1. ccnobz23@aol.com

    Hi Kim,

    Great interview w/ Hinske. Can you please comment or ask Giradi why he will not be watching the entire All Star game. He mentioned on his show yesterday he will only be watching ” some of it”. He has the potential closer for the AL from his team, plus the winning team get home field in the WS. He wants #27, but won’t be watching to see who gets home field? HHmm….



  2. bro.pablopizarro@gmail.com

    Hi Kim, my name is Pablo i”m a first time chatter! I think you do an awesome Job! do you think that Joba’s role could be in trouble, since he has not done well as of late? May we be in the market for a starting pitcher?

  3. markdiodati@hotmail.com

    Dear Kim ,
    I say we must leave Hughes in the bull pen ,where He shines.As far as joba goes .I like him ,equally well,as a starter or as reliever . I say we give some of the minor leaguers a chance you never know when one will click. Eg Piazza. What do you think

    Mark Dio YFD

  4. tomterrific14@yahoo.com

    Hi Kim, Mark Texieria has averaged 1 HR pr 17 AB’s throughout his career…lately he hasn’t hit one in his last 84 AB’s….is there an reason for the slump.?

  5. thurmon15

    Hi Kim,I’m totally head over heals with your
    interviews,knowledge of the game and most
    important your beauty. Do you really think i watch
    these games for Key or Cone. I make sure i watch
    the pregame and the post game.You have something
    special.I think I’m in love. Keep up the great work.This
    is my first blog and i just wanted to let you know what a
    fan i am. I am also a huge N.Y. fan since the early 70s.

  6. ralphyr143@hotmail.com

    Hey Kim, my name is Ralph Rodriguez,18, and i was lucky enough to play for the Harlem All Stars that played in the Little League World Series in 2002. We were honarable enough to have our story covered by the YES network and yourself. I still have the DVR set that the network gave to all 14 of our players, and actually still watching. Though i was young I’ve never got the chance to thank you and the network. Thanks!
    P.S. Its been a long time since the LLWS in 2002 and I’m now enrolled in a university, and guess what, I’m majoring in Journalism. Hope you can write back to me!

  7. yanksfanintx

    Kim, I have noticed Jeter coughing a lot lately. Is he still suffering from the illness that kept him out of a game a week or two ago?

  8. bob15

    Jeter has been coughing like that for a very LONG time. I’m not sure if it’s just a habit, allergy or just something internally that causes it but it’s nothing new.

  9. michaeldarragh98@yahoo.com

    i think in order to get holliday we will have to trade joba and about 4-5 prospects to get him.

  10. mbrandes@rochester.rr.com

    Halladay is NOT the answer. Trading away our prospects is NOT the answer…it never has been. I’d love to have him, but only after he is a free agent. Then, it only costs us a contract.

  11. mbrandes@rochester.rr.com

    Hey yanksfanintx….I have the same cough. I had a respiratory illness about a month ago, and have been trying to shake the nagging cough ever since. It looks like Jeter got the same thing I had. Nasty.

  12. yankees502@hotmail.com

    Hi KIM I think and know you are hot looking,very knowing of all sports,I look forward to seeing you on yes and hearing you on the Fan,you always make my day An admiring fan Thank you so much

  13. terry1010@verizon.net

    Dear Kim,
    Two things.
    First, how would you assess Matsui’s career since his arrival in NY? His current hot streak notwithstanding, do you believe he has lived up to the Godzilla hype? I believe his knee problems have hurt him overall and hurt his staying a Yankee through the end of his career. Please comment.
    Second, why has Posada been so surly-looking the past couple months? Very rarely smiles, even when the Yankees win. Doesn’t even smile when you interview him. What is making him so unhappy? What is the nature of his relationship with Manager Joe?
    Thank you.

  14. dadeejoe420@aol.com

    Just want to know the other day I read an article about Yankee stadium being used for some future football games and also maybe hosting an outdoor hockey game.Is this true?If so ,can you give me some info if you yourself know.I`m very interested in what the owner Mr. Steinbrenner has in mind.Thank you for your time and have a good day Ms Kim Jones.

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