No shortage of Yankees fans in South Florida

jeterblog_062109.jpgThree-and-a-half hours before game time, it’s hotter than ever here at Land Shark Stadium — a name that takes some getting used to, huh? — where temps are well into the 90s and humidity seems ungodly high as well. (It’s sunny, though, and there’s no tarp on the field.) Jeter says it’s supposed to be hotter in Atlanta. Most of the players seem to be staying in Florida, or somewhere else, for the off day and then will join the team in Atlanta.

Leaving South Florida will mean leaving some of the zaniest and loudest Yankees fans alive. Last night the bus ride out of the stadium was almost scary. Even police escorts can’t solve bumper-to-bumper traffic. And then there were the fans. They lined the area where the bus parked. They screamed. They yelled. And yelled. And yelled some more.

One young lady screamed Jeter’s name repeatedly. At a decibel level that would deafen dogs. She was absolutely relentless. Jeter did sign a bunch of autographs, which was brave of him; not sure if one was hers.

There are Yankees fans everywhere we go. South Florida wins the prize for most the most feverish. Maybe it’s the heat.


  1. wakeupinacity

    oh man! those fans are so lucky. i’ll admit that sometimes i sit outside of yankee stadium to see them drive past. (i do not scream though, i promise) and derek jeter never stops. i am so jealous!

  2. bryan722

    Yeah that stadium was packed last night over 46,000. I have been to Marlins games against the Red Sox, Cubs, Phillies and those games got only about half as many people. It was a mad house getting out last night. I was in the car at 10:30 and got home at midnight. Normally it would take 25-30 minutes but the Yankees always bring them in. Should have just stayed and hung out with Jeter to wait for the parking lot to clear haha. Oh and A-Rod’s at bat last night was probably the coolest moment I have ever been at a ball game for. Just the electricity in the stadium when he was announced was off the charts . The only game I went to at old Yankee Stadium in 1996 Darryl Strawberry hit 2 homeruns and got a curtain call. That was pretty cool but A-Rod just tops everything. His old high school coach said it best about him that he’s more rock star than athlete.

  3. gcf123


    Really nice piece on Benjamin Molina nad the impact he had with his sons. Perfect piece for Father’s Day!!

  4. jeff1112

    I agree with gcf123, I enjoyed watching the interviews with the Molinas about their Dad. Where were the parts with Bengie and Yadier filmed?

    Why did Girardi bring in Tomko after Aceves came out? I knew the Yankees were in trouble once Tomko stepped on the mound. Girardi could have easily gone with Hughes, he only threw one inning yesterday. As we all can see Tomko is too prone to giving up the long ball, which can hurt a team quickly. Six of his 10 runs he’s allowed pitching for the Yankees have come on the HR. It’s good he is getting a chance with the Yankees, but he shouldn’t be used in such crucial situations. At this point maybe the Yankees would be better with a different pitcher in the bullpen instead of Tomko.

  5. tomnwyork

    I’m living here in Atlanta..Lookin forward to seeing the Yanks this week…Does anyone know what hotel Yanks are staying at

  6. alightningrodfan

    Too bad the Yankees don’t play there more often. It is always nice to get such positive response on the road. And I am sure A-Rod was thrilled. A nice contrast from those Yankee “fans” who boo him at Yankee stadium. Thanks Kim.


    wow joe giraldi was tiight today after what happened to the outfielder …….i live in the bronx and i live close to the yankeestadium i could go anytime i want 2=]


    Hi Kimmie!!

    Well it’s clear that Brett Tomko will be headed for the moinors after yesterdays debacle. It’s too bad….I like Tomko, and was hoping he’d catch on and help this team. Yesterday the opposite happened with a couple of hangers that even Michael Kay could have walloped a long way.

    Girardi needs to find a way to keep Gardner and Melky in the game. Garnder’s speed is a huge asset, and he’s a gritty player….which is something that really isn’t found anywhere else on the Yankee roster.

    Well…hopefully it’s not on to Atlanta for another embarrassment. Tick, tock Joe….I hate to say it, but your days are numbered. Piniella will likely be the Yankee manager next year. (That’s just me speculating)

  9. abreusmuse

    Tough lost, they all are, but why Giraldi didn’t leave Aceves in longer is beyond me, when you have a good thing going why change it!!! Duh!!! Hello monday off, and use someone else on tues and he’s ready wednesday. He was pitching really good but I guess that was a bad thing! Mao trenton NJ


    I am a south florida resident but I bleed pinstripes. I was at the stadium the whole weekend and Yankee Fans are the best. I am also a big Joe fan but his moves of the bullpen left me scratching my head. Why take Aceves (ACE) out? and why not bring Hughes behind Ace was beyond me too… Hughes is suppose to be in the bullpen for those long reliefs.. we need to keep his arm at the strenght of a starter… pitching him 1 inning is not the answer. The long reliever are there for what happen yesterday with CC. Ace and Hughes would have been the perfect combo, Tomko seems to fold under pressure… why try to sneak a fastball past Hanley when you have him fool on 2 changeups?

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