Are you ready for some (fantasy) football?

A quiet Sunday morning in the clubhouse. The Yankees held optional batting practice. CC was hanging out with his 5-year-old son. Lil’ C watched his dad’s side session then took some hacks in the cage. Not surprisingly, Lil’ C can swing the bat.

A bunch of players were knee-deep in preparations for their fantasy football draft, scheduled for tonight. There were more fantasy football magazines in the clubhouse than there are at 7-Eleven. Rumor has it, Hinske is taking his job as league commissioner very, very seriously.

A day after wearing a Donovan McNabb jersey, Bruney sauntered to his locker wearing a Tony Romo jersey. He says he’s a lifelong Cowboys fan and wore the Eagles jersey because it was a gift from Damon. Hughes seemed disgusted by that. Hughes and Bruney have the first and second overall picks in the fantasy draft.

We’ll get you plenty of info on the fantasy football developments before the NFL season starts Sept. 10. Alex is part of the league. He was wearing a Bears hat yesterday. “I just like the hat,” he said. “It was a gift.”

What’s going on with all the NFL-themed gifts?

Joba Chamberlain: The Joba Rules are something. He’s out after three innings and 35 pitches. Aceves is in. Can’t wait to hear what Joba says about this outing after the game. One question looking ahead to next season: Will there be Hughes Rules?

George Martin: Two weeks from today, Sept. 13, the all-time great New York Giant will continue his Journey for 9/11 by walking from the George Washington Bridge to Giants Stadium. The 13-mile walk begins at 10 a.m. It ends in plenty of time for the Giants season opener at 4:15. Harry Carson and O.J. Anderson will join Martin, who walked across the country — 3,003 miles — on his original “Journey,” which benefits responders to 9/11 and helps with their healthcare needs. (We’d walk if we could; the Yankees have a 1 p.m. tilt against the Orioles that day.) For more information, go to

The wild card: Marc Topkin of the St. Petersburg Times does a great job breaking down the wild card battle. “It’s going to be interesting,” Joe Maddon said. “The Rangers are good, Boston’s good, we’re good. It’s going to be fun. It’s going to be a fun September.” The Red Sox visit the Rays Tuesday to begin a three-game series. Playing at home and behind in the three-team race, Tampa has to win two. At least.


  1. bob15

    Hi Kim,I’m amazed how many people love fantasy football, myself included. I know you are a HUGE football fan but do you play fantasy football too? We could get a group here to play. I can set it up if we get enough people but YOU would have to play too!Another great game for the Yankees. Another weird Joba game but it’s being done for the good of his future, and the playoffs. I think they should have a pitch limit though, not an innings limit.I’d LOVE to see Tampa beat out Boston for the Wild Card, and then get bounced immediately in the ALDS.



    Why do you refer to yourself as “we” – do you have someone in your pocket…..I also get a kick out of people asking you questions- you never answer them anyhow.

  3. chriscsg

    Hey Kim:

    I’m glad to see your blog back. I guess a couple other sourpusses here don’t agree with me but I’m guessing you’ll still be able to sleep OK tonight. LOL

    I don’t get the fantasty football stuff, but I’ll find out. My son suckered me into joining his league.

    I’m thinking the Sox will get the wildcard. I think they have the best roster and with the Rays trading Kazmir it seems they’re giving up.


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