Yanks stay positive despite slide

You readers rock! We’re all set with questions from you for Phil Hughes who will do the “Innerview” for the “Batting Practice Show presented by Audi” during the Seattle series. Probably Tuesday. If you submit a question now (in the comments), it’ll have to be a good one to make the cut. Thanks! Hughes says he’s looking forward to it. And we believe him.

Tuesday is also our next chat, at 6:45 p.m. from the Stadium. It’ll be a busy day. Selfish promo: Along with Adam the Bull, we’re filling in from 6-10 a.m. next week on WFAN for Boomer & Carton. We have big shoes to fill!

All aboard! We learned late this afternoon that the Yankees held a team meeting after last night’s 4-0 loss. Coaches and players were present. Jeter and Teixeira were the only ones to talk. Their messages were about staying positive, knowing they are better than what they’ve shown and HAVING to play better. Pretty basic stuff for a team that’s 4-9 over its last 13 games. Girardi likes this sort of thing; he wants his players to voice their opinions. A.J. is serving his five-game suspension, so he wasn’t in the clubhouse. If he had been, the smart money is that he also would have spoken up.

Johnny Damon: He’s not close to 100 percent with that left calf problem but knows the team needs him. He’s used to playing hurt.

Chien-Ming Wang: Since last night’s game was on My9, we didn’t talk to Wang until today. He smiled a bit and said he was mostly pleased with his outing. He’s starting to get that confident look back. He and Mariano chatted about some things today. Don’t know the details, but that’s a good friend for Wang to have.

Chipper Jones: Talked to him for today’s “Innerview.” Add him to the list of WBC alums in love with Jeter. He went on and on about the Captain, joining Pedroia, Rollins and DeRosa, who did so in previous “Innerviews.” Chipper’s a fun guy, even if Mets fans don’t think so. Said he received his two seats from Shea Stadium today! What timing!

Joba Chamberlain: He was hitting balls into the left field seats in BP and wanted to make sure we took note of that. Check. We told him we wanted to see it during the game. He didn’t make any promises. He did, however, just hit a liner off Kawakami’s neck. It appears the pitcher is OK; he walked off under his power but he’s out of the game. By the way, on the scoreboard here, it gives an “Upper Deck Scouting Report” for players. Joba’s read, in part, “upper 90s FB.” Joba likes Atlanta, where nobody complains about his velocity.

Cody Ransom: Nice to see him back. He is a really good guy who didn’t play nearly as well as he’d hoped in April. Now he gets another chance in a role off the bench. Berroa was designated for assignment, much to Pete Abraham’s dismay.

Nate McLouth: The Braves CF has made two impressive catches – one was terrific – and it’s only the third inning. He said he feels energized by playing in a bigger market and on a more competitive team than the Pirates. He also marvels at the Bay-McLouth-Nady outfield that Pittsburgh had – and still could have. All three are nice guys and they keep in touch with each other, mostly via texts.

Michael Kay: He sent Peter the Runner to the concession stands for a slice of pizza. It was so good, he sent Peter for another. Then we sent Peter for one. Peter is a regular at the pizza stand. “Did you blog about the pizza?” Kay just asked between innings. Now we did.


  1. oldschoolyank

    Thank God for Cervelli–just hit first dinger–too bad Gardie picked off on bad call. Joe’s booted arguing, but hopefully channeled some energy to his team. Looks like we are waking up now. Had been hitting some balls hard, but nothing to show til now.

  2. notajediyet7@hotmail.com

    Hopeful attempt # 1 at brilliant Phil Hughes question.
    When Mariano retires in 2025(I wish), would Phil Hughes want to be his heir apparent?

  3. bob15

    Good stuff Kim!I read that the Yankees DFA’d Berroa because he filed for SSI last month and the Yankees got upset! lolIt’s been a good game and it looks like the Yankees are about to start HITTING after the “Frisco Kid” hit one out. Gardner was obviously safe but Girardi did the right thing by getting tossed. Perhaps the Yankees will now score 25 runs in the next couple of days. We Yankee fans can only hope at this point. And Joba is pitching a great game!

  4. rallylunch

    fun stuff, Kim.

    Glad to see the guys responding and getting some life in the game…not to mention the runs. Now if Joba can keep them in the game maybe they can turn their luck around. whoooohoooooo.

  5. rallylunch

    fun stuff, Kim.

    Glad to see the guys responding and getting some life in the game…not to mention the runs. Now if Joba can keep them in the game maybe they can turn their luck around. whoooohoooooo.

  6. rallylunch

    fun stuff, Kim.

    Glad to see the guys responding and getting some life in the game…not to mention the runs. Now if Joba can keep them in the game maybe they can turn their luck around. whoooohoooooo.

  7. bob15

    Kim, Can you ask your “guru” Kevin Sullivan why there is such a problem with repeating posts?? I have had the same thing happen to me a few times too.

  8. mbrandes@rochester.rr.com

    Hey Kimmie!! Tell Kay the Hutt to slow up on the pizza.

    Haven’t seen you around for a little while Kimmie!! I actually had to comment on a couple of other blogs here on the YES site. It’s OK though…I know all the other readers LOVE to hear what I have to say. (insert eye rolling icon here)

    I was actually worried that you got lost in Little Havana Kimmie. Me and my posse had our camo gear and face paint on and were ready to come down for a rescue.

  9. oldschoolyank

    for Phil, he’s looked great lately–excellent command, velocity and effective breaking ball. Does he like relieving because he can turn it loose the whole time and not be concerned about eating up innings ? Thanks.

  10. karinct

    So. . all they needed was for Girardi to get tossed?! 🙂 If it were only that simple!

    I think the duplicate posts come from hitting submit twice. . .or three times, when it looks like the page is not responding, it is just slow. Along those lines, Edit capability would be great. (if possible). We could delete duplicate posts, edit failed attempts at HTML, and re-word late night posts. 🙂 (That might just be me!)

    p.s. – How cute is Cervelli? You can’t help but be excited right along with him.

  11. joelabianca@pa.net

    Hi, The NY on the helmet is not gold. It’s the color of dirt and/or stickem. They should make him clean it. Cervelli will be sitting down tomorrow and the Yankees will lose his youthful zeal and excellent playing ability. TOO BAD!!

  12. lba55@me.com

    thxs. for the answer- it’s been like that for days and making me nuts. I’m surprised they haven’t done anything about it since they are so straight about the the uniform thing.
    I love Jorge – but gotta give it to Cervelli, he handles himself soooo well, and you can tell he LOVES playing the game.
    Cervelli should have been player of the game, gave it a real lift

  13. chrissyny86

    Hey Kim,

    Absolutely loved the Innerview with Chipper Jones today! He has always been my favorite non-Yankee player. He’s such a great guy. My parents are huge Braves fans and I’m a huge Yankee fan so it’s always interesting in my house when the two teams play! My mom has taken me to so many games at the Stadium, I’m gonna have to take her to Atlanta for a game one of these days! Great to see the Yanks come alive tonight! Joba was great and they had timely hitting. I love how the ump asked Girardi if he wanted to get tossed! Hopefully this game is what they needed to get back on track, especially with the Mets coming up this weekend!

    Also I have two non baseball question for Phil Hughes: What is his favorite sport to watch on TV? and What does he like most about New York City?

    Thanks so much! Love the blog!

  14. pic8969@verizon.net

    Great job on the blog and tv work, I know you said that you had all set with questions, but would accept a good one to make the cut…so here it goes:

    I have read somewhere that his nickname is PJ, and actually saw it on his glove and the red hats they wore one game, so I was just wondering if that is his nickname and would it be ok if that was how he was referred to instead of Phil Phranchise other weird nicknames that other folks have come up with?

  15. mbrandes@rochester.rr.com

    Here’s a new nickname for Michael Kay…Pizza the Hutt.

    Hey!! Encouraging game for the Yanks last night!! I’ll be glad to eat my words if they can turn this around.

    One thing though….Seems to me that they started playing when Girardi got the boot. Now….was it because Joe fired the team up….OR…was it because they like playing for Pena better?? Hmmmm….I’m thinking maybe the latter after seeing some of the body language from Jeter towards Pena when Mo was in the on deck circle. Never saw that kind of closeness at any time with Girardi.

    Maybe…just MAYBE….Girardi has a wall between him and the players. I dunno…just a gut feeling.

  16. scp23

    Some random (and some REALLY random) questions for Phil:

    1.) I heard you and Swish recently got tattoos in Atlanta. How many do you have now and what are they? Also, what was it like getting inked with Swish?…haha2.) You find a magic lamp in a dark corner of a visiting bullpen. It gives you two wishes–one baseball-related, and one off-the-field. What are they? 3.) What’s one thing about you that would surprise most people? 4.) You wore glasses last year, have you switched to contacts this season? 5.) Do you plan on staying with #65? 6.) Fav ice cream flavor?

  17. gullivert

    Is it true that due to Kay’s pizza intake there is only room for two announcers in the booth and that support personnel are literally getting squeezed out?

  18. yankeexx

    Funny how a guy who does not like condiments on his hotdog likes pizza. pizza is a bread with many things you find on a hotdog. Shows Michael…it’s all about how you look at it.

  19. mbrandes@rochester.rr.com

    Funny how a baseball blog has turned into a discussion on Michael Kay’s eating habits. But I think He pays Kimmie to put him in her blog. I think he likes being the center of discussion.

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