Hinske in the house

What a beautiful night! Clear skies (so far) and an on-time start. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Our last chat prior to the All-Star break will be 12:45 p.m. Monday, just before the Yankees conclude their four-game set with the Blue Jays. All day games. Hope you can make it.
As far as the last chat goes — we got a lot of repetitive questions. So we answered them. In the future, if we don’t have enough of a variety of queries, we’ll end the chat so as not to offend with repetition. And we enjoy answering some lighter questions. Apologies to those of you bothered by them.

Hughes was the guest for our Innerview for “Batting Practice Today presented by Audi” and was asked your questions. He seemed to have fun with it. Thanks for the questions you submitted. As far as Tino goes, we haven’t seen him. We’ll keep your questions until we do.

Paul O’Neill: He had quite a meeting in the visiting clubhouse manager’s office yesterday. He was talking with Yogi when Ichiro walked in. Then Griffey Jr. joined the conversation. What a quartet. What did they talk about? “Ichiro wanted an autograph from Yogi, which was cool because he appreciates the history of the game,” Paul said. “Then Ichiro and I talked for about five minutes.” They discussed the game and their mutually preferred sneakers, Asics. As for Griffey, he just wanted to say hello. “A really nice guy,” O’Neill said.

eric_blog_070109.jpgEric Hinske: He’s here, wearing No. 14 and says he’s “excited and honored” to be a Yankee. He said he talked to the Yankees during the offseason about signing but thought he would have a better chance to play in Pittsburgh. When he wasn’t getting at-bats with the Pirates, Hinske credited GM Neal Huntington for trading him. Hinske considers himself an “AL East journeyman,” having played for the Blue Jays, Red Sox and Rays. He says he’s ready for whatever role the Yankees ask of him — outfield, infield, third base, first base, whatever.

Ramiro Pena: He handled being optioned to Triple-A Scranton/Wilkes-Barre as well as a youngster can. He smiled, said he was happy and knows he needs to play every day. The Yankees want him to play some outfield, and he’ll start in center then move to the corners. He envisions playing two days a week in the outfield and the others at second base and shortstop. He’s never played outfield before, having only shagged some balls in recent BP in case the Yankees needed him in a pinch. Pena is popular with veterans; they’ll see him again in September, if not before.

Michael Kay: So, on his radio show today, Kay felt the need to announce (truthfully) that we — the two of us — are not dating and never have dated. Uh, thanks, Michael. But what in the world prompted this? Seems his radio show receives text questions from listeners and four of them – four! – asked about some rumor that we were a couple. So Michael cleared it up for all to hear. And now he’s very, very proud of himself.

Woody Freiman: The YES exec (VP, Production and Programming) bought dinner tonight — Lobel’s steak sandwiches. They were very popular among the announcers. Thank you, Woody! Full disclosure: There are still two pizzas in the booth and assorted pasta dishes that have gone unclaimed.


Sorry I missed your chat Kim. I would have added some FUN questions for sure! Maybe you should check with me on scheduling of those chats lol just kidding stop rolling your eyes!I like Pena but I wonder what kind of role he will have in the future. The Yankees are pretty LOCKED UP around the field. He could end up being someone they trade for something more valueable, down the line.I’m interested in watching Hinske play a game or two against Boston. We haven’t won a game yet and maybe he’ll change that luck, or lack of.I was listening to Kay today about Yes’ HOTTEST chick. It was comical listening to him talk about it. He almost made it sound like he was TOO GOOD for you….well, maybe not but it was worth a chuckle.

Oh….yeah, one nore thing. People asked about the flu on the team and you said Jeter was still coughing a little. For the past 5 years, I have seen Derek with that same cough throughout the year. I’m not sure if he has allergies that affects him but his coughing it not something new.

Why would Kay be proud of not dating you. He likes to say about other men that they out kicked their coverage, you are way out of his.

Lol Kim you sound like a ketchup or mustard on your hotdog kinda gal…that might not work with Michael Kay.

I do not understand this recent desire to have Ramiro Pena learn all the outfield positions. We currently have Damon, Gardner, Melky, Swisher, and Hinske who can all play the outfield. And in an absolute emergency – Matsui. Even next year, when Matsui is likely to be gone, and probably Hinske and MAYBE Damon depending on how many years he wants for a new contract, we don’t need another guy to play the outfield. It’s absurd. Of all the positions on the farm, they’ve been turning out more outfielders than infielders. You’d think they’d want to bulk up on the infield. It’s just stupid. I know they want to get the kid ABs, but he’s a better backup than Cody Ransom who shouldn’t be on this team along with Tomko.
As far as the last chat goes, I can’t help but think your summary of it is directed at the last comment I left on the repetitive questions and “tickled feet” question. My intention was not to criticize, of course. And I hope you know that. The point I was trying to make was that it really isn’t necessary to answer “do you know what time the game is starting?” 5 times. All they needed to do was scroll up in the chat and find the answer. But it was extremely nice of you to answer as many people as you could, and people get happy when they see their question posted and answered. And of course you can answer lighter questions, it’s YOUR chat! I personally just felt that the person who asked you if your feet were ticklish was being a little pervy. And since the questions are scanned, I’m sure you probably saw much worse than that. But overall a very nice chat. Hopefully Monday we’ll be able to give you some different questions.

oh man, i feel as if we have WAY too many outfielders playing/in the works.

i missed your innerview with phil hughes today! ): i hope you upload that to here so i can check it out

I see nothing wrong with Pena working in the OF. There will be a lot of question marks in the OF next year. If Swisher can keep up the OBP and SLG he keeps his value. Besides him the only outfielders the team has locked up are Melky Cabrera, Brett Gardner, and Austin Jackson. Those are three guys without a strong track record. Pena has the speed to be a good outfielder so why not give the team options. At the very least Pena can be a Chone Figgans or Mark Derosa type of player in their versatility. The Yankees see a lot of promise in Pena and the only open spots they have on the team next year are in the OF, so it only makes sense for him to get time out there. This team has lacked a quality utility player for a long time, maybe Pena can fill that role.

kim..since your not going out with mr no condiments.. how about going out on your off day with me?

Hi Ms Jones,

at least tell us if you are married or still single and availavle.



Hi Ms Jones,

at least tell us if you are married or still single and availavle.



Hi Ms Jones,

at least tell us if you are married or still single and availavle.



Luckily Kay cleared that up, i’m sure people actually believed that you were dating him( insert eye roll here). Still can’t figure out the Hinske trade- who exactly will he pinch hit for? Below average Of, and hasn’t played much 3rd base.

Dear Kim,

Dear Kim,
You’re greaeat your job. I missed the Phil Hughes “Innerview”. could you post it online?

Kim- I have a question. I noticed for years Ichiro wears his frst name on his uniform, other Japanese players wear thier last names. Is there a reason for this>?

Clearly, Kay and Kim are dating. You protest too much.

start time today? anything on the rain delay?

Hi Kim,
Just wanted to say you do a great job for Yes. Don’t understand why they cut you out of the picture for the post game interview? Also Kay is not in your class, can’t believe anyone would even suggest it. Pass on my complaint about the post interview, can’t be the only one complaining, Thanks, John !

Hi Kim,
Just wanted to say you do a great job for Yes. Don’t understand why they cut you out of the picture for the post game interview? Also Kay is not in your class, can’t believe anyone would even suggest it. Pass on my complaint about the post interview, can’t be the only one complaining, Thanks, John !

This is good opportunity for Pena. They can make him so much more versatile. I think he’ll do great. Very fun and interesting to watch. I think its awesome that they’re going to experiment him. Best of luck to him.

Hi Kim-
It was on Wikipedia that you were dating Michael Kay. It looks like it’s been taken down but when you put in his name it said that he lived in New Jersey with his girlfriend Kim Jones. Too funny. Can’t believe everything you read…..

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