Goodbye to the King of Pop

mj_250.jpgCan you believe Michael Jackson is dead? When he was a kid, Joba had a poster of Chipper Jones on the wall of his bedroom. We had a poster of Michael Jackson. Just startling news. Right up until gametime, CNN was playing on the TVs in the press room here at Turner Field. Everyone’s talking about it. Probably everywhere.

Speaking of Joba, he was delighted to meet Chipper before the game. The two talked for 15 minutes. Chipper was gracious, giving Joba some tips based on the considerable amount of video he watched before facing Joba last night. Chipper probably had some worthwhile advice; he had two hits. Anyway, Joba was almost awestruck talking about Chipper after BP. That’s cool. And a reminder that Joba is so young, at 23. And that Chipper, at 37, is old. By baseball standards. (By the way, Joba wanted to thank media relations guru Jason Zillo for setting up the meeting with Chipper. So we’ll help him out with that.)

Derek Jeter: There were signs wishing Jeter a happy birthday a day early; he turns 35 tomorrow. One woman held this sign: “I’m on my honeymoon. Come see me, Derek.” Someday we’re going to have to ask Jeter if he notices this stuff. How could he not?

Alex Rodriguez: He said before the game that the past two days are the best he’s felt at the plate. Then he crushes a first-inning solo home run to center. And now an RBI-single to center.

Chicken parmesan: It’s a favorite of Kay’s, and they’re serving it tonight in the press dining room. He gave positive reviews. We second that. And the Edy’s soft-serve for dessert didn’t hurt. We ate dinner with Sweeny and Pete Abraham. They, too, have fond memories of MJ from when they were kids.



    Did Abraham tell you that one of the readers on his live video chat asked if you could come on?
    haha that made me laugh. Anyways, love the blog Kim!

  2. bob15

    I’m sorry to hear about both of them passing away. I was a fan of Farrah during her early years. I really liked The Burning Bed.Michael Jackson was iconic during the 80’s and I choose to remember those times, instead of his bizarre lifestyle afterwards.Meanwhile, the Yankees are ALIVE and KICKING. Perhaps somebody sent them a memo that they are better than what they are showing! Or perhaps they saw what happened to Berroa lolHey Kim, I’m curious, do umpires ever apologize to managers the day after for blowing a call?? Welke HAS to know now that he was wrong…..It’s GREAT to see Arod swinging better. He is hitting the ball MUCH better and seems to be gaining confidence. Let’s keep the ball rolling now into Citi Field and sweep the Mets! We won’t be facing Santana so we have a REAL shot at the sweep. Let’s also hope Atlanta beats up on the Red Sox.

  3. tristater

    did you happen to catch the 3rd or 4th inning? there was a sign taped to a step behind home plate that said “AROD CHEATS”? Sure enough it was gone the next inning. Did AROD have anything to do with the removal of said sign?


    Kim I hope you got on Sweeney for dropping that ball that was fouled back into the press box…..I know that if you were in that situation you make that play!!


    Hey Kim,

    Great blog- I enjoy reading each day. A few random thoughts:

    1. Your interviews after the game are spot- on – great questions.

    2. Q for Hughes: Can he please hide Tomko’s glove so Giradi can’t bring him in the game anymore.

    3. Q for you: If you could pick only on Yes announcer to catch a game with who would it be: Kay, Cone, O’Neill, Singleton, Flash……

    Ps- Hair looks great the past few nights pulled back-

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