Enjoy the fireworks!

You guys are funny. We had a camera malfunction yesterday and couldn’t do a postgame interview on the field because of it. I was explaining that to Zillo. That’s it. Hopefully, the camera works today.

Enjoy the fireworks!


  1. cathyjets

    Hey, Kim, why don’t you and/or MK talk about the Hot Dog Eating Contest at Coney Island? It’s an MLE (Major League Eating) event. With all the food talk we get here & on the broadcast, it would be good for a few laughs!

  2. dancirm@aol.com

    Hey Kim
    Quick question, why isn’t Wang wearing the ALS patch on his shirt?
    Happy 4th

  3. bob15

    Hi Kim,
    I’m curious, do you HAVE to wear long sleeves for interviews or is it a preference??Today has a been a decent game so far. They could have had a few ore runs but Cano is really struggling. There have been some hard hit balls today too. Anytime you can make Halladay WORK hard, you’ve done something right. They need to get another run because I don’t think this game will end 3-2.

  4. mnyanklvr

    Hi Kim – I really enjoy your end of game interviews – I watch you on YES in Minnesota. I am wondering if you can find out why Derek Jeter is not chewing bubble gum anymore? He appears to be wearing a teeth guard instead. Just curious as it was always fun to see a bubble while he ran the bases. Keep up the good work! Thanks. Linda

  5. teocorona@yahoo.com

    What’s going on with the nice and clean policy of the Yankees.
    Now Swisher has a punk style haircut and you could easily see the tattoo’s of AJ Burnett, Bruney.
    It looks too me that after Mr Steimbreiner step down, they are getting easy on the players.

  6. stevg95

    Hi Kim,

    I watch your post-game interviews and show almost everyday. I love the enthusiasm you show throughout the show! I just had a quick question. Do you think Arod is heating up due to the rest he received when he was benched in Florida, or do you think he is just seeing the ball better and has found his swing?


  7. rhattem666@aol.com

    Hi Kim,
    Michael Kay mentioned about Lou Gehrig winning the triple crown but not winning the MVP…I also believe that was the year he got married.


  8. lorelie221@aol.com

    Hi Kim!! Can you post the Phil Hughes “innerview”. I can’t find it anywhere and I missed BPTV the other day. Thanks!

  9. akdjd@aol.com

    Hi Kim

    Can you PLEASE find out what is the situation of Damaso Marte. We here nothing about him at all and if he can come back right he will be a huge help as another lefty coming out of the pen.

  10. colonem@bellsouth.net

    What do you think would happen if Jeter received Burnett’s pie treatment”? You have been around these guys so much. Would he enjoy it because it was his hit that “earned” the pie? Or, would he be put off because he’s the Captain?

  11. bob15

    I was SHOCKED that Posada got the pie treatment. Of all the people on the team, I would have thought Jorge would be the LAST one they would do that to. He is much more intense than Jeter but I would also like to know what Jeter would think of getting the pie in his puss. Kim??? You wanna get those questions answered for us??

  12. lenaghen@mindspring.com

    Camera malfunction? I think Susan Grabbed Robbie and
    He was going to be your interview. I have been at enough games to see that Susan usually does not steal the best player but on Friday she grabbed Cano and started the interview immediatly. You certainly looked mad and you needed to be soothed. I do not blame you and it is part of the fun watching to see if Susan steals your choice. I am sure radio is playing second fiddle. Camera malfunction, that was a good one.

  13. mbrandes@rochester.rr.com

    Kimmie…I’d like to know how YOU would react to getting a pie in the face. You seem kind of tomboyish in a way…like you could hang…so I’m guessing you would laugh it off. But I might be wrong.

    Enquiring minds want to know Kimmie.

  14. fckboston

    Hey Kim,
    Is Eric Hinske alive? What did they get this guy for if they’re going to start Cody Ransom over him at 3rd? This is a real head-scratcher…what does he have to do to get in a game? Is he really behind RANSOM in the pecking order?

  15. bob15

    Jeez….I never got to see that part Friday night. I have it tivo’d so I’m gonna go back and look at it now. Camera malfunction or player robbery! lol

  16. brad248@yahoo.com

    David Cone was wondering why Mickey Cochrane won the 1934 MVP award over Lou Gehrig. Mickey was traded to Tigers in winter of 1933 and was named player-manager of Tigers, and he took them to the pennant. He turned around a 75 win team to 101 win team. So, not only was he a good player, but he managed them and gave them 26 more wins. I think that I would agree with the writers at the time in their selection.

    Brad Scheller
    New Haven, CT

  17. rbgyoga@aol.com

    I’ve heard on the Fan that Jorge isn’t liked by many of the other players. I see just the opposite of that during the televised games. What do you think?
    Bob in NH

  18. rfall78564@comcast.net


    As a long-time Yankee fan (attended my first game in 1951), I just don’t understand how you take the best set-up guy in baseball, and a sure-fire future closer, and turn him into a mediocre starter who never has a chance of getting past the 5th inning. Bob.

  19. bone53head

    Michael and David were discussing the fan voting for the All-Star game. David said something that is often said and written, “you can’t take the vote away from the fans.” Please ask him why you can’t. Will they not watch if the players and coaches voted who they wanted to play? Fans get many right, but Josh Hamilton? Pedroia is not the best 2nd baseman this year…should be Kinsler or Hill from the Jays, if you go by who is having the best year. As Michael stated, if the game means something, why don’t the people who it means the most to get to choose who is playing?

  20. hhernandez67@hotmail.com

    Hello Kim, I am a first timer writing in your blog (nice picture you have there) and I am sorry to take my first opportunity to make some critics at Mr MK. Bases loaded, two outs, bottom of the second inning, Nick Swisher hitting and Yankees up 4 – 0. Mr MK started to feel sorry for the Blue Jays pitcher (Cecil) because there is nobody warming in the bullpen and Cito Gaston seems calm taking in consideration what is going on at the moment. Mr MK says let’s see if Swisher connects here to see what decision the Blue Jays might take. I guess he was thinking a Grand Slam was the minimum Swisher can do. Well, Swisher was stroke out without swinging and on the top of the third now the game is 4 – 3 Yankees and now is anybody’s game. I guess Mr MK broadcasted wishes turn into a jinx for the Yankees and by the way, this is not the first time he does it. I don’t know, maybe is a way for him to create some controversy with us the bloggers but I really hate when he starts feeling sorry for the opposite pitching so early in the game and then the opposite team ends up winning the game. I hope he just focus on the offense we could provide in situations like this and not focusing and how the opposite pitcher will feel or get out of the self inflicted jam. Thanks

  21. trook45@msn.com

    Did the guys (MK and/or Cone) share their McD’s with you? They were nice enough to show you on screen in the booth and give your Blog a plug.

  22. hhernandez67@hotmail.com

    Bone53head, I know where you coming from, but, as a fan, if I really want to see the best All Star game for the present season, why not let the players choose themselves based on numbers by position by first half end. Whoever has the best offensive numbers will be in the starting line up and we, the fans, will pick up the reserve. I will get back to you later with what I think should be the starting line up for each league in 2009.

    OOOOOhhhh, by the way, now Mr MK is amazed that the score boaard is now 8-4 Blue Jays

  23. ny4681@aol.com

    They just showed the yankees bench. Where are all the players? They should be on the bench supporting the team.

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