Bedard bound for the trade market?

Watching the U.S. Open, it’s amazing to see the rain continuing in the New York area. Those golfers must hate it. Of course, they have a lot of company.

The weather in South Florida has been unbelievably perfect. If you like 90 degrees with some humidity. Really, no one has complained, but the Yankees are making sure to drink plenty of water, and Girardi says he regularly checks with players to make sure they feel OK.

Pettitte mentioned last night that he struggled a bit in the heat, though his numbers didn’t show it. The best evidence was when he knelt at second base after hitting the RBI double. CC likes the heat, so he’ll probably pitch a complete game tomorrow.

Alex Rodriguez: As expected, he’s sitting for the second game in a row. Unlike yesterday, he did take BP in the cage and he did some agility work in the outfield before the game. He could pinch hit. Which would debunk some of the wild theories circulating thanks to the local media here, who suggest more sinister reasons for his absence. Listen, everything isn’t always as it appears, but if you’ve seen Alex play lately, you’d agree he needed a break. Even if the break, unfortunately, came in his hometown.

Father’s Day: Our feature on the Molina family, including all three brothers, airs tomorrow before the game. They’re still coping with the loss of their papi last October. Again, we know this is self-serving, but it’s worth watching.

bedard_250.jpgErik Bedard: He’ll be available in the trade market, assuming his shoulder comes along and he returns in a couple weeks. (He might pitch for the Mariners when they’re at Yankee Stadium.) The trade that took him to Seattle seems to be one of those deals that doesn’t take years to evaluate. The O’s got their center fielder for now and the future in Adam Jones, who’s having a breakout season, and a closer in George Sherrill, who might or might not be trade bait. Even if they’d just received Jones in return, it would have been well worth it.

Kenny Singleton: Kenny bought dinner for the guys – pizza for Kay, hot dog for himself and pizza and ice cream for O’Neill. O’Neill also ate a full meal in the press dining room, which featured lobster ravioli. Tomorrow, it’s O’Neill’s turn to buy since Kay paid yesterday. We had the lobster rav. Didn’t like it, but ate it. That’s so pathetic. We might get in on the O’Neill order tomorrow.

Dolphin Stadium: It sounds like the locals have turned out in greater voice tonight. Perhaps they didn’t like the way Yankees fans took over the stadium last night. Or perhaps they’re awaiting the salsa band and fireworks show that follows the game. A bunch of us are thinking about sticking around.


  1. bob15

    It’s nice you and the YES crew are eating like pigs down there, Kim! I bet Leiter wishes he was there for that too. lolI can’t believe the Mariners will fetch what they gave away in Jones. That’s one of the worst trades the Mariners have made in recent history.The drowning out of the “Let’s go Yankees” chants seem to be some sort of PA trick. I’m not sure what kind of sound it is but it sounds like tamborines.We are enjoying the JUNE rain up here. It’s been a month since I got to play Sunday baseball because of this rain. Think the Yankees will let me take some swings down there?? lolWhat’s happening with Joba?? He hasn’t been himself lately. He hasn’t been getting hit hard but he seems to either lose the strike zone or he’s afraid to throw strikes. Either way, his fastball is down and his pitch count is too high, too quick.


    Good game pitched by Burnett tonight. No need to be ashamed of that game. Fact is that the Yankee offense ran into a hot pitcher in Johnson tonight. And I know the Damon error cost the Yanks the game….but everyone knows that Johnny isn’t the best outfielder in the world anymore (but certainly not the worst either). Johnny Damon is on this team for his offense…not his defense, but I don’t think anyone can dis him for losing a ball in the lights…it happens to the best outfielders. In the daytime….OR in a stadium that has baseball lights instead of FOOTBALL LIGHTS, he makes that catch every time.

    It was unfortunate, but stuff like that happens. Kudos to Burnett on a great game pitched.

    As fot the comment further up this page about Joba? The reason Joba isn’t himself lately is because he is better suited to the reliever role. He tries to keep gas in the tank when he is starting because he wants to give the Yankees LENGTH. And when he eases off, his control goes out the window. When he’s dealing, his slider, his fastball and his curveball are devestating. He’s simply in the WRONG ROLE.

    Trust me…Joba will be the 8th inning setup man by the end of the year unless the braintrust of the Yankees are just to pig-headed to see the writing on the wall.

  3. alightningrodfan

    Thanks for your short words on A-Rod. Man, it is amazing the way imaginations go wild when it comes to anything related to him. I guess the thought that he is just plain tired is not interesting enough news for some. Keep up these great updates. It is great for us fans. By the way, I think Singleton is great. He really tells it like it is.

  4. jeff1112

    Some baseball rules just don’t make sense. Burnett shouldn’t get the loss when the losing run is an unearned run. Burnett should have gotten a no decision for that game. If they wanted to institute a team loss or start charging losses to individual players if they make errors that result in a loos thats fine with me. What does it take to get baseball rules changed?

    The Yankees have quietly played .500 baseball thus far during the month of June while winning 3 of 5 series. Fortunately they haven’t slipped too far in the standings, but that’s not the way to win the division. The offense has been stifled lately and the team has gotten inconsistent pitching performances. What does this team need to do to put everything back together and play closer to how they did when they had that nice winning streak?

    How close is Molina to coming back? It will be hard to see Cervelli go back to the minors when Molina returns.

    Here are a few people I’d like to see you do an Innerview with Tony Pena, Mike Harkey, Phil Hughes, Dave Robertson. Ask Pena his thoughts on Posada defense and his work with the pitching staff and what he thinks of Cervelli’s defense an catching prowess. I really don’t know much about the bullpen coach Harkey, so it would be good to hear his thoughts on Bruney’s return and the current state of the bullpen. I’d be interested in hearing what Hughes thinks of pitching out of the pen, has it helped him at all in his approach to pitching against major league hitters since he’s been aggressive and successful pitching the way he has? Haven’t heard from Robertson in a while. He has been very effective, is his approach out of the bullpen different this year than last? How was it getting the call back up after not making out of spring training?

  5. nyy722046

    Went to Miami for Fri. and Sat.’s games. Friday night was the loudest Yankees crowd I’ve heard outside of Yankee Stadium. Saturday night’s crowd was as excited and loud, but since the Marlins took a page out of Tampa’s book, they supplied their fans with cowbells. Then they took a page out of Fenway’s book and played Sweet Caroline during the game. Yankees fans don’t need cowbells to get our message across. 🙂


    Michael Kay and Thou. The reason he mentioned it, and moreso, the reason he said he had 4 inquiries, is that many people believe Kay to be gay. Yes, that’s right Gay Kay. He is such an insecure guy that when he actually (Kays favorite word, actually, – we have pools in the bar to see how many times he says it on each broadcast) gets some text’s asking him about a hetero relationship, he pounces on them, quick as a cat, and lets people know, loud and clear, that “See, I am a virile guy. I even get text’d about my relationships with women.” So there you go Kim. Now you know why he went on about about you two as a couple. Hope this helps.

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