria during the next Yankees-Rays series (in seven weeks) for an “Innerview.” Upton pinch hit today because Longoria was having pregame treatment on his hamstring. And Upton showed up 10 minutes early for the spot. That’s a great job by him.

Boston bound:
A quick road trip awaits. Should be a fascinating three games in Boston, beginning with Burnett-Beckett. Let’s hope the forecasted rain doesn’t screw it up. The Yankees are looking for their first win against the Sox this season, but this is a different Yankees team than the one Boston last saw. A reminder, Jeter is joining us tomorrow on “Batting Practice Today presented by Audi.”


  1. bob15

    Thanks for the Phil update Kim. I guess we’ll just wait him out on his blog. I guess he stopped when he didn’t make the squad out of ST but now that he has a computer right at his locker, he could just give us an update once in a while.You should put out an APB on Tino. How dare he hide from the Q&A! lol

  2. jeterfan023

    Hey Kim–Kay was just talking about 106 HRs that have been hit at the stadium in 29 games–that’s amazing! If you are reading and are in the booth with the guys right now, can you ask Kay if he will mention how many of those HRs have come off Yankee bats? I am curious to know! 🙂 -Melissa from CT

  3. chriscsg

    Hey Kim! I can’t believe Cony needs any coffee. I hope it’s decaf! LOL

    I hope you can maybe interview Zim the next series against the Rays.

    The Upton interview was a good one. He’s a well spoken guy that doesn’t really give canned answers.

    Any news on when/if Bob Sheppard might be back? I miss him at the stadium.

    This Boston series I think is going to be huge. The Yanks need to play tough and well. They need to get their swagger back that they lost in 2004. I think it will all rest on the starters’ shoulders. I like the Sox pen better than Yanks so the starters need to go loooooonnnggggg.

    Woooohooooooo nice 1/2 inning for Hughes out of the pen. I might now have to rethink my last statement! 🙂

    Have a great trip Kim!

  4. 35moosefan35

    One more thing regarding Swishes interview. If that was Swish tired, I want to see Swish wide awake. Look out! 🙂

  5. jeff1112

    Kim, Any chance you can interview Jim Kaat when the Yankees are up in Boston since he is doing the game for the MLB Network on Thursday? I’d love to hear from him and his thoughts on the current Yankee team. He was one of my favorites in the booth for YES before he retired.

    Also can someone with YES post the announcer schedule for each series the Yankees play? I remember it was posted online a couple years ago and its nice to know who’s calling the games.

    How about a fan-driven Innerview? That way you can pick some questions submitted by the fans to ask a player you are going to interview. Kinda like the Q&A with O’Neill and Tino, but instead this is live.

    Hopefully you can find Tino during the subway series this weekend.

  6. iheartnyy242

    i had heard michael kay tell the story about why swisher looked up during his at bats, but loved to hear it from him. my own eleven year old lost his grandparents who were very close to him and i showed him the clip. he loved the idea and plans to institute it into his ritual at the plate. he also asked how to put their initials in his bat. a great story that has inspired another. no offense to tex, cc, or aj, but swisher is definitely my favorite new veteran yankee. i love the example he sets for kids and his fun loving spirit.

  7. iheartnyy242

    almost forgot… kay and cone mentioned how pettitte has learned to battle through games similiar to mike mussina. has anyone heard from the moose since his retirement? has he seen the new yankee stadium yet? any plans to honor him this season for his accomplishments as a yankee? i sure wanted to see him get a ring for all he did for the yankees during his tenure. would have made for an interesting debate on joba to the bullpen if he had stayed one more year…cc, aj, wang, pettitte, mussina. hard to go wrong with a 20 game winner as your fifth starter. i know that fuels the debate on whether they would have resigned pettitte, but i have to believe that deal would have gotten done regardless.

  8. chrissyny86

    Hi Kim,

    Love your blog!! Please try not to mention too much about Tampa Bay…I find it extremely annoying and I live in Boston… smack dab in the middle of Red Sox Nation….even the SOX fans find it annoying….those bandwagon fans are no where to be found now that the team is back to normal again… excited about the Yanks coming to town…been a fan of the Yanks since I was a 5…got tix to the game for Tuesday since it’s my birthday…wow 23 I’m old!!! So exited Jeter is doing BPTV tomorrow, had a crush on him since I was 11 and now my 6 yr old cousin does, he really connects the generations…Go Yanks and I really hope they win the series against the Sox, what a sweet birthday present that will be!! Hope you find Tino!

    Keep up the great work Kim!!



    Don’t get me wrong. I’m a big fan of Robinson Cano. But has anyone other than me noticed how frequently he grounds out to the second baseman? I think he’s set a record. Do they keep that kind of stats?

  10. nyguitarman

    I Love your interviews! You seem to have a Great Chemistry with the Yankees from Manager to Players. Keep on Blogging and if I see Tino I’ll have him Text You.
    Frank G
    Westchester, NY

  11. yankeexx

    Boston is upon us now. Wonder if it will be another rainout. Hope not. Time for tums for the anxious stomach.

  12. bryan722

    Hughes was pumped up last night and I guess it was because of a week layoff but he looked great pumping 95mph heat past those helpless Rays. If it comes down to a save tonight I hope Joe put Hughes in and not Mo 4 days in a row. Still I hope his long term future is in the rotation.


    Hi Kimmie!! Listen….could you give kudos to Cone for me? I think he does a GREAT job in the booth and doesn’t seem to get the credit for it. O’Neill is still my favorite, but Cone is fresh.

    Well, that must have been the pits having to watch Kay mash down a bowl of cherries Kimmie. And then he follows it up with Turkey hill ice cream?!?! Good Lord!! His system don’t know which way to go!! First burgers without buns….then POW!!! a half gallon of Turkey Hill down the gullet….then some cherries?!? If that boy doesn’t end up with spastic colon then it will be a miracle.

    And about Tino….doesn’t he know he has fans out here who want to hear his answers to some of our questions? How could he just ‘disappear’ on us like this? It’s almost as bad as YOU neglecting us blog readers for about a week recently. GRRRRRR!!!

  14. hitman74

    Am I crazy to think Melky deserves All Star consideration???

    Ive been voting for him as a write in, I think you should too!


    Chanting.. Burnett sucks Burnett sucks Burnett sucks!!!
    Why did the Yankees commit them selves to this .500 pitcher? The scouts have tagged him as a manager’s heart breaker. great stuff, but lacks daily concentration. Why is he a Yankee?? Again he’s killed us. Couldn’t even go 2 innings tonight. Please send him back to Toronto.. I’d rather see Hughes or Aceves starting them Burnett any more..


    LOL great start, 6 straight loses to boston. this yankee team is so bad LOL what great run? come to boston and get dominated and destroyed. i can see it, losers will leave this series at 9 straight loses.


    gotta love this team with no heart, what do they care about winning their all hundred millionaires. they’ll go home after a misreble season and still be happy. this team spends too much money, i say rebuild LOL.


    look at boston dominating squashing the yankees like bugs LOL. at this point its not even sad, its halarious. i mean there so bad how dod you get beat six straight games LOL. baddies.


    Hi Kim,
    This was pathetic tonight! All the money the Yankees are paying Burnett and he plays this way!
    And what was wrong with the rest of the team, just because we start off bad they have to go into a slump?
    I live in Florida and PAY to watch the games and tonight and tomorrow night I have to listen to the NESN announcers – torture!
    Why does Boston have a fantastic bullpen and the Yankees do not? I wonder what the Steinbrenner boys think of this! I think Cashman should be fired!
    Maybe Burnett should practice pitching instead of PIE THROWING!
    Thanks for listening.


    Hi Kim, Do you know how some pitchers are inconsistent? One day they pitch well, the next day they don’t? I think a lot has to do with the umpire. If it’s a pitcher’s umpire, he will pitch well. If it’s a hitter’s umpire, he won’t, even though he’s throwing pretty much the same way. Do you agree? Joe


    I like Cervelli. Did you see how he coaxed AJ through his difficult inning, how Cervelli changed his position to a higher one when AJ was throwing low?

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