Flashback Friday in Toronto

It’s Flashback Friday here at Rogers Centre. Does that mean we can call it Skydome? The Blue Jays look dandy in their powder blues. And they wish it were 1993.

rivera250_090409.jpgAnyway, Mariano was joking around in the clubhouse before the game. That’s the surest sign that his left groin is feeling better. He’ll throw a side session tomorrow and, if all goes well, be available Sunday.

Derek Jeter: With the way the schedule is breaking, it’s almost certain he’ll break Lou Gehrig’s franchise hits record at home. (Which, really, is how it should be.) Jeter isn’t in the lineup tonight; Girardi called it a planned day off. He’s eight hits shy of tying The Iron Horse and has two games left in Toronto. Then it’s 10 games at home. The record-breaker will be an outstanding moment. How will his teammates congratulate him? Will they go on the field? Or stand at the dugout, joining the ovation?

David Cone: “Are you blogging?” he wants to know. “Yes!” I reply. Through his extensive pre-game research, he has some “offensive tidbits” to pass along.

One, the Yankees don’t chase bad pitches. In fact, they’re best in the Majors at identifying balls and strikes. The Yankees swing at just 22.2 percent of pitches outside the strike zone. The Giants swing at the most — 31.6 percent.

Two, the Yankees are selective, stubbornly so. As are the Red Sox. Boston hitters swing at just 42.4 percent of pitches seen, the lowest rate in baseball. The Yankees are just behind at 42.6 percent. And you wonder why their games are so long.

Thanks, David!

Yogi Berra: At 7 p.m. on Sept. 17, Fritz Peterson will be at the Yogi Berra Museum & Learning Center for a discussion and signing of his new book, “Mickey Mantle is Going to Heaven.” Fritz had an interesting career; he played with Mantle and Munson and was a 20-game winner in 1970.

Jonathan Papelbon: The Red Sox closer was fined $5,000 by MLB for a pacing violation during his outing Tuesday. (His 2009 salary is $6.25 million.) He said he’s been fined at least five times for taking too long at the start of an inning.

“Game pace, pace of game, or something like that,” Papelbon told the Boston Globe and WEEI.com. “I don’t know why they keep coming after me. It’s probably because I’m not doing what I’m supposed to be doing. I’m not obeying the rules. You’re allowed (two minutes, 25 seconds), and I’m taking too long.”

Remember when Theo Epstein said his closer “isn’t a Rhodes scholar, obviously?” That was funny.

Jay Alford: The Giants defensive lineman is gone for the season after partially tearing his ACL. That’s a shame. Why? Because he went to Atlanta during the offseason to work his tail off with Osi and was going to be a big contributor this season. And he’s a Nittany Lion.


  1. richardmichael114@yahoo.com

    hey Kim so tel me we all felt bad about the loss lastnight Iknow I did The Yankess cant get past 7 win so tell what up Ihope they are not burning out they have a good bunch of players iam die hard yankess before you were born Imet a few players Joe pepitone and whitey ford they were the best back in the day kim what do u think about your people michael kay and his crew since you are the only female to they get on your case ? aslo when are u going to call a game in the near future ? also do uhave a crush on jeter u r always blushing when u talk to or it just a flirt(hehehe) well kim have agreat day yankess will win to do trust me bye for now

  2. bklyngirlie131@aol.com

    @richardmichael114 – Who can blame kim for blushing? Everyone blushes when they talk to/about Jeter. (See: michael kay πŸ™‚ )

    Glad to see you’re blogging again Kim!

  3. jetmccluch

    nice alford shout-out Kim. make sure to mention on TWIF how underrated the Giants are this year, and i will watch it!!!

  4. dave@dcbvideo.com


    Jeter is about to pass Lou Gehrig’s franchise hits record.

    Let us remember that is took a terminal disease (ALS) to get Gehrig off the field.

    Jeter is 35. So was Gehrig when he stopped playing. Whatever Jeter’s final hits record is, imaging what could have been for Gehrig (not to mention the consecutive games played record).

    Any never take the phrase “At least you’ve got your health” lightly.

    David B..
    Brewster, New York

  5. jeterlover101

    happy birthday kim as kay said happy 29th birthday hope you like the cake and your birthday wish comes true and hopefully we see history tonight by jeter

  6. shayne25@hotmail.com

    Hi Kim,

    Happy birthday to a Yankees, Yes and ‘Keeping up with the Jones’ fan. I am a long time fan and watch all the games from Ore City Texas. Might need Map Quest to find it. Happy Birthday again and enjoy all the cupcakes. πŸ™‚

  7. dandyandy1122@aol.com

    dear kim,happy birthday love the cup cakes and american flags.listen to you on the fan and love your work on yes!today what? 29?you are a looker!

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