LIVE chat tonight with Kimberly Jones

Check back here at 6:30 when the chat room opens for Kimberly Jones. She will be joining us after her Pregame duties on YES (approximately 6:45).

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    hey kim do you know the next time paul o’neil will be back in the broadcast booth?? i really enjoy him and kay together.. thanks!! stay dry 2nite


    Hi Kimberly how are you?
    The young boy seemed to be very happy meeting some of the players before the game. Do you guys do that sort of thing often, and are the players generous in meeting with them?


    Kim – do you think that Girardi’s job is in trouble? Do you think he’ll be let go over the allstar break?

  4. jlong27

    hi kim,

    Do you read any of the local newspapers like the daily news, new york post, new york times, and the staten island advance. I was in the staten island advance on septmber 21st 2008 and i met jeter.


    Hi Kim,
    I think you do a good job with everyone except Derek Jeter. You are always asking him dumb questions and ticking him off. I mean, in a serious voice, accusing him and the team of always making fun of Mariano was bad! They are just friends having fun with each other. Also, talking about streaks when he has asked you not to. Like I said with everyone else you are great but Derek and you are Oil and Vinegar.


    hey Kim,

    I don’t feel like at this point the Hinske trade was needed we already have four fine outfielders and if the thought was to have him to play third base to rest arod, then why have ransome? he has been playing great while he has been back. We are a solid team we didn’t need another of/in maybe another bpener. And with hinske in i think matsui is out by trade deadline. thoughts?


    Whatever happened to the Tino Martinez interview thing that was going to happen here? Is it still going to happen and he just hasn’t been around?


    quick comment for Scarlett on the previous chat regarding Cano…….. I think what frustates most fans about Cano is that you see glimpses of excellence surrounded by real undisciplined play in both the field and at bat.

  9. darkseid

    Nice chat, Kim. But if you said that you pick and choose which questions to answer, why pick the same ones over and over again? If you already answered that the game was starting around 7:45, don’t answer another half a dozen questions asking when the game is starting. The same for the Hinske trade. You took that question like 10 times. Do what Bob did during his chat and field all different types of questions. Not ones with retards asking you if you like your feet to be tickled.

    On another note, why am I hearing that the Yankees want Ramiro Pena to try to learn the outfield while down in AAA? Is this organization for real? The kid is a solid utility infielder. We currently have FIVE outfielders, not even including Matsui, on this team. WHY would there be a purpose for him to go try to learn another position? Trying the Daniel Murphy experiment is pointless. And he shouldn’t be in Scranton anyway. Cody Ransom serves no purpose on this team anymore if Hinske is here to give Alex some time off at third. He’s a career minor leaguer and it’s time somebody finally told him that.


    Why is it that the Yes announcers still CAN NOT pronounce Hispanic Ballplayers Last Names correctly? Especially the name Guitierrez. It is Guit not Gout!


    Watching the seattle game and at the bottom of the 2nd michael kay was saying that it was scoreless but not really because 0-0 is in fact a score. tell him that it has a score but that it is RUNLESS baseball šŸ™‚


    Hi Kim,

    I have to start by saying that you’re great at the job you do with the Yankees. You are the main reason I watch the pre-game show and the post-game show. You are super knowledgeable about baseball and sports in general. You have a great personality and are very attractive. You are the total package. I would like to make all my Yankee friends jealous. What is the chance of getting an autographed picture of you. That would be awesome.

    P.S. I’m also a big Jets fan. What do you think of the team so far ?


    Angelo Lopez


    The other night a double was hit down the line pass Arod. Why isn’t he protecting the line …it appeared to be a slow routine ball that should have been caught if he was protecting the line. He seems to always play over towards short too often.


    Hi Kim – I just wanted to say that I was at the game last night and sat 2 rows behind John Flaherty and his family. After the game John signed some autographs and took pictures with me and other fans. He’s a great guy and was so nice with all of us. Can you please let him know that we really appreciate that he took the time to talk to us and take pictures. It means a lot to the fans. I know I won’t forget the night I talked to and took my picture with John Flaherty. All the YES broadcasters are great and we really enjoy listening to all the games. Thank you.


    Hi Kim- How can we get you more you on the fan? Last week it was great listening to you in the morning while you were filling in for the boomer show!!! I heard a “rumor” that you will be Mike Francesa partner but it wont happen til after the season is this true? I think you two would make a great combo!!!

  16. leftster

    Hi Kim, Just had a thought, in watching the recently concluded Seattle series @ the Stadium, I do not remember any mention of Mel Stottlemyre. I checked the Seattle team site, and saw that Rick Adair is listed as pitching coach. I know that Mel was the pitching coach last year, did he begin this year in that position? Do you happen to know how he is doing health-wise? Thanks, Paul


    Hey Kim, my name is Ralph Rodriguez,18, and i was lucky enough to play for the Harlem All Stars that played in the Little League World Series in 2002. We were honarable enough to have our story covered by the YES network and yourself. I still have the DVR set that the network gave to all 14 of our players, and actually still watching. Though i was young I’ve never got the chance to thank you and the network. Thanks!
    P.S. Its been a long time since the LLWS in 2002 and I’m now enrolled in a university, and guess what, I’m majoring in Journalism. Hope you can write back to me!


    I heard Micheal Kay talking about the all star game and the meaning ” this one counts. I got a good solution hope to hear comment on an upcoming Yankee game real soon. if the All Star break is 4 days, simply have 2 games, 1st game is fan voting for fun and the 2nd game is picked by the coaching staff both National / American league’s to make it really count for home field in the World Series.

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