Chat: Red-hot Red Sox, Posada brawl, 2010 and more

Check out the below chat for Kimberly Jones’ thoughts on the Red Sox closing the gap in the A.L. East, Jorge’s suspension, 2010 Yankees schedule and more.

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    Kim, going back to mitre over and over again is not going to do it, he cant get out left handers, sox are cathing up, Iam 52 I have followed this game my whole life, give the redsox a little crack and they will crawl through. P.S. mark my words Joba will never make as a Yankee!

  2. mattsyanks

    I have in my hands the list with the 104 names from the 2003 test. I recieved it from an attorney who recieved it from another. Its the real thing!!! You should see the names on it!!! GO YANKEES!!!


    Can you, or anyone reading your blog help me find the NYY theme song without the lyrics, just the music?

    Would like it as a ring tone. I can edit it down to the right size, but have been unable to find just the music.



    Hi Kim,

    This Red Sox team is not the one, which lost 6 out 7 against the Yanks. Here comes the Sox. Last night was a previous of what will happen to the Yanks when the playoffs come. This Yanks team is a regular season’s team. What say you?

  5. mochester

    The first baseball game I ever saw was with Reggie Jackson belting home runs in the world series. coming from europe I had never seen baseball and I thought this was the normal level of baseball play. I have been a Yankees fan ever since. The current team is the best ever. this is a TEAM. They play together on and off the field, they enjoy each other and this is what will make them unbeatable. They will go all the way, no matter who they play.

    Kim you do a great job, I enjoy your interviews and banter….keep it up

    Derek Moore

  6. rrf343fd@aol.comk

    While watching you interview Mayor Bloomberg,I was hoping for A J to run out and pie him,I enjoy your work,keep it up…..Richie

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