Living the fantasy life

hinske250.jpgThe Yankees’ fantasy football draft took place last night at the ESPN Zone in Baltimore. There was nearly perfect attendance as some players picked their teams and others watched, and all enjoyed the show put on by league commissioner Eric Hinske.

Hinske, apparently, had a comment for nearly every draft pick — mostly indicating to his competitors that they had just made a terrible selection. He also watched the clock. Owners had two minutes to make their picks; those who duplicated a pick already made — because they were immersed in research instead of paying attention — were fined $100. There were five of those miscues.

Hughes had the first overall pick, selecting Adrian Peterson. Bruney, last year’s runner-up, went with Maurice Jones-Drew. And Hinske picked DeAngelo Williams third. Last year’s winner, K-Long, selected a bunch of his hometown Cardinals, beginning with Larry Fitzgerald eighth overall.

A few people have asked about Jeter’s involvement. He was a late addition to the league, asking to join Hinske’s team. Hinske was prepared to go it alone but accepted the Captain’s offer.

“He just wants to be on the winning team,” Hinske said.

The players are having a lot of fun with this, and some spent a long time in research before the draft. We’ll have plenty on the draft and the fantasy league in the coming days.

Hideki Matsui
: He indicated today after hitting in the cage that his knees feel “great.” (No translator needed.) The Yankees training/medical staff has done a great job managing his knees this season and draining his knee on a couple of occasions. Tonight, he plays in his seventh consecutive game. If he doesn’t get a day of in Baltimore tomorrow or Wednesday, he’ll surely get one in the four-game set on the Toronto turf.

Alfredo Aceves
: He won his ninth game yesterday and today he took a liner off his left — left — biceps during BP. Aceves stayed on the field for the entire batting practice. In the meantime, a bruise had formed. He said he was fine.

Phil Hughes
: He’s going to love seeing this: Peterson just scored on a 75-yard run on the first play from scrimmage against the Texans.

Michael Kay: He has a heaping spoonful — emphasis on heaping — of peanut butter on a plastic plate in front of him. That Atkins diet has to be a ton of fun, doesn’t it?


  1. A.J. Martelli

    I don’t know if I agree with Hughes’s first pick. AP is good, but I would’ve gone with Favre (Just kidding, it was a good pick!!)

    I hope Ace will be OK. Hopefully good enough to pitch again when needed.

    Tell Michael to take it easy with the peanut butter! haha.

    Good blog, Ms. Jones.

  2. beearl

    I guess the league switches commissioners every year since Hinske was on Tampa Bay last year.
    So who was the commish of the league last year? Inquiring minds and all. Thanks!

  3. dorgal218

    I’ve been very impressed with how Girardi has managed to rotate his players this season. Matsui and Damon have been able to be productive most of the year as a result.

    Atkins must be working for Michael Kay; his face was noticeably leaner on the telecast last night. 🙂


    Hi Kim, I have enjoyed the blog. I don’t know if the people at YES are awaire of the passing of Jack Phillips a member of the 1947 world series champion Yankees. Jack was one of the original super utility players, playing all over the field. He was also one of the select few to have hit an ultimate home run and the only one to do it as a pinch hitter. Though Jack was a small part of the Yankees history he was a big deal up here in northern N.Y. It would mean a great deal to hear him mentioned in the brodcast.

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